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Alright, this is obviously an O-NEG, (hourai) but for the first time, it will be on a PLATFORM GAME!


If you haven’t played this game, AND you own a  PS3, you’re like, a failure in life. If you haven’t played the rest of the Metal Gear series (like me =/), then you should at least play this one. Metal Gear Solid 4 follows the franchise’s signature style, stealth mah friend, stealth.

Er...well...I guess it's stealthy?

Anyways, you sneak around, dispatching enemies with CQC, (Close Quarter Combat), thus enabling you to strangle them, knife their throat, or use them as a MEATSHIELD!!!

heh heh...gotcha sucka

Snake now has an extremely updated arsenal. Because it’s the year 2014, he now has things such as the Solid Eye, which enables him the RADAR AND NIGHT VISION. In addition, he has the Metal Gear Mk. II, a scout machine he can control with…a PS3 controller?

[insert Mk.II pic]

The objective of the game is obviously, not to be caught. However, unlike all of the previous games, you can ACTUALLY SHOOT AND HIT PROPERLY! (OMG RLY?) In Metal Gear Solid 1, the only thing Snake was capable of was a double punch and a roundhouse kick. That’s it. In Metal Gear Solid 2, you’re updated with the fact that you can strangle people. In Metal Gear Solid 3, nothing new. For all of those games, you can only shoot standing still. Thus, you’re pathetic. However, in Metal Gear Solid 4, ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS ARE FIXED TAKE THAT WORLD!

The reason Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of the top games ever made (10/10 on IGN and Gamespot WOO) is because it’s just so free and perfect. Unlike the previous games, you DON’T HAVE to be sneaky and stealthy and stuff. You can be a complete idiot (and badass) and just walk around shooting everyone you see (not recommended though =/) That type of mode is generally used by N00BZ who can’t play stealthy, so I recommend you still play stealthy if you want the full experience. Then again, the shooting components of the game are completely refined, and they’ll feel as smooth as any other shooter you’ve played before.


In addition, there is not a single glitch in Metal Gear Solid 4. Seriously. I’ve played the entire game around 8 times through (that sums up to approximately 48 hours or so of play time) and I have not ever met a single glitch. I’m serious. There is absolutely not a single glitch. Yes, even the usual “my gun is disappearing through a wall WTF” IS GONE!

The great thing about Metal Gear Solid 4 is that Hideo Kojima has a really good sense of humor. For example, there’s this time when Otacon calls in, telling you to switch the disc. Then, he remembers and goes “Oh! We’re on the PS3! It’s a Blu-Ray disc, so we don’t need to switch discs!” (The previous Metal Gear Solid games were so big in capacity that they needed more than one disc :P)


A summarization of each chapter:

Act 1: You’re in like Afganistan or something, and you try to kill Liquid Snake, another old guy. On the way, you meet these bipedal huge war machines named Gekko.

LOL ur screwed

Then, you walk around and you meet this squadron called RAT PATROL 01, and then you kill a bunch of woman soldiers. (Don’t take it the wrong way :P) Then, you find Liquid, get a seizure, and watch him pathetically run away like a sissy girl.

Act 2: You go to South America, sneak around, and eventually fight this octopus woman.


Then, you are unable to find Liquid, jump into a armored vehicle and gun down some MOAR gekko, then get introduced to a bad-ass fight between Raiden, a cyborg ninja (good), and Vamp, an immortal vampire. (bad)


Act 4: You are back at Shadow Moses Island, a island in Alaska used to develop nuclear warheads or something like that. Then, you kill Crying Wolf, a sniper, kill Vamp, and then you board Metal Gear Rex to fight Metal Gear Ray, both amazingly large war machines, kinda like walking tanks with LAZORS.



Overall, Metal Gear Solid 4 is ossum, and so if you have a PS3, get it.


E3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the best thing that’s happened recently, unless you count the fact that Mushy and I are going to start to anipost on the summer season of anime.

Anyways, the gamers at E3 showed us some pretty neat stuff. I own a Playstation 3, so I didn’t really pay any attention to Halo Reach. Hey, don’t hate. Halo Reach must be good. Anyways, I focused pretty much on Guerilla and Hideo Kojima, and a little of Gran Turismo 5, since I need at least one good racing game.  Oh yeah, and I glanced at the Playstaion Move, since it looked…well…like a black stick with a ball on top.

^What can I say? What? It’s just a black stick with a colourful ball on top. >_> (No pun intended. Seriously. No pun intended)

Unfortunately, the Metal Gear Solid Rising trailer didn’t offer as much as I had hoped for. Then again, they’re working on Peace Walker right now, so you can’t really blame them. The great thing is Xbox people can taste how badass Metal Gear Solid is, because its coming out on Xbox too.


OMG Raiden’s so badass…it’s interesting how much his…er…”badassness” evolves throughout the series. In MGS2, he’s pathetic. In MGS4, he’s a badass cyborg ninja that kicks frigging ass. Now in this one, he’s the protagonist, and he’s badass. He’s so badass that Hideo Kojima decided to switch from “Tactical Espionage Action” to “Lightning Bolt Action”, obviously because Raiden means lightning in Japanese or something.

For Guerilla, they showcased the future of Sergeant Sevchenko and his sidekick person, Rico. (No it’s not another Ratchet and Clank. >_> That game fails in my opinion) Alright, so because they killed Scolar Visari, they gained EXP, and is now able to use Close Quarter Combat. It’s so effing awesome, because it’s the first time you get to actually do something besides whack the enemy with the frigging butt of your gun. >_> Anyways, you can follow-up attack (SUPA COMBO) and finish him however bloodly you like. You can break their neck (classical), Falcon Punch (OH YEAH!), kick him off the side of a building (FALCON KICK!), and if you’re good enough, jump on top of them and stab a knife through their knife and twist it through their brain (oolala).  Obviously, this is a pretty good game. Hopefully, Guerilla has fixed those annoying glitchs in when you hit a checkpoint, you freeze and it breaks the mood.



A lot of people are gonna go “Oh, what about Kinect? It’s like the best thing in the world.” Kinect doesn’t make much sense. First of all, you can’t play shooters, because you don’t have a controller. (Unless they can track movement as small as a finger…no that’s impossible) And if they do introduce a controller, then what was the point of saying “NO CONTROLLERS”??? What no controller means is that you’re stuck with playing games that aren’t as hardcore as you would like. However, I admit, I would love to test out what I’ve learned in Martial Arts on that stupid dummy in that fighting game. Kick his stupid faic and his voice that goes “Sooooooo, back for more already?” like a stereotypical bad Asian kung fu warlord. >_>

For Gran Turismo 5, it looks pretty badass for a racing game, but all racing games look the same pretty much. But whatever. I’m prioritizing Killzone 3 above anything, so meh.

Anyways, good for those E3 game producers, and I’ll churn out a review as soon as I get my hands on a good game. (Though I’ll do a review on Killzone 2 first, even though it’s old. But hey, Killzone 3’s coming out, so I might as well refresh your memories. Same applies for Metal Gear Solid 4. ITS FRIGGING AWESOME THE GAME ALONE IS A REASON TO GET A PLAYSTATION 3 GET IT NAOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ)