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Internet Meme 101: Shoop da Whoop +OH SHIT WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE [edit: not anymore]

[edit note: Mushy will probably kill me for doing that part about inviting flare to do posts bcuz we cant handle it D:

OH SHIT MUSHY’S COMPUTERS WENT DOWN! Since houraiguy posts like every hundred years and abd doesn’t post until 2011, it’s seriously all up to me…WHICH I CANT DO D:

So I have come up with an amazingly genius plan THAT HAS NOT BEEN CHECKED WITH MUSHY SINCE I CANT.


Since we’re all pretty desperate now, we’ll invite flare (if he/she accepts) to do some posts, and because i’m not a mod, I can’t actually let him come in; only Mushy can, but he’s not here. -.-

So flare, just send your posts to avian_dstryr@hotmail.com, and I’ll post the….


Lol I’m typing this post and suddenly I get a notification saying mushy posted with the title (I’m back!) >_> Lulz sorry to freak out flare for no reason now.

Anyways, now that we don’t have to worry about that, we can move on.


The meme “SHOOP DA WHOOP”, or “IMA FIRING MAH LAZER” is another awesome meme. It originated on 4chan (just like Pedo Bear), and originally looked like this


It was a lazer fired my THE EVIL DBZ ANTAGONIST CELL (who fired his lazer at GOKU)

At the time, it’s spread around the world was still quite minimal. BUT THEN, THERE CAME THE LAZER COLLECTION!

This is how the meme spread. After that, Shoop da Whoop has spread to many different formats, such as the DR.OCTOGONAPUS you just saw, and…

Oh yeah, and here’s the one made my DFear. Have fun, and bye.



Oh hai it’s a filler.(no it’s a filler because Internet Meme 101 is taking a break and stuff) Anyways, it got kinda annoying, as I realized how so many simple-minded ************ think that people who have intelligence=nerd. Ok seriously wtf? THIS IS MADNESS, THIS IS SPARTA.


What people think nerds are





Honestly why do people assume that? Nerd actually means that you are socially withdrawn, are awkward talking to other people, physically unfit, and who enjoys learning like playing a video game. Seriously, I am not any of those definitions. Just because I have more brainpower than you really does not mean that I am a nerd. After researching, 99% of people that call you a nerd are just jealous that you have the ability to think, while they’re total douchebags. So the next time someone calls you a nerd, take pride in it.

Internet Meme 101: OVER 9000!!!

You guys are so awesome, so I’m going to continue this series

Nappa: Vegeta, what does the scanner say about his power level?!

Vegeta: IT’S OVER 9000!!!

Nappa: WHAT 9000?!

Classical. Just classical. I seriously used this meme so much last year that if I used it any more, I’d get OVER 9000 PEOPLE TRY TO KILL ME! (Lesson Number 9000! on how to incorporate this meme into seriously anything) Honestly, I could respond in every single way you could imagine with “OVER 9000!!!” Favourite Meme, period.

Everyday convo:

Person: Hey YuChoy

YuChoy: Wut?

Person: How much homework do we have?

YUCHOY: OVER 9000!!!

Person: -_-

Second Example:

Person: What chapter of _____ manga are you on?


Person: O_o

It takes practice to be so pro with this meme, and when you do I recommend learning how to run away from people threatening to pound you.




In other words, OVER 9000 means that a large amount of something, and for people who don’t know where it’s from, it’s from this intriguing anime with amazing fighting scenes >_>

Hint hint: The mainthing everything in that anime share in common; one word: CONSTIPATION! Still don’t know? Fine, here.

And this even more messed up remix:


Life Tip: Use the meme OVER 9000 as much as you can, and you will succeed in life…a one in OVER 9000 POSSIBILITY THAT IS!!! (har har har*shot*)

FUN FACT: The Japanese Translations were originally supposed to be OVER 8000, with not so much enthusiasm. 8000 seems awkward to say.

ANOTHER FUN FACT: Yesterday the pedo post (pedo post?) got 14 views, second to Durarara x Black Lagoon. Did I attract pedos to o-new? (DUN DUN)


Don't worry Vegeta. We all understand your feelings


This post is like extremely unstructured (since when were any posts structured?)Bye bye guys, and in response to drawing pedophiles to O-New, here’s something to feed those strange pedos


Cherry flavour???


Internet Meme 101: Pedo Bear




ITS PEDO BEAR!!! Pedo Bear originated from 2chan, Japan’s popular imageboard (inspired 4chan to be made). It was originally supposed to be “Safety Bear”, but because it got onto 4chan in 2004, people were like “Let’s turn safety into pedophile!!!” That’s just how demented the internet is these days :D

Pedo Bear is just, awesome. He started off with a catchphrase”is dat sum loli”, but because makes no sense, it faded away.


