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There comes a moment in a strong relationship where you must decide whether it is time to say goodbye. This could be before the relationship starts, at that scary time when you’re not quite sure if it’s real. It could be just before the end, when you are afraid of loss and irrationally want to cut your losses. It could be in between in a fit of jealousy or self-doubt. No matter, it is nearly inevitable. That’s the impetus of Tamako Market episode 11.

Mochizou is catatonic

How would you react to the thought that your love might leave? Would you resign yourself quickly?

Tamako is a princess?

Would you stay in denial, and hope that it will pass?

Do not question Kanna.

Perhaps, you would be angry.

He knows he'll have to let go sometime.

Or, maybe the very thought would break you.

Still broken.

The people of Bunny Market are not prepared for Tamako to leave. It is a shock. Life is full of these surprises. We measure ourselves by our reactions, and especially by their long-term consequences.

Tamako has feelings too.

Tamako Market wouldn’t be special if it didn’t take the time to consider the other half of this equation. It is special, though, so it shows Tamako’s struggles as well. She’s hurt by the assumptions. She’s confused about her own emotions. She wasn’t prepared for this either.


Therein lies the lesson: Don’t fall victim to this impulse. Don’t push those you love away at the most critical times. Hold them tight and make sure they know they’re loved.

As always, Dera gets the last word.

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    2013/03/22 at 07:19

  2. redball

    I’ll take it as a good sign if I’ve got you thinking.

    2013/03/22 at 07:21

  3. Poor Mochizou.

    2013/03/22 at 07:29

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