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Btooom! 6


Comparing its manga to its anime, the similarities of Btooom! were quite striking. Indeed, it felt as if entire scenes were taken ‘verbatim’ from the manga panels, as all screenshots in this post will show. The pacing, timing, but not sound of Btooom!’s anime were exactly as I envisioned its manga while reading.


ST&RS 27

why japan why

itt: fanservice in my moe manga?! *grumble grumble*

re: gravity
the enemy’s gate is down
also there IS NO GRAVITY IN SPACE WHY DOES THEIR HAIR GRAVIT-right, centrifugal ‘force’

Life Updates

Sorry for the recent lack of posts. A bunch of things have happened, including a reading project due Monday (I read the entire book that Sunday night), a math test on Tuesday (the first math test I’ve ever failed, getting 35%), a eight-thousand word ‘mini-book project’ about the Odyssey (I slept at 4:00 this morning), and a 50-minute after-school socials essay this afternoon.


P.S. what’s time management

Gangsta 18

No images today. This is purely a promotional message.

Read Gangsta. It’s a good manga. Trust me.

The general plot: in the past, the government drugged soldiers to win a war. Their progeny suffered from genetic anomalies that increased their strength at the cost of severe birth defects and short lifespans. Four crime families semi-peacefully coexist in Ergastulum, a ghetto for the mutants’ quarantine. However, a series of mysterious massacres of mutants threaten to re-ignite the anti-mutant sentiment in the city, and chaos looms near…

That’s it. After 18 chapters, I finally understand just what is happening.

It’s going to be awesome.

Litchi DE Hikari Club Half Season Review

At least I laugh when I watch Teekyuu. There is nothing remotely funny, scary, or emotional about Litchi DE Hikari Club. There is no possible way this show can evoke any sort of reaction from anybody be it joy or sorrow, pride or pity, giving us this indistinct mass of neutrality that can only be expressed by these characters’ emotionless, boring eyes boring into your soul:

Even Newgrounds Flash beginners can make more human art than this.

The original Litchi DE Hikari Subs dropping the show, a ‘CR’ group somehow being involved, and HorribleSubs not uploading its torrents for later episodes does not help to instill anything but indifferent impassivity, either. Do not pick up this show. Even at three minutes long, it is a monumental waste of your time.

P.S. No, you never do find out what happens to their band.

ST&RS 26


gotcha moes


P.S. what is characterization ??????

Teekyuu Half Season Review

toronto oilers

I don’t remember how to write these anymore. Good thing we’re starting with a two-minutes/episode show that merits only one misspelled word:




YouSays of YouTube

That ‘says’ is pronounced ‘sez’, as in ‘He says that O-New is slowly dying.’ It’s a pun, alright.

Just wondering: how do you guys use your YouTube accounts, if at all? Vimeo’s another popular video sharing website, which seems to be equally valid as a video-sharing source…

Myself, I upload videos of music to YouTube; as YouTube has the largest audience pool, YouTube videos usually get more views than equivalent videos uploaded to Vimeo, etc. I also subscribe to various music channels on YouTube, so instead of keeping a playlist, I can simply flip through my subscriptions’ recent uploads for convenient (and diverse) homework music.

I’ve seen others use YouTube to post gameplay videos, to upload old music archives, to share (private) videos with friends/family/socials teachers, and even as a blogging vehicle. Indeed, anime blogging seems to be slowly morphing into anime vlogging with all these podcasts and such. (I never listen to podcasts because you can’t skim a podcast…)

Other benefits of YouTube don’t require an account, such as watching videos. Even without a YouTube channel, you may still have a YouTube account (associated with your Google account; iirc it’s automatically made).

So: how do you use YouTube? Why do you use YouTube instead of other video-sharing sites? Finally, and here’s the kicker: what kind of impact do you think YouTube (as opposed to any other video-sharing website) has made on our society?

No, this isn’t a school infotech survey project. I’m just wondering because YouTube is so ubiquitous nowadays – I find myself always watching/listening to at least a video every single day. Is that going a bit to far? I don’t know. You tell me.

