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Hate a rack Maou-sama 2

Everybody hates racks. I hate racks. I rack hats. Iran hats are alright but when it’s summer and the heat gets to your brain, sometimes, you have to settle for less.

Settling for less is the most recent lesser unsettling theme in Part-Time Job Work Lord King Demon.

We all remember the Indian Act, 1876’s effects on Canada, right? Well, that doesn’t actually matter because Ente Isla isn’t Canada and Sa~tan isn’t an Indian. No sir, he’s merely a representation of an Indian native American, excuse me. So who is Emilia?

Emilia rhymes with Ente Isla. THIS MUST MEAN SOMETHING

Emilia, like Sa~tan, is an outcast. Thrust into conforming to society’s inflexible norms, her mutual ‘alliance’ with Sa~ represents the INDIAN CONFEDERACY and their mutual support in the face of the White Man’s encroachment. Eventually, they failed because they were already croached, and as everyone knows, once croached, always encroached.

Tearing the umbrella represents petty conflicts between Indian tribes. Intuitively, the policeman now represents the degrading condescension of colonial powers. He takes their umbrella away and scolds them like a policeman would scold a child (because he is a policeman and they are a childrens). Normally, Sa~ would DESTROY these foolish humans but he’s dumb and weak and desensitized to societal conformance so meh

If he's desensitized that means he's insensitive amirite

The policeman obviously doesn’t understand their plight, and attributes it to more mundane causes than AN EPIC CLASH OF… two people. Similarly, when the settlers settled her(e), they could not understand cross-Indian warfare. Actually, they did understand cross-Indian warfare and they warred and fared but you don’t know that so I can dilute your minds with false information and you can’t do nothin’ ’bout it.

When Emilia continues rejecting her friend, her friend represents MODERN CONTEMPORARY CURRENT PRESENT EUROCENTRIC society. Emilia is already assimilated, but her alliance with Sa~ reminds her of her traditional Indian values of awe before the awful lord Vishnu. whoops wrong indian

Ultimately, we must (not actually must) ask ourselves: is Emilia an agent of assimilation or a product of assimilation, when she advises Sa~ to continue living as a destitute, dependant, dumb wage slave? Is her ass in my late shin? Does this imply that I’m kicking her ass? Is it legal to own asses in Japan?

tl;dr: don't write socials essays

(The sign represents a sign. The holes represent a holes. Are you tired of Mr. Someone filling your signs with holes? Fret no more, for ACME Corporation’s new Whole Remover™ is here! In an easy aerosol gel form, Whole Remover™ wholly removes all of your holes with a single spray! Simply spray ACME Corporation’s Whole Remover™ in front of the hole you wish to remove, wait thirty seconds, and voilà! Your hole will be removed. Side effects include time-space distortion and instantaneous antimatter degeneration.)

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