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Report Cards

My planning teacher inexplicably bumped me up 0.8% to an A. My math teacher likewise augmented my academic standing 3% to an A.

Today’s topic is grade inflation. THIS IS GRADE INFLATION AND I’M LOVING IT

6 responses

  1. Grading on the curve? :)

    2012/12/05 at 07:54

  2. I sincerely doubt it seeing as I’m in the bottom quartile in my Planning class…

    2012/12/07 at 02:43

  3. Writing papers are for sillies. Also being grateful is for sillies.

    I was actually bumped up in one of my University classes once. The teacher e-mailed me about it. I wasn’t terribly happy about it, because I thought I should already have a much higher mark because the teacher sucked at marking things. >:|

    2012/12/09 at 00:56

  4. Yeah, the teacher didn’t even tell me about it later though. Apparently a few of my friends got bumped up (from C- to C) too, but some other people didn’t get any changes at all…

    Did the teacher tell you why he bumped you up in that e-mail?

    2012/12/09 at 06:27

  5. Pfft, wait till you get to university (should you chose to attend of course), some bellcurves are insane, but I am always happy when I get one because I’d have likely failed otherwise.

    2012/12/12 at 00:34

  6. Well, I suppose it’s only fair… until you put a bunch of failures into one class and start grading on the curve :(

    2012/12/12 at 04:00