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Cats are a cool 猫-sama 7

You know that really cool guy you want to be when you grow up? The guy with the hair and the teeth and the lips? The guy who does all those things you’d expect really cool guys to do, and more?

Well, I think I’ve met my future.

Just try to imagine yourself 10 years in the future here. Actually, don't, the guy in the picture looks much better than that.

I find it odd that Orba didn’t think to send himself scared sacred Vitamin D-drinks. M-Maybe he doesn’t d-drink that kind of stuff. M-Maybe he d-didn’t have any allies back in Ente Isla. Or m-maybe Esmeralda is just really good at making counterfeit medical products.

Esmeralda is actually voiced by the same voice as Kumin, who also now happens to be O-New’s new unofficial mascot. Since Chuu2 is so two seasons ago, you know what this means…


'retire' is a euphemism for 'leave permanently'

Thankfully, my ears made it this time. Thankfully (part two), there’s a lot of deep symbolism in this episode of 猫-sama. Firstly, the title, 猫, is an ancient Korean Chinese kanji character that means, literally, not-dog-thing. Most traditional postmodern interpretations of 猫 delineate it as cat. Now, this is a pun, and puns happun to punetrate with impunity a punderous place in the pundit’s punctuation. kill me now

What symbolism is present? Well, the completely unnecessary extraneous, irrelevant, and gratuitous soaked bra shot represents the inundation of Japan’s materialistic society into Ente Islamic culture. Emilia, once a pure citizen of Ente Isla (and tea is lay), is soaked with Japan’s foreign attitudes and cultures to the point where her repressed sexual tendencies (being raised as a masculine hero) have explosively and palpably manifested themselves.

Similarly, Emilia’s high heels represent the shackles of femininity in our contemporary society. Emilia is unused to the stresses of misogyny, and frequently collapses on the symbolic social ‘ladder’ to Sa~tan’s heart. Ente Isla’s progressive female power (casting a girl as the hero?) contrasts heavily with our oppressive patriarchy, and the ultimate collapse of Emilia’s identity occurs when she fails to perform a 720-degree backflip when jumping off Sa~tan. This represents how she can’t perform 720-degree backflips when jumping off people.

I can't do 720-degree people when jumping off backflips, but that's alright.

tl;dr/actual commentary: The misunderstandings this episode were actually pretty good, as is the foreshadowing of Alsiel’s DEMISE. Suzuno’s actually feeding them dried eel intestines, not noodles, and dried eel intestines are fatal to carnal demons/demonic humans.

I wish I had a better concluding sentence but I don’t so I’ll end suddenl-

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