Pedophiles are proud supporters of the Vancouver 2010 olympics


I have no idea why Pedo Bear is so popular, but I guess people just like associating cute furry stuff with demented, creepy stuff, like this

You see? You have a cute little chipmunk, and then you get people turning it into the antagonist of Austin Power. That just shows how strange the mind of people work nowadays. (Should I review Dramatic Chipmunk next? Or something else? Comment and tell me plz)

Like all other perverted memes, it has a ton of Photoshopped images, like this montage

Hooray, I have wasted your time. Mission accomplished har har har. Obviously this one isn’t as awesome as “All your Base are Belong to Us” so why not add some more Engrish? (cuz you all love it so much =D)


Er...I'd like to keep my privates safe, thank you very much






Er...at least it's eco-friendly?





You see? You see how Engrish makes everyone happy? So yeah, I’ll come up with a more interesting meme next, so have fun browsing O-New. Bye.

Internet Meme 101 Intro+All your base are belong to us

Since I have nothing better to do, why not educate the viewers of this blog (if there are any) on internet memes? But like, it’s really because I’m bored and have nothing better to do (HURRRRR BLACK OPS LIKE A CRAZED ADDICTION MANZ)

To start it off, we have “CATS: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US”




And here’s the video of that creepy cyborg cliche guy saying it

WTH is a zig? Is it like a escape pod modified for war or something? A zig? lol sounds stupid.

In addition, here’s a tribute video

Har har har worldwide riot saying “ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US”

“ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US” came from a japanese (of course its japanese) game called “Zero Wings”, published in 1989 by Toaplan. First of all, the gameplay itself is crap, so it didn’t get famous because of that. It got famous because of the poor translations from Japanese to English, creating phrases like “Somebody set us up the bomb” and “You have no chance to survive make your time”. And let’s not forget “For great justice” ZOMG I just realized that epic phrase was from this crappy game. Kinda reminds me of chinglish, or engrish.


Engrish is fail translations into English...as demonstrated by this interesting warning label that contains PREFECTLY CORRECT ENGLISH


Oh yeah here’s a funnier one




After seeing all this, you must think “ARE WE ALL GOING TO SUFFER FROM FAIL GRAMMAR IN THE FUTURE?” According to Toeplan, yes we are. Yes we are, and for great justice too.

And because I seriously feel like it, I’m going to spaz out a whole bunch of ridiculous pics of Engrish. Bye ;-)

Alright enough stupidity if you want more go to the link k bai have a nice life, and remember, he’s after you…


So like, I obviously fail at dedication, and I haven’t made a post in like a year or something. After much time, I finished all possible games that I would like to play, and exhausted the manga that I actually want to read. Thus, I’m coming back to O-New, (Like for real this time. If you don’t think I will, then just comment cuz I actually need to know if people read this stuff) and for today, Ima posting about something that I actually like, which is BLACK OPS HURRRRRRRRRRR


DO YOU KNOW WHY ITS GONNA BE AWESOME? Cuz you can paint your face to look like the Joker. No actually, it’s because the pre-orders have already exceeded Modern Warfare 2’s record




Obviously, no one cares about campaign or co-op (honestly who buys a FPS just for campaign?) Therefore, it’ll all be on multiplayer.

The one thing about multiplayer this time around are WAGER matches. Wager Matches are four different type of gameplay modes, that involve you cashing in your money (now they use money for stuff) and if you get in the top 3 score, you’ll get more money. The Wager Matches are Gun Game, in which you start with a .44 Magnum, and for every kill, move to the next weapon (in this case, the second weapon after you get a kill would be Dual-Wield Makarovs) all the way to the Ballistic Knife. There is also Sharpshooter, which is everyone has the same weapon for 45 seconds, and then all of them are switched for a new weapon. In addition, every kill you get will get you a new perk, while you lose all of them when you die. Next, there is One in the Chamber, which is the only thing everyone has is a pistol and a knife. Every player starts with one bullet, and once they use it, they mus resort to melee. For every kill you get, you get one bullet. Lastly, there is Sticks and Stones. Your weapon choices are a tomahawk, a ballistic knife, and a explosive crossbow. Have fun.

One thing about Black Ops you have to know are the customization options. Firstly, you can customize your red dot sight reticule to a whole bunch of different ways.


You can also change it to other stuff, like a skull


In addition, you can totally customize your emblem into these completely bizarre…emblems.


Many people suggested putting a sword at a suggestive place on a guy...


In addition, the killstreaks have some pretty awesome editions, like this


WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? (who, who, whowho)


Besides the rabid dogs, (notice the emblem in the top right corner. A billion people suggested putting the sword at…nvm) For killstreaks, you have now a RC car that is armed with an explosive, RC rockets, and more.

