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Cataracts Maou-sama 6

Nadie espera a la Inquisición española. And nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition to represent the Spanish Inquisition, either. Sure, they’re not actually Spanish, and they’re not actually inquiring into anything, but that’s alright…

Alternate image: All LEFT, you moron!

Ultimately, what Sa~tan suffers from is an acute case of chuunibyou sickness. ‘Chuunibyou’ is a Japanese term that means, roughly translated, ‘chuunibyou sickness’. It’s chuuni to assume that part-timers will become full-timers in MgRonalds. It’s cunni to assume that becoming the manager of MgRonalds confers power and influence. It’s cunnig to assume that asses are ume (a Japanese term that means, roughly translated, ‘donkeys’). And it’s cunning to assume that power and influence will actually help him return to Ente Isla.

Why is it cunning? Because it’s true, and because my fingers, they’re moving on their own. You see, what the producer is trying to tell us is that capitalism sucks because all the ringleaders are demons. They gain muscles from fear, anger, and protein fortifications of questionable legality.

That’s right. SHUDDER IN FEAR, for MUSHYRULEZ has found out your secret! Show yourselves, Illuminati!! I KNOW EVERYTHING!!!1!1

I'VE GEOTAGGED THIS SHIT. COME AT ME, BROS. actually i haven't cause i'm scared

Mostly though, it’s chuuni because he’s an underqualified, undereducated, understanding UNDERDOG. His trust in MgRonald’s employee policies shows the state of his complete socio-culturo-politico-economico-physical assimilation. Yet, his lack of formal education limits his employment opportunities, casting a dismal glance at the state of intelligent, integrated, and interesting aborigines without formal government support.

The conclusion?


“Actually, the conclusion is that ‘technological revolution is the conclusion.'” is the conclusion.

You can't spell 'conclusion' without 'conc' or 'lusion'. The conclusion: all conclusions need more concs.

Check out dat 1337 hackin’ skills. It’s so old-school it’s not WIndows 13, or Windows 39; it’s WINDOWS ’97, the year Az was born (he’s approximately 1900 years old now). Who needs macs when you have apples?!?!?

tl;dr: this episode was shit because nothing actually happened. You see all those paragraphs above you? That wasn’t about episode 6. That was about EPISODE FOUR and you didn’t even realize it!!!

Man, my readers are so stupid.

The joke is that I have no readers.


2 responses

  1. “Man, my readers are so stupid”

    Don’t insult your readership Mushy!….though I will admit I failed to recognize it as episode 4,,,,,

    And the inclusion of pixelated image means ONEW is back in top form, right?!

    2013/05/21 at 02:59

  2. (Well, it’s still directly applicable to episode 6, so it’s alrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrong. ):<

    It's not the pixellation that matters, it's Alsiel's intense glare of utter self-denial and despair that permeates our collective souls

    2013/05/21 at 05:40