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12 Days of Anime – Day 1: That First Yuru Yuri ♪♪

Hey kids! It’s that time of the year again! Time for the 12 Days of Christmas. This is a magical time of year where the aniblogosphere egotistically reflects back on itself  under the auspice of holiday cheer. Here at O-New we might post 12 times in 12 days, or maybe this is the beginning and the end. So spike your egg nog, sit back, and refresh the homepage every day!

I love Yuru Yuri. I hate Yuru Yuri. The show is so completely inconsistent. Sometimes it’s hilarious, other times boring. It can be heartwarming one moment, and patently offensive the next. Mostly, I like the characters in the show but consider the writing to be spotty. I love Akarin, though.


The first season of Yuru Yuri left a sour taste in my mouth. Likely because they not only treated Akarin worse as the season progressed, but they also featured less of her. Before the beginning of the second season I wrote this:

Akarin was my favorite character in Yuru Yuri. Thus, I was one of the people the show toyed with by showing less and less of her, and making her lack of presence a running joke. I cheered her on when she fought to have a role beyond the invisible girl, and I was upset (as much as I can be at a show, I suppose) when she was omitted.
…going to stop being invisible. I hope the same for Akarin in the second season. I’ll be cheering for her.

The first episode of Yuru Yuri TOOT-TOOT~ was great for me. Well, right up until the end. It was like the most innocent and cheerful fanservice ever. Of course it was an epic troll, that was obvious from the start, so there was nothing to do but enjoy it. Everything in the series went downhill from there, and I still gave it a 7/10 spli… err, rating.

The funny part about this series is that it’s one of the few that improves when you revisit it. I tend to watch things with a critical eye. When I revisit a series I normally find new flaws and have a dulled emotional response. Yuru Yuri evokes nostalgia and fondness for the characters, and I find myself ignoring the flaws because they were on the surface the first time through. Yuru Yuri basks in its flaws, and not normally in a self-aware hipster way, but in a sincere “this is what I am, take it or leave it” way. I’ll take it.

6 responses

  1. [Get’s toyed by Animu show]

    It’s ok man.You are still cool in my eyes…kinda…not really…oh well… <_<

    2012/12/14 at 10:09

  2. redball

    I take that as a compliment.

    2012/12/14 at 15:39

  3. Flares don’t have eyes, what are you saying?

    2012/12/14 at 15:57

  4. Toast of vengeance.

    Yeah I was also one of the people with the first season who was disappointed that it was decided to keep making the ‘Akarin is invisible’ joke getting worse and worse. She seemed to be the most interesting right off the bat anyways. I haven’t seen the second season, but I’m guessing it’s more of the same. I’ll probably watch it eventually.

    2012/12/16 at 23:58

  5. redball

    I think the second season is better in that respect. The joke doesn’t go away, but it’s used better.

    2012/12/17 at 02:05

  6. Ghost of vengeance.

    I’ve definitely seen it used quite a bit better in several fanarts I have come across.

    2012/12/18 at 02:11