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Google Reader, New Feed Leaders

I’ve never truly lived without Google Reader. Before there was O-New, before there was blogging there were readers. OK, that’s actually not a chicken-or-egg thing, because actually, before there were readers of blogs there were blogs. WHATEVER.

Google Reader is cancelling its service after July 1st, 2013.

Being an ardent admirer of Google’s autocratic policies (can you please stop asking me to change my YouTube name because it looks fake?), I could never imagine life without Google Reader. So I waited, and waited, and waited until I stopped reading blogs. Then I continued to wait. Eventually I started weights and became really buff. Then I weighed myself and stopped weighing weights.

What was I weighting for? Did I really need to lose waits? How many watts could a lightbulb spin if it neither toils?

Others, of course. I’d never jump off a bridge unless all my friends do too, and since you’re my friends, I’m jumping now.

What feed readers are you using to replace Google? Is it desktop- or online-based? What’s the difference?

Perhaps I’m the only one still on the bridge. I think it’s apparently that I haven’t app parent for far too long (‘app parent’ means ‘read blogs’), but if there’s any other late stragglers, perhaps this will help. Assuming I get one comment from Flare.

10 responses

  1. I moved to Commafeed, which is supposed to be an open-source attempt at remaking Google Reader. It’s much slower though, so I wouldn’t recommend it unless it gets significantly better in the future.

    2013/05/15 at 09:56

  2. Personally? Newsblur. $24/year for something I use on a daily basis seems worth it to me. They also have an iOS and Android app too.

    2013/05/15 at 10:18

  3. You get one comment from me.Enjoy!

    2013/05/15 at 10:21

  4. redball

    I’m using Feedly right now. It’s almost a complete replacement. My biggest gripe is that there isn’t a feed search. That’s a pretty big loss for me because that’s how I find those seemingly random articles that I read 3 years ago.

    2013/05/15 at 13:47

  5. I started using Feedly, which I really liked at first. However, they had an update which made it so you couldn’t read through old articles once you’ve marked them “read” and so you couldn’t search through old articles – a real problem for me.

    Right now, I’m using a mix of Feedly for my general reading (I like that it allows you to mark your favorite blogs, which Reader didn’t) and The Old Reader, which is basically a version of Reader from way back when (before I started using it three years ago), which has an alright search function (not as good as Reader’s).

    2013/05/16 at 15:45

  6. Newsblur seems pretty awesome… but is the price really worth it with all the free alternatives? (The free version also only supports 64 sites and 10 items, so…)

    Kinda wondering about what the difference is between Newsblur and other readers.

    2013/05/18 at 18:56

  7. I’m enjoying it!

    2013/05/18 at 18:58

  8. Yeah, not having searching abilities is pretty bad (especially when you’re following a lot of blogs and want to say, only read articles about one anime)…. Is it that type of feed searching, or another type? I probably wouldn’t use that just because of how frequently I search articles >_>

    2013/05/18 at 19:00

  9. Yeaaaaaaah, not being able to read through old articles seems rather serious to me. Do you combine your feeds in both readers, or subscribe to different feeds in different readers? That sounds like a coordination nightmare >_>

    2013/05/18 at 19:27

  10. It’s like every single Google Reader alternative out there has a fatal flaw, and all of them are different… I think I’ll stay with Commafeed for now, since it feels so familiar to me. Although slow, I trust that it’ll become faster over time (since it’s so young right now)!

    2013/05/18 at 19:33