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12 Chapters of Manga—Christmas Edition

So the previous venture failed pretty badly, having only written eight posts yesterday. No more of the stupid chronicling thing anymore, here’s a list of rewritten manga posts:

(Adding four onto yesterday’s eight, making twelve):
These are all from Shokugeki no Souma—after all, this is a manga-rewriting post! also because manga posts are the easiest to write although they still take me half an hour each why why WHY

  1. Chapter 2 is about PLEBEIANS and how Souma’s exaggerated art is comparable to Hyouge Mono’s;
  2. Chapter 3 is about LEBEIANS and how Souma’s exaggerated meatphors are NOT comparable to the Legend of Koizumi’s (although I just compared them…);
  3. Chapter 4 is about ASIANS and how competition and stupid shounen level-ups are the only way to write a shounen manga;
  4. Chapter 5 is about BADASSES and how Souma is one. Also how Shounen Jump HAS NO WIMPS except in harems in which case they are invariably wimps.

Chapter 6’s post is scheduled for tomorrow (read: today) because it was just released and I have nowhere else to publish it. WE’RE GETTING THERE, O-NEW; 81 posts to go…

  1. Chapter 24 is about bad Indonesian editors and how ‘quotation mark’ abuse doesn’t make any ‘sense’ in ‘English’;
  2. I’m not sure what chapter 25 is about but I guess it was aliens???
  3. Chapter 26’s post is about twenty-six words long. If each word were five letters long, I could fit that in a tweet!
  4. Chapter 27’s post is about two words longer than Chapter 26. Ditto about the tweeting thing;
  5. Chapter 28 is about SCIENCE and how ST&RS is NOT SCIENCE enough. Also how ST&RS is moe and that’s the only reason I’m reading it anymore. It’s not a very good reason.

Chapter 29 and 30’s posts are scheduled (read: I lost motivation and stopped reading) for sometime this month. 76 more posts… I guess I’ve failed once again. Just five posts today, for a total of seventeen… here’s my final string of posts before I collapse of exhaustion:

Good news: there was a slight comeback in views for yesterday, though not the infinity% increase I expected (cause we posted 8 posts yesterday vs. no posts for the eight days before)!

…diminishing returns not worth it arghhhh it’s over though.

School starts on Monday, expect us to decline to our usual inactivity then.

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