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12 Days of Christmas—Rewritten Edition

tl;dr: I’m going to post 12 posts today.

As most of you know, O-New prides ourselves on having posted once every day for the past two-and-a-bit years. Needless to say, this is all a silly ruse. All two hundred and twenty-five of those posts were published posthumously; that is to say, I edited the publishing date so it merely /looked/ like we posted once every day for the past two-and-a-bit years.

“What’s the difference between posting extra posts in the past and scheduling them for the future?” nobody will ask their monitors. To put it simply: procrastination. We actually have a tag for my scheduled posts (nobody else’s, cause redball & co. regularly schedule their posts). There are only 37.

Unfortunately, all those were lies too. Even rewriting history wasn’t enough. We still have
2 empty days in 2010, 13 empty days in 2011, and…

93 empty days in 2012.

That’s a quarter of the year. Unwritten. I only wrote 4 posts in December. (Thanks to redball and John Sato for pulling us through!)

Thankfully, 20 of those days are scheduled for music posts and 11 of those for Horizon episodics (I’m still on episode 3…), but that still leaves a shit-ton of posts—not only unwritten, but UNDRAFTED. As a veteran militia captain, this is simply unacceptable.

tl;dr: Below is a list of my work procedure for today, as well as the posts I’ve rewritten:

Last Night:
Organized post drafts and counted empty dates. September 2012 had the dubious distinction of having less than a post every two days…
After deleting all of the good drafts, I’m left with:
3 incomplete manga reviews of finished series that I didn’t know finished;
4 vacation posts from two years ago;
9 post drafts of bad essay ideas;
14 post drafts of cacophonous music posts;
17 anime episodes (Horizon SII (classy), SAO (lol), Btooom! (bad), and Hyouge Mono (good));
and 27 manga posts.

Yeah holy shit this is what I get for not reading the mangas I’m blogging for, oh, six months. Let’s start with the manga posts…

  1. Wrote this post; 10:58
  2. Pasted and formatted a school essay denouncing the Odyssey as not befitting a Hero’s Journey; 11:24
  3. Took a break; 11:37
  4. Twitter (read: Bonesy) said Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion first. Alright, here’s chapter 14; 12:23
  5. Ate lunch (I’m a slow eater); 13:11
  6. This only had three more chapters since my last post; two were released last week, so we’re on-time with chapter 15, sorta; 13:45
  7. That’s also why I set the post dates for the last two chapters so close to today, since I wouldn’t be able to read those before their ‘published date’. Finished final Steins;Gate post for today—chapter 16; 14:24
  8. Took a break (washed dishes, watched the Onion News, whacked cute defenseless puppies with my foot, etc.); 14:41
  9. Wrote a post about Gangsta 15, one of the best manga I’m currently reading; 15:53
  10. The reason for these delays is because I read previous chapters to catch up on what’s going on. Here’s Gangsta 16; 16:12
  11. Another break. I’ll probably not be able to write anything after 18:00ish…; 16:34
  12. Actually, these are taking longer than I expected them to… no more break recording from Gangsta 17 on; 17:02
  13. Final break. I’m not going to make it; 17:50
  14. I thought they would just take 10-15 minutes, but they’re taking half an hour each… even Gangsta 18, which has no images; 17:59
  15. Dinner time! 19:47
  16. Finally got a break from parents, so I read up till Shokugeki no Soma chapter 6; 20:46
  17. I can’t finish it today. I’ve read all the chapters, got the notes and the pictures, but never got a chance to actually write the posts. Will finish tomorrow, hopefully…

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