Historical United States Presidential Election Results by Party

Last week, I finished a socials project on the United States Presidential Elections, 2012. By ‘I finished’, I mean ‘I researched Romney’s stance on important issues for approximately five hours the night before the presentation because the group member who was supposed to research Romney’s stance was too busy drawing our poster, and the other group member already worked too hard.

Of course, it was a great success and we got a B. High or low, you can probably guess…

As part of the project, we needed a poster with drawings (finished the morning before school, of course) and graphs. I (read: the other group member) pulled up some graphs about historical income tax rates, the American electorate, and an Obama vs. Romney meta-poll. However, what we really wanted was a graph of previous presidential elections’ electoral and popular vote distribution. (I honestly don’t know why nobody has made this graph before.)

If you came to this post for the same reason, then look no further than this:

Historical United States Presidential Election Electoral Vote Results (in Percent) by Main Party Affiliations, 1828 - 2012

Don’t click this link to read more!»

Gangsta 17

Now, I love the scanlators (Easy Going Scans) for scanlating this manga because it’s so bloody awesome, but they really are easy going when you see things like this…

first hints first

Then again, there’s hardly any competition on the manga scene, compared to the autismal levels of fagsubbing, so… quality is based on dedication to the source, not to the legions of adoring imbeciles fans.

The main selling point of Gangsta isn’t in ‘its unique world, where swords and bullets clash!’ (face it, that’s not very unique at all). Gangsta’s strength lies in its characters; each of them has unique motivations, backstories, and relationships. Most importantly, these all change throughout time, especially between Worrick and Nicolas during the flashbacks. How they befriend each other at the end is still unknown…

I’m not even sure if Worrick’s eye really is gone. Maybe he’ll pull a Kenpachi on us and reveal that his eyes have magical abilities that allow him to memorize everything it doesn’t see. Wait a minute…

Another cool thing about Gangsta are that the protagonists are grown men, like in Fate/Zero, except with less stupid motivations. They’re mature. They don’t angst around about the past; they move on, and when their past comes to haunt them back, it’s because holy shit these are really traumatic stuff that’s happening.

The only thing bad are the boob jokes, cause she’s a prostitute and yeah. Dark and edgy.


He’s Back!

He’s Black!

He’s Barack Obama!

now we can all finally stop pretending like we care/know anything about politics whatsoever

Tokyo Crazy Paradise and Breaking Through the Genre Box

I recently finished Yoshiki Nakamura’s 1996-2002 shoujo manga Tokyo Crazy Paradise, and it got me thinking about the confines of genre tropes and standards. See, this manga (henceforth TCP) is very much a romantic comedy about highschoolers, much like any other shoujo romance series. What makes it stand out, however, are the other story aspects the series touches upon, even if they never receive full focus. The premise of the story is that in futuristic Tokyo (2020, to be exact), women are scarce and as such are often victimized, to the point that many are openly attacked in broad daylight. In addition, our protagonist ends up as the bodyguard to a mob boss, who is the primary love interest. So, with this context, let me list some of the more standout content present in TCP:

  • Numerous instances of near rape
  • Rape
  • Torture
  • Death
  • Killing
  • Drug dealing
  • Drugging girls on hallucinogens, then forcing them into cage deathmatches and betting on who dies first
  • The love rival getting her right arm sliced off at the elbow
  • Gang wars
  • And an active attempt by supporting characters to get one of the protagonists to cheat on their fiancé

. . .All  wrapped up with a bow of light-hearted comedy and soap-bubbly teen romance. And you thought romcoms were all the same.


Politics and Religion

There are three things taboo on anime blogs: politics, religion, and manga. The first two for their divisiveness; the last one because otherwise, you’d have an animanga blog.

Why is this?

Firstly, there’s absolutely no reason to talk about politics or religion in a blog that talks about foreign cartoons. You don’t see any Chinese bloggers out there talking about the Senkaku Islands, even though anime come from Japan.

Secondly, I was lying. There are reasons to talk about politics or religion in anime blogs, but you must clearly state those at the posts’ beginning (at least, people must expect it, sometimes by virtue of your site itself). Otherwise, if you thought you were just reading a lighthearted Girls und Panzer post but found yourself dragged into a mire of neo-Nazi propaganda… well, let’s just say that you won’t be going back to that blog anytime soon.

