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Hataraku Maou-sama! 1

Cultural assimilation.

What is cultural assimilation? It’s a concept that many people intimately don’t give a toss about, and neither should you. Unfortunately, you’re dealing with Hataraku Maou-sama! (literal translation: ‘Demon Lord-customers work!), one of the most profoundly insightful, cultured, and reflective Chinese cartoons of April 2013.

The main character, Sa-tan (-tan is a endearing suffix in Japanese, and to pursue O-New’s policy of conservative liberalization, shall be henceforth redacted to -y, a corresponding English endearing suffix), is a stranger in a strange land. Say says yes to strangers’ strange sayings in strangeland.

To observe his gradual assimilation into strangeculture, we have three useful metrics:

1) The amount of strangespeech Say says;

2) The amount of strangegovernmentsupport Say receives;

3) And the amount of strangefood Say eats.

Strange food is actually composed mainly of strange quarks, which are like normal quarks but they're American.

Obviously, Say has been completely Americanized I mean Eurocentrized uh Japanesified ASSIMILATED. This assimilation makes Say’s ass similar to other nations’ asses.

Firstly, the policemen in this episode represent the naïveté of men who are police. Policemen don’t man polices; they police men, and their extension of policing men to police Demon Lords is at once commendable yet stupid. One does not simply police the policepolice, at the risk of pulling lice. It’s as naïve as the Residential Schoolers who sincerely tried to school Aboriginals to increase their socio-economic status, only to end up with lice and lice and lice.

Secondly, magic is not mere fantasy. It only appears as such to Eurocentrized sheeple as ourselves and the entire rest of the world.

When the pioneers flooded into America, native Americans weren’t completely wiped out despite the prominence of mechanized machinery because 1) they had magic 2) magic 3) m. When you read in Grade 4 about all those kick-ass spirit summonings and great bears and ravens and shit and you thought ‘wow these guys were either high, drunk, insane, not sufficiently assimilated into Western ideals, or BOTH’, you were right.

Unless you were left-handed, then you could be left. ALONE. ha ha haaaaaa

Not only were they high, drunk, insane, and not sufficiently brainwashed but their magic actually summoned legit giant spirit bears to defend against Americans. Why do you think the British enacted the Proclamation Line in 1763 if not to PROTECT THEMSELVES from the raging spiritual energy of the Indians?? (The only thing that can stop a spirit is an arbitrarily assigned legislative border, after all.)

BUT SUDDENLY, the Independence War happened and the Americans swarmed America. Suddenly, all the native American spiritual power was gone because everyone was drunk and/or dead. Some died while drinking, some drank while dead, and others drunkenly dyed. Themselves. To death.

MAGIC REPRESENTS DISSIDENT RELIGIOUS STATEMENTS. When the settlers settled down after settling America, they took their Anglo-Saxon Protestant ideals with them and Indian spiritual power disappeared. Even the Hindus.

Miki-T also represents Anglo-Saxon dominance but we're in Japan

With the missionaries missioning missions in Mississippi and Missouri the traditional native religious system of magical spirit bears was irrevocably revoked, and the doctrine of European dominance strongly enforced on the poor dependant Indians who could only look to the ~Magical White Man~ for help. Cast down from their traditional social position as ‘the only people who lived here’, they could hardly resist complete socio-culturo-politico-economico-assimilatio Co(rporation).com.

Indeed, as soon as Say stepped foot/paw/jaw/lol in Japan, his assumption of a human form recognizes the inevitability of his transition from ‘only person who lived here’ to ‘somebody’. Not somebody who mattered, just like, some body. Like literally some body, as in more than one body, although he only had one body, so I guess I was actually wrong??

Ultimately, the pinnacle of Indian assimilation comes in the form of GOVERNMENT GRANTS. What are these grants? They were granted by the government to Indians so they could become good dependant drunkards. For Say, this was symbolized by the hospital visit and his endless consumption of corporate oil and fat. He is forced to rely on society (i.e. MgRonalds) for his survival. Although Alsiel resists such temptations, this is due to his ‘stalwart’ ‘mental’ ‘fortitude’ (I put scare quotes because ambiguity is ambivalence). Say is reincarnated as a child because he symbolizes the child in the Residential Schools, so quickly absorbed by the humdrum nature of wage slavery.

The Civil War was actually fought over the nature of wages, which eventually coined the term 'to wage war'.

You are what you eat. Say eats hamburgers. Say is a hamburger. Hamburger is a metaphor for American-Japanese influence in Japan is a metaphor for America is a metaphor for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant dominance is a metaphor for cultural assimilation is a metaphor for Metapod.

Everything is ultimately Metapod. Deal with it?

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