Last but not least, we have theater mode. The people at Treyarch are all like “Hurr it’s for watching particle effects.” No, it’s for banning boosters, cuz now you have evidence, what with a camera monitoring everyone’s movement in every single match they play. :D You can stalk people and ban them. 10/10 just for that.


Most people will be following other things than a RC rocket...


Otherwise, that’s Black Ops to you, and remember kids, watch out for scary people online, cuz you never what will…




Goodbye MODERN WARFARE 2, hello ONEW+Video Review


So as the title screams, I’ve stopped playing MW2, due to consistent kicks in the shin by awesomebananadancer, and also simply because of the fact that its not my game.

Anyways, there is like this vid thats kinda kewl (but lecturing) about stuff. So yeah, just watch.

Surprised no?

Anyways, if you’re above 13, (you should be), you probably already get those three things.


Obviously, autonomy is better because you get beer and cake and PARTY. lol jks. The real thing about autonomy is simply because youre not getting bossed by other people on what to do. WOOHOO In a way, this is what makes video games popular. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, except stop the fact that your princess is in another castle.

Then we haz zee mastery. Mastery, obviously, is having mad skills at something. Just like TheAlmightyHutch has pro skills in MW2, Beethoven also had mad skills in music. AND ALSO HOW TOAD HAZ TEH MAD SKILLS OF TELLING PEOPLE THAT YOUR PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE

For Purpose, well, there is beer and cake hanging from teh tree. Anyways, purpose is pretty much the mix of autonomy and mastery. The purpose of making your company succeed, is pretty much trying to be autonomous and master the diffferent aspects, no?

Well, that was a pretty crappy review. If anyone else comes up with a different answer to the three motives, then comment and make me feel stupid. :D

Announcing the uber return of YuChoy

Ahahaha….I’m back….wtf? >_> Damn I thought Mushy would Nurarihyon and HoTD while I was gone. Anyways, back from Disneyland…hopefully this post gets oevr 900 views? :P

Highschool of the Dead 2

Hello everyone, Highschool of the Dead 2 came out on Tuesday, (but I haven’t posted cuz I’m more lazy than Mushy >_>) so here it is.

Takagi and Hirano run around the school,  somehow invisible to all of the zombies as they run around with not a single zombie seeing them. Then, they witness more casualties and zombie transformations.

What's your mom doing in a high school? What are you, kindergarten?

Meanwhile Takashi and Rei barricade the stairs to the watch tower, and call Rei’s dad, who by the way is a police officer. Only to realize that his father is…er…kinda busy with other um….”strange” transformations to the dead in which they attack you.


It continues on with Marikawa, this er…school nurse trapped in her medical room attempting to “save” these patients bitten by zombiez, beecause that’s what she thinks of course. Then, due to her stupidity, she sacrifices one of her assistants or something, and then SLASH, Busujima, the school’s kendo president saves her, using a wooden sword. (How does that even work its a wooden sword? O_o)


Furthur down the road, Takagi and Hirano barricade themselves in a room, and find a stockful of supplies that you would find in any ordinary engineer’s room.


Then while the zombies bang on the door, Hirano suddenly becomes start and makes use of his nerdy video gaming skills (I wish I could -.-) and pieces together AN  ASSAULT RIFLE (or a submachine gun, or whatever you prefer. Anyways, its a gun that shoots nails with a magazine, thus completely PWNING THE ZOMBEZ TAKE THAT WORLD.

Hirano: You mess with me, say hello to my little friend! (RAT TAT TAT)

Then Takashi and Rei find a water hose, and decide (water hose+zombies=dead zombies) Thus, they turn into fire men, and blow the brainz out of the zombies. (Zombies don’t have brains stoopid -.-)


Takagi and Hirano run away, and then are TRAPPED!!!!! Hirano fires his last magazine, and then zombiez attack Takagi. (cuz shes a helpless little girl). Then SLASH, BUSUJIMA JUMPS IN AGAIN AND KILLS THEM ALL MWAHAHAHAHA. Well actually, Takashi and Rei do some stuff to, but AHAHAHAHA SHE USES A WOODEN SWORD. -.- nvm

What, so now Busijima can use Getsuga Tenshou?

After they clean up the zombies, (I don’t get the term “clean up”. Isn’t it more messy after blood and gore fly everywhere wth?) they look up, and decide to watch the news; because they need to know the weather of course. A news reporter reports the weather, and then is ruthlessly slaughtered by the zombiez.

Hm...I dunno, maybe the rising dead?

Thus, the story ends. THE END

What a happy story.

Nurarihyon no Mago 1

Alright, so Nurarihyon no Mago is out! Me, YuChoy, will be doing the posts for Nurarihyon no Mago.