Thirdly, politics and religion divide because they’re ingrained inside us. Our political and religious views are part of our identity. When you say bad things about our political and religious views, you’re saying bad things about us. You’re saying bad things about us. You’re doing a bad thing. You’re a bad person.

Politics and religion ruin good relationships. Somebody may completely ignore you if you reveal your political standpoint. You could become an object of ridicule. In a way, politics and religion are like being a girl on the Internet – you hide your identity from people because you’re scared of their reactions, but you shouldn’t have to hide these things. However, politics and religion apply to everybody.

I’m wondering if anybody would be interested if O-New took political questions into You Say Tuesdays – not questions like ‘Do you think Obama deserved to win?’ but things like ‘What kind of impact do harem anime have on Japan’s ongoing sexism?’. Really, politics is the most interesting conversational topic ever. There are so many things to say, things to hear, things to consider and things to learn about. Politics offers a limitless supply of intellectual and informative discussion and debate.

Of course, there will be limits. I never moderate non-spambot comments, but the potential for flaming and frustration will rise up to eleven. Thus, if we ever do this, I will require all comments be relevant (to either the post itself or the comment being replied to), clean (every single objectionable word, including ‘crap’ and ‘darn’, will be censored), and involve no ad hominem attacks whatsoever. If the atmosphere ever escalates to verbal blows, I will lock the thread.

Who’d be interested in this?



this post brought to you by: nanowrimo is stupid

in other news: youtube makes all tags buttons instead of text. whoever thought this was a good idea: please drown yourself in a well

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Gangsta 16

I like Gangsta because it has just the right proportion of cool guys, moe lolis, badass men, and moe lolis


It’s starting to get confusing now. I would write the plot out for you guys but nobody’s reading this and I don’t understand it myself; even marathoning 4 chapters (ok, that’s not a marathon) hasn’t helped. There’s that great Black Lagoon/Roanapur feel again with the four heads actually meeting, so all we can do is pray that the big bad of this arc isn’t some contrived rape survivor again… (not that I remember Black Lagoon having any of those)

Btooom! 5

Himiko’s voice actress sounds like she hasn’t slept for three days and just wants to get this over with so that she can go home. People don’t shout like that, OK.

Imagine what the English dub would sound like.

P.S. ‘rape’ doesn’t count as character development sorry

P.P.S. no she just said ‘get away from me’ in japanese mr. yuu kenot sbeek so shud ab

P.P.P.S. sena, blonde, boobs, etc.

Btooom! 4

since himiko’s not in this episode have an obligatory half-naked guy

how do these people procreate

p.s. fourteen-year-olds aren’t that short, though some may be that smart and psychotic

p.p.s. i was wondering if they would wear the same clothes forever, but the kits all have different things – sunscreen, flashlights, pots (for instant noodles), extra shirts, etc. maybe there’ll be big kits with water purifiers, fishing rods, and matches, or kits with y’know REPLACEMENT BIMs

p.p.p.s. four months in the future: everybody runs out of BIMs, guy with survival knife wins because nobody else has anything sharp

A Rollercoaster of Emotions: Why I Watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

This was originally going to be something of an extended first impression, since I felt the series deserved a little more than the little blurb I wrote in our Fall Season Impressions Post. Alas, this post turned out to be rather short itself. At least it won’t take much of your time?


O-NEG 16: Frog Fractions

Frog Fractions. (Not to be confused with Fraction Frog.) It’s an edutainment game by Berkeley indie game developer Twinbeard Studios (that is to say, Jim Crawford), released on October 24th, 2012.

I thought the dragon was an alligator in the cover art...

Even Santorum says it’s educational!»

2012 Autumn Anime First Impressions

Hi everybody. This First Impressions post is ordered alphabetically. My excuse for the quality of our product is that we weren’t prepared and GOD, IT HAS ALREADY STARTED

kamisama has already started

God has already started!»

Btooom! 3

Presented without comment.

Not sure how sonar/radar works when you’re in a dense jungle… do radio waves go through trees?

The post after the first post that I made about that thing:Now with 75% more busting!

