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Heroes of Gaia

Oh darn it, Heroes of Gaia has badges, meaning that I will obviously have to grind them once again (life drain life drain)… gonna conduct a R.A.N.D.O.M. tomorrow…

…Anyways, links…


^ hubble 3D is out in theatres…! woohoo…! (that’s the space telescope I’m talking about)


^ Japan is aging; these are some things that are redeveloping to suit the needs of the… old people.


^ The joy of unfollowing people; in real life…

…that’s all, g’night…

Maplestory Nolstagia

Too cute to resist now~

…After browsing through my small sheet music collection, I stumbled upon some of my old MS songs, so I decided to play them…

…After playing through them all, I realized that I should look into going back into MS now…

..It’s been something like, 3, 4 years since I last touched that game; I have no idea how it’s like now, though hopefully they aren’t putting that much stress on the cash shop as they used to…

…So, if any of you are playing MS, add me, I’ll make an account and maybe get back to it…

…However, I will quit if it sucks as it did before. :/

…Anyways, links…

^ A collection of… real-life pokemon..! :D
^ How peering is changing the shape of the internet; just a snippet from a NYtimes article, search around for that article if you want…!
^ …Some person makes really, really humourous… statements… in response to questioning….
^ …New google development, google reader play…! Haven’t tried it, but hopefully it’s better than Buzz… -_-
^ ..downloadable content for Modern Warfare 2 is going to be released soon…!
^ A person’s solution for creating easy to transition translations for games…!
^ …Talking about Youtube Partners…. old article, but interesting topic; it’s like freelance coding (well, almost exactly the same, really)…

^ ..Same topic as above, I guess…

…That’s all for today; will touch up on the site design… LATER. XP


HAHAHAHA, first off, someone actually got to my site through google! Search “acronym O_O tweet” and I think I’m the… 5th result..? Anyways, when you try it, it might not work; google changes too often and stuff.

Anyways, yes, I have downloaded Mabinogi! …Unfortunately, since #SuicideSaturday is coming up and the weekend + Monday is with it, I won’t be able to play until Tuesday. Also, as I still don’t know which server is better (groups of people keep on telling me to go to another server). The choices I have right now are Alexina (which I’m currently on) and Ruairi (which I can make a new char on)… Just email, tweet, shout, or comment on what server you’re on if you’re playing.

Oh, and it happens that I had a Nexon ID (Mushyrulez), however, I lost the password to it.. so I made a new account and is now Mushz :D (this is why you don’t quit Maplestory and the such for 3 years without changing your password to a current one)…

Also, it seems that there’s already a http://onewdesign.com/; I had no idea of this, when I searched Onew on google, a year ago, all I got was this Korean singer guy or something. BUT THEMMIT WE ARE GOING TO PWN THEM SO THAT THIS BLOG WILL BE TEH ONLY ENTRY AND THEN THAT SITE CAN LIEK BECOME A SPAM SITE AND STUFF [/rant]

Alright, links for today (and yesterday):


^ people hate people who hate pluto; hate mail from… young people XP


^ Oh yay, capitalism. Basically, how to get more revenue in social games. You can read the link -_-


^ Hmm… ePad.

Yeah, not many links at all; sorry folks D:


^ just to make myself feel awesomer, CANADa HAZ THE MoST GOlD AND 3RD MOST OVERaLL TAKE ThAT OTHER COUNtRIES >:D