The story talks about Rikuo Nura, a kid who is 3/4th human, and 1/4th youkai. (Which apparently means monster or something)

Oooooh, what blood? Is Nurarihyon a vampire?

Obviously, we tend to favor the person who looks more cool and wields a huge sword, so here is a comparison between night and day.

Badass night version

Pathetic Day Version

Rikuo realizes he is the king of….welll, this bunch of…whatever they are.

LOL Army of youkai much too cute too possibly be a threat

LOL Way too cute to be dangerous...right?

Then, he goes to school, when he overhears Kiyotsugu discussing how they’re going to visit the old school building, because apparently there’s youkai in there, and they have nothing better to do and then piss their pants.

Cuz therez some money there :D

They look around, but Rikuo was prepared. He decides to um…”lead” the way (and by lead I mean stumble in front of everyone beating up all of the other youkai so no one see them >_>) and leads them across. Eventually, Kiyotsugu gets bored, and decides to take one more look in the kitchen, and he sees…


Yeah…so then everyone freaks out, that girl faints, and then Rikuo, oh what will he do? Will he awesomely transform into his badass form??? And…no he doesn’t. -.- He stays pathetic, and then suddenly two youkai pop out and pwn the monster, and then you are introduced to the two youkai.

And that is how the story is concluded! Nurarihyon no Mago is alright currently, but I do hope there becomes some badass battles later on, otherwise his transformation is just for show -.-

O-NEG 8: Killzone 2

Apologies to everyone for not posting for so long! (Blame Infinity Ward and their awesome Modern Warfare 2 game for doing so)

Alright everyone! This is Killzone 2, a First Person Shooter that is much more better than Battlefield Heroes! (Apologies Houraiguy, but BFH lags like frigging hell. :/)

^Alright Creepy Alien soldier with glaring red eyes!

Anyways, the storyline is based around two sides, the ISA, the good guys, ( even though they decided to invade Helghan) and the Helghast, which are the glowing red eyes soldier people. BTW, the Helghast are just regular humans with freaky helmets, so that overall summarizes it. The ISA send forces after forces to Helghan, attempting to rule T3H UNIVERSE! Scolar Visari, the leader of the Helghan, decide to defend the planet. You control Sergeant Sevchenko, and you attack these random people with assault rifles, sniper rifles, flamethrowers, etc. etc.

The campaign storyline is crappy, but then first-person shooters never did have a storyline in the first place. Name one first person shooter that has a good storyline. (Metal Gear is a third person) Exactly. Anyways, the enemy AI is amazing. First of all, they are not blind, and will see if you throw a grenade, and then scatter. Secondly, they actually take heavy cover, and they have amazingly large amounts of health. Approximately 1/3 of your assault rifle magazine will kill it, and its hard because of how much they duck and cover.

In addition, you are provided with a wealth of ammunition and weaponry, so you don’t have to worry about running out of ammunition that much. Overall, the weapons damage is measured precisely, so that means grenades don’t react like missiles. >.> In addition, recoil, movement, and everything else is extremely smooth in the campaign that is. (In Multiplayer, you start randomly flying through buildings when you die. Then again, all multiplayer shooters (except for MGS4 WOO!) have this, so meh) In Killzone 2, there are obviously checkpoints. However, unlike Metal Gear Solid 4, you start freezing and otherwise known as “lagging” like mad, until you pass the checkpoint. I find this somewhat takes away from the experience, so that takes away 0.5 from the overall score.

If you’re going to play the game for campaign, don’t buy it. If you’re playing for multiplayer as well, DEFINITELY BUY IT! The multiplayer is amazing. Why? Because its a complete killzone. Unlike Modern Warfare 2, where you’re stuck with only 12 players in one game, Guerilla bumped it up to an astonishing 32. Literally, its a killfest with grenades flying everywhere. In addition, you level up through the ranks, earning more weaponry, (sadly uncustomizable) that you can use to kick butt.

Most people like me play Modern Warfare 2 like I do. Here is a tip. DO NOT EXPECT TO KICK ASS AT BOTH GAMES SIMULTANEOUSLY! Firstly, it is two completely different game styles. Killzone is a killfest with no strategy whatsoever, while Modern Warfare 2 requires stealth in a way (cuz your health is puny) and you also need to use things like Harrier Airstrikes, etc. In addition, the maps are much more different. Killzone 2=dark, gloomy maps with wide open areas where you can open fire like mad. (rat tat tat) Modern Warfare 2=a whole variety of maps. In Killzone 2, all you have to get used to, is to shoot whatever moves. Thus, I play Killzone 2, when I simply want to shoot and not think. :)


Alright, this is obviously an O-NEG, (hourai) but for the first time, it will be on a PLATFORM GAME!