So…the second episode of “Little Busters” came out some days ago…and…yeah.Pretty rad! Everyone is happy! There is no more suffering in the world!…and they lived happily ever after and had 30 0000000000000000 babies… THE END!

[Insert a random screenshot from LB ep 2. here]

Now you see, the whole episode is unique in its own way.Before I watched it I thought that I was going to be disappointed a lot.Little did I knew that something truly amazing was awaiting!

By the time I got up from bed,[Around 6.30 AM]I was already hearing the sound of my Landlord’s radio.He was preparing to go to work and thus, I was not in a position to go to take a shower.I turned on my laptop while still wearing only my pants, I opened the fridge, which was almost empty.There was some milk there, so I decided to drink it as the LB ep. 2 was downloading.Alas,I was a but clumsy and I managed to spill 23% of it on my pants. ::No panic at all from my side!::

It was ok.My pants were already stained from piss and semen so I didn’t cared at all.All I cared about was the episode. “Please be a good episode”- I said.My taste in anime is really delicate and I didn’t wanted to ruin my day by watching stuff that I wouldn’t enjoy.And yet, for some reason I decided to give LB a second chance.I took a look around my room-so many empty bottles and cans! I am so lazy…They’ll probably remain here until the day I leave and never come back.Such a strange fate…and yet, they are just bottles and cans.

[Insert a random screenshot from LB ep 2. here]

100% downloaded.Crappy subs, low quality and whatnot.Meh.Nothing new…I started watching it.Nothing special.Nothing interesting.Same thing as ever.The girls in anime are so pretty and nice.I’ll never find girl like that in real life.Life sucks so much.When I die people won’t care at all.People never care about someone when he dies.Why would they? A dead person is nothing more that what it is.

Stupid LB ep. 2…The characters do a lot of things which seem lame to me.Yet, I’ve never done anything like it when I was younger.When I was in high school I used to be alone all the time.I didn’t like being with other people.That’s why I created my own imaginary friend.He was colorful, chubby and used to eat a lot of rice.He was a good friend.We liked to laugh at people, animals and flowers.Life was so simple back then…

Then one day he was kidnapped.There, in a dark room of an old building located outside my home town, he was choked to death while being brutally raped.

If my friends are going to die and bring me sorrow that way, then what’s the point of having friends?

[Insert a random screenshot from LB ep 2. here]

But I did managed to finish the episode.It was a good episode.I changed my pants.I went outside to get a breakfast.Ahhh…it was raining.Such a good day.

Looking forward to episode 3 of “Little Busters”!

Pointlessly Stupid Anime Translations: A Hadena Test

This afternoon, az and I both took the PSAT (Practice SAT? Preparatory SAT? Puerile SAT? Pregnant SAT?) test. That is not a manifestation of RAS syndrome, because SAT doesn’t stand for ‘Scholastic Aptitude Test’. It’s just… SAT. I took the test because it’s mandatory for everyone in my class; az took the test because he’s weird.

It was only after the final Writing Skills section that I realized just how Dark_Sage manages to critique fansubs so well. There was no other conceivable explanation: Dark_Sage must be a disgruntled SAT tutor for spoiled rich brats. Unable to suppress his inner rage at their stupidity, Dark_Sage sought catharsis through a more respectable medium: fansub reviews.

Why? Well, let’s just reproduce some sample PSAT questions, Hadena style. I won’t take screenshots because I want to retain my brain cells until after my socials presentation, so instead, let’s analyze the comments of arashi0 and his team (who are truly “in [their] own world”) on their own website, over the past three months.

I realize that the quality of their comments are substandard to the ‘quality’ of their much-edited script, and so I have omitted both sentences without proper capitalization/punctuation and sentences written facetiously. (Ridiculing others’ comments would be unreasonably offensive, especially to those attempting to learn English. As demonstrated in numerous schools, derogatory remarks generally hinder students’ linguistic development. Then again, so does Hadena…)

In short: a test. Answers at the bottom. Record your answers somewhere so you can compare your answers with mine. Post my test-creating mistakes as comments. There are probably mistakes. They are not intentional.

Puerile Subtitles Are Teeming»