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It is a thing. I procrastinated last week, because I was paralyzed from sickness.

That didn’t turn out too well. We (two people; the third disappeared) crammed our planning project until 1:00 last night. We presented it today without rehearsing, and it turned out OK. Unfortunately, we had to hand in our socials essay notes early—otherwise, it’d be unfair to the people who have to write their essays Monday instead of Thursday.

Unfortunately, I didn’t actually have any notes. But before I could go home and start taking them, we had to finish shooting and dubbing our French film project. It was due last Friday, but we got an extension because I was sick until today.

Filming should’ve taken until 6:00, but the cameraman got the wrong extension cord, and we had to go to his house to finish dubbing. Seven hours later…

…it was 10:00 when I got home. With an entire socials essay to finish researching (including outline, bibliography, and citations!), I wanted to get to work. Instead, I’m writing this post because I’m just too goddamn tired.

Tomorrow, I have to start and finish writing an entire English essay, and study for the science unit test I missed last week. Math midterms is on Thursday. Science Fair is due on Monday, and we haven’t started that either.

See, at this time, I always tell myself: stop procrastinating! Finish all of these as soon as they’re assigned! But whenever I get the ‘don’t procrastinate’ feeling… I’m too busy. I never feel busy when the due dates aren’t rushing up at me. All of these were assigned before winter break; yet, I didn’t start until now.

How do you guys deal with procrastination? Do you just roll with it anyways? I know many students just push everything to the last day, and we end up only mildly unscathed… but it surely isn’t the best way to go about it.

The whole point of this post was to tell you: save some homework-related ramblings I wrote and will publish tomorrow, I’m pretty much dead this week. Expect complete radio silence.

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  1. I don’t care about the quality of my work, I just want to finish it. That’s how, I guess.

    2013/01/29 at 13:23


    I am currently typing this post. I have no idea how I will get all this homework done I have put off and suddenly it is ALL DUE *cries everywhere*. I tried to organize it a few days ago by making a sticky note of all the things due but I ran out of space on the note and hardly had half of it listed so I gave up.
    Somehow I tend to always get everything done on time and do a decent job on it. However I seem to rely on this far too much, and always have to work my ass off before everything is due, or not make it quite as nice as I wanted to when it was assigned a month ago and I was totally going to do it right away and not the night before it was due.

    2013/01/30 at 03:00


    My crying is so powerful it breaks through the blog-o-sphere.

    2013/01/30 at 03:01

  4. redball

    My favorite article on procrastination: http://youarenotsosmart.com/2010/10/27/procrastination/

    I think you have to develop a strategy based on knowledge of self. I use rewards and alternate on projects and chores to motivate myself. I also often set early deadlines and other short term goals to keep myself on track.

    2013/01/31 at 01:32

  5. Hah, my MAL To Watch list…

    This article’s actually really relevant, especially with things like O-New… I tend to always plan for the big articles in advance, yet I never get to actually writing them, instead doing two-line anime posts or something. The toughest part is when you’re away from the computer and you think about how you’ll toughen up and finish everything you need to finish, but when you actually get on, all you do is watch random YouTube videos and tweet…

    Thanks for the link. I don’t know if just mentally trying harder will work at all (experience tells me it won’t), but I’m a fish out of water in terms of actual working strategies…

    2013/02/24 at 19:52

  6. Better than your crying stacking in multiple lines on the sidebar…

    People are really all the same.. like redball said, the less procrastinating ones are just the ones who’ve learnt how to deal with themselves (which we obviously haven’t.. yet)

    2013/02/24 at 19:58

  7. perfectionism is also a thing, i guess. i don’t think i’ll ever get over that…

    2013/02/24 at 19:59