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Hack a Raccoon Maou-sama 5

Un choque español. Es la herencia de España que incluso en Japón, estas réplicas reverberan a través del espacio y el tiempo.

Observe Chiho’s state of mind. It is the province of the intellect that the prefectures of the brain know not of foreign tongues. Observe the devil hiding behind the fridge. His cool demeanour betrays his fiery heart, calmed only by the acclimatizing breeze of modern technology.

Are you trying to follow my previous instructions? Well, if you're reading this THEN YOU CAN'T OBSERVE ANYTHING. QUELLE LOSRE

How does Sa~tan suddenly acquire that virile bulk that he never had in Ente Isla? What happened to his Lelouch-like demeanour? Why are UNICLO clothing so terrible?

Well, sit down, amigo, y voy a contar una historia.

Once upon a time, far far away in a faraway land away, there lived a little boy.

His name was Lucifer, short for Lucifer, el arcángel del mantel resplandeciente.

One day he came down to Earth and he didn’t get any muscles because he wasn’t mucho macho enough.

Qué perdedor.

Pssst, I'm going to lie. Actually, none of the arrows hit any of the targets.

Look at Chiho. She probably thinks she’s so cool, huh, chillin’ by that fridge like an ice cube. Well, she’s NOT, and I’ll prove it. Observe the image above. Count the number of arrows that hit the target.

ONE. Out of FIVE. In fact, her aim’s so bad she can’t even hit the other target.

If her archery turns out to be a plot point (hearkening back to Madoka much?!) I will point a point into her plot, if you know what I mean.


Y’know what Chiho really represents? FRENCH CATHOLICISM. Their mutual enemy, the church, is the embodiment of purity, inocencia, el color blanco—the encroachment of WHITE MAN. White man, using Ente Isla’s ABORIGINAL MAGIX against its own people in frontier lands!

Sa~ is just another poor Indian native, caught in the winds of fate. Chiho? She’s not a native; she’s an immigrant into the fantastic world de fantasía. It is her lust towards Sa~ that drives the thrust of this story forwards.

But it’s this rampant lust that will cause their desenlace fatales. Overfertility breeds stupidity. Or does it?

Puede que nunca sepamos.

Stupid cute ball!

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