If you haven’t played this game, AND you own a  PS3, you’re like, a failure in life. If you haven’t played the rest of the Metal Gear series (like me =/), then you should at least play this one. Metal Gear Solid 4 follows the franchise’s signature style, stealth mah friend, stealth.

Er...well...I guess it's stealthy?

Anyways, you sneak around, dispatching enemies with CQC, (Close Quarter Combat), thus enabling you to strangle them, knife their throat, or use them as a MEATSHIELD!!!

heh heh...gotcha sucka

Snake now has an extremely updated arsenal. Because it’s the year 2014, he now has things such as the Solid Eye, which enables him the RADAR AND NIGHT VISION. In addition, he has the Metal Gear Mk. II, a scout machine he can control with…a PS3 controller?

[insert Mk.II pic]

The objective of the game is obviously, not to be caught. However, unlike all of the previous games, you can ACTUALLY SHOOT AND HIT PROPERLY! (OMG RLY?) In Metal Gear Solid 1, the only thing Snake was capable of was a double punch and a roundhouse kick. That’s it. In Metal Gear Solid 2, you’re updated with the fact that you can strangle people. In Metal Gear Solid 3, nothing new. For all of those games, you can only shoot standing still. Thus, you’re pathetic. However, in Metal Gear Solid 4, ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS ARE FIXED TAKE THAT WORLD!

The reason Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of the top games ever made (10/10 on IGN and Gamespot WOO) is because it’s just so free and perfect. Unlike the previous games, you DON’T HAVE to be sneaky and stealthy and stuff. You can be a complete idiot (and badass) and just walk around shooting everyone you see (not recommended though =/) That type of mode is generally used by N00BZ who can’t play stealthy, so I recommend you still play stealthy if you want the full experience. Then again, the shooting components of the game are completely refined, and they’ll feel as smooth as any other shooter you’ve played before.


In addition, there is not a single glitch in Metal Gear Solid 4. Seriously. I’ve played the entire game around 8 times through (that sums up to approximately 48 hours or so of play time) and I have not ever met a single glitch. I’m serious. There is absolutely not a single glitch. Yes, even the usual “my gun is disappearing through a wall WTF” IS GONE!

The great thing about Metal Gear Solid 4 is that Hideo Kojima has a really good sense of humor. For example, there’s this time when Otacon calls in, telling you to switch the disc. Then, he remembers and goes “Oh! We’re on the PS3! It’s a Blu-Ray disc, so we don’t need to switch discs!” (The previous Metal Gear Solid games were so big in capacity that they needed more than one disc :P)


A summarization of each chapter:

Act 1: You’re in like Afganistan or something, and you try to kill Liquid Snake, another old guy. On the way, you meet these bipedal huge war machines named Gekko.

LOL ur screwed

Then, you walk around and you meet this squadron called RAT PATROL 01, and then you kill a bunch of woman soldiers. (Don’t take it the wrong way :P) Then, you find Liquid, get a seizure, and watch him pathetically run away like a sissy girl.

Act 2: You go to South America, sneak around, and eventually fight this octopus woman.


Then, you are unable to find Liquid, jump into a armored vehicle and gun down some MOAR gekko, then get introduced to a bad-ass fight between Raiden, a cyborg ninja (good), and Vamp, an immortal vampire. (bad)


Act 4: You are back at Shadow Moses Island, a island in Alaska used to develop nuclear warheads or something like that. Then, you kill Crying Wolf, a sniper, kill Vamp, and then you board Metal Gear Rex to fight Metal Gear Ray, both amazingly large war machines, kinda like walking tanks with LAZORS.



Overall, Metal Gear Solid 4 is ossum, and so if you have a PS3, get it.


E3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the best thing that’s happened recently, unless you count the fact that Mushy and I are going to start to anipost on the summer season of anime.

Anyways, the gamers at E3 showed us some pretty neat stuff. I own a Playstation 3, so I didn’t really pay any attention to Halo Reach. Hey, don’t hate. Halo Reach must be good. Anyways, I focused pretty much on Guerilla and Hideo Kojima, and a little of Gran Turismo 5, since I need at least one good racing game.  Oh yeah, and I glanced at the Playstaion Move, since it looked…well…like a black stick with a ball on top.

^What can I say? What? It’s just a black stick with a colourful ball on top. >_> (No pun intended. Seriously. No pun intended)

Unfortunately, the Metal Gear Solid Rising trailer didn’t offer as much as I had hoped for. Then again, they’re working on Peace Walker right now, so you can’t really blame them. The great thing is Xbox people can taste how badass Metal Gear Solid is, because its coming out on Xbox too.


