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12 Days of Anime – Day 8: NTR in the Summer

AnoNatsu Blocked-1

Kanna, from Ano Natsu de Matteru was a strong and loving childhood friend. Unfortunately, the heart she thought was hers for the taking is swooped away when a buxom alien moves in with her crush, Kaito. The scene pictured is about as close as Kanna ever comes to achieving her goal of a romantic relationship with Kaito.

This show seems like a study on the choice between passion and pragmatism. Every character yearns passionately for the next, while they take their would-be suitors for granted. Each would likely be better off “settling” for their obsessed friends, but they only have room in their hearts for the ones just out of reach.

Probably the best part of this series is that eventually each character makes their feelings known. There’s an odd mix of mature actions and openly bawling like children, but at least they say what they must and get on with their lives. Of course my ships were doomed, especially for Kanna whom I believe deserved happiness. Then again, I think she deserves better than Kaito.

Also pictured is Remon, and as usual she’s meddling. Throughout the series the viewer knows that Remon is more informed than she betrays, and that she enjoys being manipulative. After the big reveal, though, it’s interesting to go back through and pay close attention to the way Remon manipulates. Her motives become a side story that takes on its own life on a rewatch.

Administrative note: I’m changing from the 12 Days of Christmas to the 12 Days of Anime, because apparently I followed the wrong lead and now I’m following the right one.

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