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Birds, Snails, and Pretty Colours

O-New is a blog, so I’m going to do blog-like things on it today. This includes things like posting low-quality videos nobody wants to see and images of ~daily life~ because apparently bloggers do that.

In other words, pictures of birds, snails, and pretty colours.

A macro picture of a burning candle.

The candle texture is especially interesting, especially the grooves inside the rim. Macro pictures would be nicer if I actually knew how to frame a shot >_>

Here is the FIRST bird shot, which doesn’t actually have any birdshot in it. There’s only one shot, but there are many birds. I wrote some rhyming thing in the video description that’s too long and boring to copy out, but you can click on the YouTube link and read it if you’re bored.

A bread moulded into the shape of a pig.

It’s a pig. Made out of bread. No, seriously, that’s it. I would’ve added little legs on the bottom so that’d they wouldn’t look like disembodied heads but that would’ve made them look like MapleStory pigs and that’s worse.

Absurd and blurred birds conferred slurred words, undeterred nor deferred when overheard by a third furred bird from a transferred herd, which spurred and incurred a preferred reword to make words unheard.

read: MORE birds! What a fat bird. What fat birds. Seriously those birds are PLUMP

Rainbow light reflects off my keyboard.

More pretty colours. This looks photoshopped but it’s too blurry to be photoshopped, so you know I photographed it. What’s happening is there was some decorative glass prism right between my keyboard and the sun behind it (yes, this is a horrible place to put a computer), ergo ~MAGICAL RAINBOW SPARKLES~

More rhymes in the video description. Seriously, I spent like three hours rapping those rhymes out in wrapping paper (which is like rapping paper but warmer, i.e. less cool).

Multicolour crayon shreds.

I was sharpening these crayons (no, don’t ask me why I would sharpen crayons) when suddenly, I realized that crayons are actually colourful. This is truly a majestic work of art. The black crayon shreds in the middle represent black crayon shreds.

Multicolour crayon shreds reflected in a metal garbage can.

Throwing them in the garbage can was quite kaleidoscopic. Yes, that’s a tiny garbage can. OR ARE THOSE JUST REALLY LARGE CRAYONS

This bird video doesn’t even make sense. Why did I even shoot it (the video, not the bird)?

A picture of a UFO shining through the clouds. Or maybe it's the moon, but the moon ain't that bright.

Pretty sure that’s a UFO and not the moon. I think I shot this during the Chinese New Year full moon? It could also be a really tall streetlamp.

Finally, here’s a video of me driving through the Lion’s Gate Bridge at night. I’m not actually driving through it because I don’t have a license. It’s not muted because I LIKE THE SOUND OF WIND (actually the sound of static). It’s not actually a high-quality video because dude, you try holding a camera still outside with 40mph winds (cause we were driving that fast).

It’s not actually night, either; it was just really cloudy and everyone turned the streetlights on. It’s not actually the Lion’s Gate Bridge too, this was shot in my backyard. In fact, it wasn’t even shot at all, because it’s not even a video. Does this post even exist? I don’t think so.

15 responses

  1. Hello! This is a Pordwress test comment.

    2013/04/01 at 22:44

  2. The Good:

    It is a good.

    The Bad:

    No Dubstep

    Overall: A-

    You are a better photographer than I, Mushy.

    Also, ONEWDESIGN now has a GREEN design. How very ONEW.

    Irrelevant p.s. To me personally, “than me” sounds better thant “than I” in that sentence, but apparently, it is a hot topic of debate in the grammar world.

    2013/04/01 at 22:50

  3. That’s some pretty clean keyboard there…

    2013/04/02 at 01:02

  4. the dust symbolizes glue remnants. the pistachio shells represent the dried husks of my soul

    2013/04/02 at 06:29

  5. that’s actually an interesting thing; you are a better photographer than me implies that you’re a photographer, while you are a better photographer than I am doesn’t mean either of us are photographers.

    key difference is when using like/as, though; you shoot as a photographer shoots vs. you shoot like a photographer.
    also interesting is with gerunds: ‘Do you mind me asking a question?’ asks whether it’s ok for ME to ask a question; ‘Do you mind my asking a question?’ asks whether it’s ok for ANYONE to ask a question.


    2013/04/02 at 06:34

  6. i’d wress that pord, if you know what i mean ;)

    2013/04/02 at 06:35

  7. uhoh

    2013/04/02 at 06:59

  8. Jay

    Mnnnnnnn! I wanna see ice cassles n’ kute citty pitchers!

    2013/04/02 at 14:43

  9. Spring Feels

    I actually rather like the pencil crayon thing. I also like how the black shavings represent themselves so wonderfully (you have no idea how much I enjoyed that, having been in Fine Art school for a bit myself).

    2013/04/02 at 21:41

  10. Whoa,that’s too deep for me man…too deep…

    2013/04/02 at 22:58


    the site colour

    (I’ve got some cut kit kat pitchers but they throw a mean curveball…)

    2013/04/03 at 06:24

  12. Right; now, about those claymations you promised to make sometime within the next two decades…. *cracks knuckles*

    2013/04/03 at 06:25

  13. Spring Feels Like Winter Meals

    I promised NOTHING! Also I am too busy with exams andreadingfanfictioncoughcough! Plus claymation was actually, despite the name, one of my least favourite mediums to work with. I liked using objects more for the most part. :)

    Been about a year (I think 8 months) since the last time I animated something by now. Been a very long time since I’ve actually finished and posted anything I’ve made.

    Maybe a bit into Summer I’ll at least make a reel of stuff I’ve worked on and dropped XD

    2013/04/04 at 23:39

  14. Needs more Instagram filters.

    2013/04/06 at 05:09

  15. my camera IS an instagram filter

    2013/04/09 at 06:31