O-New: Now Extinct Website


Three years ago, I made this post.

Since then, we at O-New have been pumping out one post, every day. For the past three years.

But of course, all that changed last month. Why? Nobody knows. A combination of homework-related stress, reignited interest in erstwhile pastimes, and the general inferiority of this season’s anime waned my blogging spirit, and thus, I stopped posting. For a month.

O-New’s not going to last. I’ll have even less time and less interest in anime next year. But before it all gets old, I’d like to try again. Just a few more months before the end. Who knows? Maybe O-New will continue.

Who knows why I bother? But my life just seems… off, without writing. Perhaps one day I’ll sever myself from the yoke of writer’s insecurity. Perhaps, one day, I’ll grow up a bit from this fantasy. Because blogging really is a fantasy: writing mindless opinions about children’s cartoons to a non-existent audience of children who watch those cartoons, in the vain hope that my opinions might matter.

They won’t. I’ve lost track of O-New’s original goal. And before this is over, I’ll find it. Then, it’ll finally be over.

(To reorganize this mess, I’ve moved all posts published after January 13th to other dates. Just like in 2010, there will be no posts between January 13th and February 15th.)

10 responses

  1. redball

    I was going to do a half season review this week before the flu happened. But things like sleeping come first in those situations. Anyway… I’m here for the ride, man.

    2013/02/18 at 07:14

  2. Let me know how (or if) I can contribute, boss. I’m totally at your disposal.

    2013/02/18 at 21:28

  3. Dangerous Houses.

    I was wondering if you had all died or not. I thought the purpose of O-new was to find me, Dangerous Houses., more decent anime/manga to watch/read by going into them a little bit so I know what to expect from them.

    If you tell me this is not so, I will call you a scoundrel and a liar. Right to my screen, which though the power of Internet is connected to your screen, which in turn stares back at your face. I will say it indirectly to your face. You wouldn’t want that now would you? No, of course not. You only wanted the finest of crumpets and cheese in the first place. But then alack–you found that crumpets were not all they were made out to be, but only mediocre pieces of bread in biscuit form. And then what is cheese but piles of mould? And you couldn’t stop the lingering cynic in the deepest recesses of your mind from making the jive remark that such a state of affairs might not be so unlike the O-New itself. O-New? More like O-Old. But then again, people like cheese, and the measure of a cheese’s worth is through the process in which it was aged.

    I’m not sure what I just wrote, but I’m pretty sure there is wisdom in there. There usually is.

    2013/02/19 at 00:21

  4. Same with me. Looks like we’re all going to the wayside. I want to reach 1 million hits though, so I’m going to start selling out and just putting out posts with titles that I think a lot of people will click on. My most recent one is about boobs.

    2013/02/19 at 03:40

  5. Hope you get better soon. I swear, getting these first few after-hiatus posts out is the hardest thing to do… (look at az & co; after not posting for just a few days, they’ve never posted again.)

    2013/02/24 at 20:06

  6. You’re busier than me now :P

    Just keep doing what you do; this shouldn’t be an obligation for anyone unless they make it so (I think redball’s already feeling a bit of that, lol)!

    2013/02/24 at 20:09

  7. There’s actually no disadvantage to selling out. The only bad thing is that all your commentators will become randomc readers who watch anime for the fanservice.

    wait that’s actually pretty bad

    2013/02/24 at 20:13

  8. God, you may be right… perhaps O-New’s actual goal was really to introduce more anime/manga to people… but focusing on current anime means we can hardly do that.

    What you wrote was like what I wrote but more punny and thus more sad :(

    2013/02/24 at 20:23

  9. Dangerous Blouses.

    Perhaps the O-New you were searching for was inside you all along.

    2013/02/25 at 02:03

  10. goddamn it stop dying and just blog whatever the hell you want

    2013/02/25 at 03:14