OMG Raiden’s so badass…it’s interesting how much his…er…”badassness” evolves throughout the series. In MGS2, he’s pathetic. In MGS4, he’s a badass cyborg ninja that kicks frigging ass. Now in this one, he’s the protagonist, and he’s badass. He’s so badass that Hideo Kojima decided to switch from “Tactical Espionage Action” to “Lightning Bolt Action”, obviously because Raiden means lightning in Japanese or something.

For Guerilla, they showcased the future of Sergeant Sevchenko and his sidekick person, Rico. (No it’s not another Ratchet and Clank. >_> That game fails in my opinion) Alright, so because they killed Scolar Visari, they gained EXP, and is now able to use Close Quarter Combat. It’s so effing awesome, because it’s the first time you get to actually do something besides whack the enemy with the frigging butt of your gun. >_> Anyways, you can follow-up attack (SUPA COMBO) and finish him however bloodly you like. You can break their neck (classical), Falcon Punch (OH YEAH!), kick him off the side of a building (FALCON KICK!), and if you’re good enough, jump on top of them and stab a knife through their knife and twist it through their brain (oolala).  Obviously, this is a pretty good game. Hopefully, Guerilla has fixed those annoying glitchs in when you hit a checkpoint, you freeze and it breaks the mood.



A lot of people are gonna go “Oh, what about Kinect? It’s like the best thing in the world.” Kinect doesn’t make much sense. First of all, you can’t play shooters, because you don’t have a controller. (Unless they can track movement as small as a finger…no that’s impossible) And if they do introduce a controller, then what was the point of saying “NO CONTROLLERS”??? What no controller means is that you’re stuck with playing games that aren’t as hardcore as you would like. However, I admit, I would love to test out what I’ve learned in Martial Arts on that stupid dummy in that fighting game. Kick his stupid faic and his voice that goes “Sooooooo, back for more already?” like a stereotypical bad Asian kung fu warlord. >_>

For Gran Turismo 5, it looks pretty badass for a racing game, but all racing games look the same pretty much. But whatever. I’m prioritizing Killzone 3 above anything, so meh.

Anyways, good for those E3 game producers, and I’ll churn out a review as soon as I get my hands on a good game. (Though I’ll do a review on Killzone 2 first, even though it’s old. But hey, Killzone 3’s coming out, so I might as well refresh your memories. Same applies for Metal Gear Solid 4. ITS FRIGGING AWESOME THE GAME ALONE IS A REASON TO GET A PLAYSTATION 3 GET IT NAOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ)

Some Gaming Post

[MUSHYHIJACK: This is actually a gaming post :P]

This is a filler, because the people of O-New don’t have much to say. However, there are a few discussion topics, so yeah that’s good I guess.

Alright so if any of you remember Arbiter and the Chief, season four is coming out on Youtube soon, so hooray for Jon and Microsoft Sam and Microsoft Mike!

Hard to believe, but the origin of the rotflcopter that goes SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI is from Arby n’ the Chief. The rotflcopter that doesn’t go SOI SOI SOI is from WoW.

In addition, Killzone 3 is coming out, and as I mentioned I’m a fan obviously. They uploaded a gameplay video, and like OMG you can like just jump up and stab the Helghast in the faic with a knife, and then break their neck. That’s like so badass like for a shooter. :D


LOL Jetpacks are awesome.

Next on our list, we have the FIFA WORLD CUP starting. Thus, everyone’s going to be cheering for a bunch of different teams. I personally like Argentina, but w/e you guys can like comment and debate and flame each other. >_>

[MUSHYHIJACK: Well obviously the national democratic communist socialist united state-federation of the commonwealth of Antarctica is going to win…

^ Also, Dead Frontier 3D demo is out, but only to those stupid cash-paying n00bs. It’s just dead frontier 2D, with better graphics. Honestly I don’t get what’s all the fuss with it… I was seriously expecting a vertical view, where you could choose which part of the zombie to shoot, and the zombie isn’t just one dot, but actually something you can see. But no, AdminPwn’s too nooby to code like that. No offense.]

Vancouver Centennial ~ History of a School

Hello everyone! This is going to be kinda of a joint post between Mushy and I, as we have attended our school’s 100th birthday! (It happened on June the 3rd…so this post is a little outdated)

Anyways, a basic summary on what has happened. After 3:00, when Mushy and I get dismissed, we get PIZZA! Then, we go to the gymnasium door, and we go “Hello, elderly people. Our school is not available for you to go in yet, but would you like to listen to some…er…beautiful music?” Then they either reject you, (FATALITY!) or they just walk in, and listen to one of our teachers play the guitar and sing.

I mean, come on, it's FREE! Probably taxpayer money anyways though...

