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12 Days of Anime – Day 2: Mouretsu Pirates Episode 12

I picked this one for two reasons. The first is Troll of the Year. The second is favoring diplomacy even at the cost of entertainment value. I loved this episode because it demonstrates how Bodacious Space Pirates had the guts to do something few shows purposefully try: it was boring.

Troll of the Year is the easy part to explain. This series was excellent at trolling its viewers. They would build tension and have tons of action, all leading to… an offscreen negotiation that settled everything before they docked. It was wonderful. I’m fairly certain that most of the Western viewership ragequit at that moment. These things kept happening throughout the series. Every climax turned out to be anticlimactic.

The other main facet about Pirates that’s shown here is that it’s boring. No need to sugarcoat it. The series is all about suspense with no payoff. Fortunately, it includes a fantastic world, some novel premises, and some decent characters. Sure, that wears on in the second half of the show. You know what? That’s life. It really is. Life doesn’t always follow a set path, and rarely does it crescendo into an all-out war. Instead, cooler heads prevail and when no one is looking, because saving face is important, deals are made and compromise is found.

It’s true that Mouretsu Pirates had a chance to be a top tier show and it blew it by being quirky and self-defeating. I still like it for what it is and result is still memorable.

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  2. Invalid, as there can never be enough glasses.

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