…The thing is… actually, noone went into the gym. Well, one person went in, and two more people tried to go in but were volunteers. Also, the sign on the washroom door was placed incorrectly, directing both males and females into the same room… (‐^▽^‐)オーホッホ

After that, we go up into our school. So because of the fact our school is 100 years old, (1910-2010), we have, what they named, “decade rooms”. So apparently, they’re supposed to give the person the feeling they’re stepping back into the time, where they were at the school, cuz we invited a bunch of really old people who were former graduates. Mushy and I were assigned to the 1990’s. We were disappointed, because we were aiming for T3H 1980’S!!!!!!!!!!!! But then Mushy realized the WWW and Google was invented in the 1990’s, we were like :D. Then, we saw a bunch of old people (again?>_>) and they were all like “OH the 1990’s! Sorry though, I was here in the 1930’s!) >_> There’s one thing you got to know. Old people don’t understand the power of technology. (and google)

…There were also 2 annoying people at the 2000s, but obviously that decade isn’t really awesome at all. I mean liek totally we don’t live in the 2000s now do we…?

(Actually, we don’t, as it’s 2010)

I have to admit the 2000s room had th-ITS OVER 9000!

And then in the end, we were all like “:(“, cuz a bunch of these old guys got frigging cake, and we didn’t get anything in reward…well I got fruit punch, but w/e.

…However, a few days later (a week?) we got caik too. It was about this big [                       ]… but I’m not complaining, it’s FREE for god’s sake.

But the only part that was actually interesting about the centennial was the PARKING LOT! At our school, we have a large gravel field where we like play soccer and stuffz.  But cuz there’s ton of old people with cars, they turned it into a parking lot.

Doesn't really look that amazing after all :<

It was like, the ideal place for a fictional gun fight, so Mushy and I boom headshoted each other…

Let's play soccar! GET IT?! HA. HA. HA.

Unfortunately YuChoy somehow managed to snipe me through 2 car windows… :/

…Apparently there were some speeches, though I was told they were not very good. The gym-guards got more cake at the end [Parsee] but still; I had to get back to the computer lest I succumb to deprivation depression… Oh well. Water bottles were sold (I was in the committee in charge of them), with a grand total of EIGHT. THERE WERE 300 GUESTS HOW COULD THERE HAVE BEEN ONLY EIGHT WATERBOTTLES SOLD


So er…that overall summarizes the day…

Links Filler…so it’s a filler post with links…and other stuff

Alright so since we have no content, (unless Dave decides to post something, which is fine) this is a links filler. It’s a new category, because the majority of the time link posts are just basically filler posts…>_> I’ll stop talking crap now.

Alright so our school didn’t finish the Ant Bully movie from the last time,  so I’ll eventually be uploading a part two of the Ant Bully post because there was more stuff that I forgot, and more things that were kinda O_o. In the meantime, enjoy links that Mushy and I have provided you awesome people on O-New. Be sure to spread the word :D.

^ Piano arrange on Yukari’s 7.5 theme…!

^ Another one on Alice’s theme in 5…!

^For those of you who don’t know where “BOOM HEADSHOT!” came from, well now you know.

^One of my all time favourite videos…what it’s funny!

^He fired his lazer…of regurgitation

In addition, the E3 Expo starts June the 15th, so everyone watch. I’m a fan of Sony, but Project Natal just blew me away. Oh yeah I’m also looking forward to Killzone 3. Comment and tell me what games you look forward to.

Alright so good bye folks, and have a nice life.


[MUSHYHIJACK Note: the opinions expressed below are not the opinions of whatever this blog is, but only of the specific author of this post. *insert some random legal crap* (I haven’t hijacked anything past this point though, notice it is a filler post >_>)]

Er…don’t run away just cuz the title is stoopid, but anyways, I’m sure everyone will remember, but you know how schools like to um…stop bullying by showing us stoopid movies/videos? Our school decided to er…make a change because they noticed (took them awhile no?) that there was a little bit of bullying at our school. (BULLYING OH MY!) So then they somehow dug up this old movie, (I think 3 years back) called THE ANT BULLY! >_> Basically, the cartoon revolves around this nerdy short guy, (that has ginger hair? If he was just a little bit fatter and bigger, he would kinda be like CopperCab) who is like bullied by this fat guy, and then the fat guy somehow always finishs his SUPA ATOMIC WEDGIE with “I’m big, and you’re little!” *facepalm* Aren’t overweight people like 99.99% the ones being bullied? WTF?

Anyways, so being the stubborn, oh so reminiscence of a 4-year old, kid that nerdy short guy is, (btw his name is Peanut…WTF?) he decides to take out his anger on an ant hill, with T3H NEW WEAPON OF THE 21ST CENTURY! Wait for it…Wait for it…it’s the water pistol! >_> According to this movie, it’s like the equivalent to a death ray of some sort. Then, the kid upgrades his weaponry (cuz he gained 50 XP) to a water hose, and cuz the water hose attracts attention, is harassed by a filthy pest exterminator guy who smokes. -_-

Then the ants get this potion (that looks like earwax) and pours it down the boys ear (how ironic. Earwax down a boy’s ear) and thus the boy shrinks. Then the ants bring him to their colony, and decides to eat him. Oh noooooooooooooo. But then this godly queen ant goes “Don’t eat him, make him an ant!” Then he likes b-b-b-bombs this wasp using a large grenade during the Insect War of 2007.

In the end, the ants UNITE! and like pawn that exterminator guy with ANT POWA!!!!! It’s ironic that the movie says “Ants are the most caring creatures in the world” and then they ENSLAVE these caterpillars as like horses, and then THEY SHOOP DA WHOOP the attacking wasps! Like it is seriously impossible for any lifeform on Earth to not “bully” anything.

Well, I sure have learned an important lesson from this movie. Don’t mess with ants, or they’ll kick your @$$.

Introduction to a new member of the O-New TEAM!

Mushyhijack: [I’m gone tomorrow for something, so I just had to post this cause it was already up. Sorry yuchoy if you were hoping on editing it a bit :heh:]

So hello everyone,

I’m yuchoy, also known as Extoria. I’m joining O-New as a contributor, but maybe eventually I’ll turn into an author.

Anyways for people who don’t know what a yu choy is, it is:

er…so yeah that’s the basic idea on what I look like.

Anyways, as a first post, I’m going to do a video review (that I, as in Mushy, because I have mysteriously hijacked this post as I am the all-ruling all-seeing administrator of this feeble blog [/pride] have not come up with an acronym yet because the original writer of this post which wasn’t Mushy but some guy introduced above failed to come up with an acronym that I could create an acronym out of and so I (as Mushy) am obliged to hijack this post) I recently went through Youtube, and found the Top Rated videos section. At the top of the list, I found “Top Ten Biggest and Best Jumps Ever” In a nutshell, it’s a montage of people who (in my opinion) hate their life, thus attempt to kill themselves, but fail at it, and then becomes an internet sensation, thus making their life better and livable. I mean, jumping out of a plane wearing nothing but shorts? (no parachute) You probably don’t know what I’m talking about,  but that’s because you haven’t watched the video! Oh and if you haven’t watched it, don’t read on cuz its a SPOILER ALERT! Go to the link below to watch it.



So I’ll be reviewing the ten jumps

10.There was nothing extremely suicidal about this jump, but the jump overall was beautifully done, and he was quite professional, so…er…good job.

9.My first reaction to when I saw this was…LOLWUT? So let’s summarize. You have…a guy wearing nothing but red shorts, jumping out of a plane, drinking a can of Red Bull, and has no PARACHUTE? O_o Yeah he must hate his life a lot.

8. Wow. Now that…is just plain suicide. Like seriously, imagine that guy missing the top of that arch, and smacking his head onto the top, then falling to his death. You wouldn’t even have to “FINISH HIM!” It’d just be insta-FATALITY

7.That must be a pretty scary experience, not being able to see where you’re falling down to. You’re just falling…and then omigod a huge monster pops up and eats you. Yeah thats creepy.

6.This jump in my opinion deserves to be in the number 1 spot. IS THIS GUY A FRIGGING NINJA? Forgot Keanu Reeves. This guy believes man, he believes. HE IS THE ONE. Man, I thought jumping like that only happened in the Matrix. >_>

5.I don’t really get why this one is so amazing, so if anyone knows, comment plox.

4.Double backflip. Now that is skill, and nerve.

3.FYI, this jump still holds the world record for biggest dive in the world. That takes a lot of courage to do that. I would probably shit my pants just looking down. lol but I like his hair.

2.My first reaction was that it was a flying banana, or I possibly awesomebananadancer decided to try to fly. Anyways, those guys look like banana torpedos, homing in on their targets. Maybe they could go for flying yu choys next?

1.This guy…really doesn’t like his life. Did you see his face after he got rescued? He was like “8D” “lol theres this guy slapping my faic” He is mental. You have to be crazy to jump from space. How the crud do you even think of those type of things? “oh lol I’m just going to jump high above the stratosphere and possibly I’ll land on Earth and not die” -_-.

I noticed something interesting. For jumps 10, 9, 8, and 7, they all had the Red Bull logo on it. In other words, unless you want to end up like those suicide people jumping out of planes wearing nothing but shorts, don’t drink Red Bull.

Well, er…so that’s the first post by me. :D. Hope it’s okay. K bai internet