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Monochrome Pictures: Series 2.1

One, this is only one picture.

Two, it’s not monochrome. But grey would be a poor choice for the lines D:

Monochrome Pictures: Series 2


“Return of the freaking evil bamboo forest, Take 1”

“21345414667 grazes and 1 point later”

“Not the unbeatable spellcard! NOOOOO”

Note: It’s not usually that big >.>

“Er… Should I pick Yes… or Yes…? WHERES MAH KCUFING NO BUTTON”

HELL-O: (Hourai’s Evil List of Lethargy on O-New) Awesome Weapons in Games Part 1

Because I like making up abbreviations, this is a “HELL-O”. I was thinking “HELL”, but this, and possible other installments may not fully pertain to elements of Subterranean Animism or Phantasmagoria of Flower View or [Big Word] of  the [Obscure Adjective], etc.

As mentioned in the title that happens to be in font upwards of twice the size of this font, this HELL-O is about Awesome Weaponry. By the way, this is a top ten. Awesomeness is not necessarily judged by destructive power. Also, as I have not played every game in existence, there will be better weapons. Also, I am aware that people will not agree with me on all counts.

Number 10: The Rock-It Launcher (Fallout 3; PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

What: The Rock-It Launcher is not a rocket launcher. It is a miscellaneous-junk-that-is-otherwise-useless launcher. The RIL can be loaded with any items in the “Miscellaneous” category of your inventory. Items shot can be picked up, and will arc.

How: Various schematics (four or five of them) for this awesome weapon can be found throughout Washington, D.C. You can buy one of these schematics from Moira Brown in Megaton, although it might cost you a fair amount of caps. You can do this even if you blow up Megaton, because Moira Brown will STILL BE ALIVE, although she’ll be a ghoul.

Why: The creativity of this weapon is above and beyond. It also provides the developer with an excuse to create the ability to pick up random crap and SHOOT IT AT A FOREIGN HEAD IN VATS. For awesomeness, I personally think that death by high-speed teddy bear would really suck, because those hurt. Or plunger. Or garden gnome… I was personally thinking of shooting one of those conductors, or maybe those pilot lights…

Number ⑨: Last Word Spell Cards (Touhou Project 8: Imperishable Night [Touhou Eiyashou]; PC)

What: Danmakudanmakudanmakudanmakudanmakudanmaku. Times THREE HUNDRED OR MORE. One-hit KO danmaku! OH YEAH! Aside from that, Last Word spell cards can only be played in Spell Practice mode. There is a spellcard for each character (includes Ex-Keine).

How: Unlockable by completing certain criteria. Only 5-6 are easy to unlock, and none of them are too easy at all to dodge.

Why: I can’t beat any of the 4 that I’ve unlocked: Unseasonal Bug Storm (Wriggle), Blind Nightbird (Mystia), Emperor of the East (Keine), and Lunatic Red Eyes (Reisen). Mostly because I suck.

I’ll present number 8 and 7 in Part 2.

An Organizational Voyage 11

…Yeah, who even cares about this anymore.

Anyways, as I still have not enough content (going to watch Episode 1 of Black Lagoon after posting this and browsing through forums though 8D), here’s just a list of what I want to do in summer.

As listing out everything would be too tedious, I’m just going to concentrate on ⑨ things, and rebump them when finished.

1. Work on a flash game. Attempt to finish it. (Obviously fail in the attempt).

2. Get to level 50 in Maplestory from level 0 by the 13th of July. I was going to attempt this, but… I’ve decided to quit, as it’s pretty pointless now. So instead of this, I’m going to finish Imperishable Night on Easy Mode for all 12 combinations starting with one life in both Final A and B. Why so much? Because I still suck too much to try normal mode. Or easy mode on any other game. >:O

3. Archive all files that need to be archived. Backup files. BACKUP THOSE FREAKING BOOKMARKS

4. Reorganize the blog. As you know, it looks sorta bare now, so I’ll probably just change the font type and call it “reorganized”.

5. Learn shorthand. Parents have been nagging at me to “write better”, so… shorthand. 8D

6. Have a decent understanding of Japanese and French. There are mandatory languages in high school, so I want to get ahead of them so that I can learn more.

7. Learn to draw stuff. I can’t draw stuff. I need to learn to draw stuff.

8. Remap keyboard to Dvorak layout. And then learn to type. Dvorak should be somewhat faster than QWERTY, and speed is all I care about so… yeah.

⑨. Be Cirno. …No.

And thus concludes a meaningless post that none of you had to read.


O-NEG 6: Touhou 8: Touhou Eiyashou / Imperishable Night


[Wait, that looks like “one gone gone gone gone gone gone gone goneg…”]

[MUSHYHIJACK: Cause when you start playing this game you know you’re gone gone gone gone gone… to hell (that well off the coast of Finland)]

So, as mushy and darkflareknight (should cough should *expectantlookhere*) know, the Touhou series revolves around a series of characters who shoot stuff and stuff that is shooting at them, which is why they are shooting at the things that are firing (“What? They’ll kill me if I don’t kill them!”). Due to the fact that you have no health bar, you get OHKO’d upon coming in contact with enemy glowy-orbs (read: “Danmaku”, meaning “bullet hell” or “curtain fire” or “HOLY CHRIZZZZ…IZZLE…-O…-IO…-EIEIO…-” etc.

(Houraiguy takes a break here as he goes off to play Frantic 1, (http://www.kongregate.com/games/polymerrabbit/frantic) testing his skills in a hopeless endeavor to acquire an impossible badge. Status: Got hit on the FIRST STAGE. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU… but I finished Ep. 1 Frantic 2 on Frantic mode)

In Imperishable Night, you are tasked with discovering who committed THE UNPRECEDENTED SERIOUS AFFAIR in this game; namely that SOMEONE has done SOMETHING (Note: This happens for every single Touhou game, but only Imperishable Night does the following), which in this case is that AN UNKNOWN PERSON has DONE SOMETHING to the MOON, e.g. replace it with something false, e.g. a fake moon, on a certain day, e.g. the eve of a festival, e.g. a moon-viewing festival, which might affect it in some way,  e.g. make there not be a festival, and so on.

On the path to the place where the person who committed the USA, there is one (1) firefly (weak), one (1) night sparrow (eaten), one (1) teacher (regular), one (1) shrine maiden OR one (1) robber/magician/witch, followed by one (1) moon rabbit (suppos-), and either one (1) genius OR one (1) …person WHO COMMITTED THE USA in co-ordination with the genius and the supp…, er, rabbit.

Basically, you shoot people down while not getting  hit by the things the people you are shooting are shooting at you. This is pretty fun.

After completing the “Start” mode on any difficulty with no continues, the …person asks you to assassinate their rival, which you go and do (this mode is called “Extra Start”). Actually, you try and do it, but fail epicly in most examples. Before reaching the assassination target, who is immortal (something the equally immortal …person neglected to tell you), you have to beat the teacher AGAIN, except the teacher is more evil and is a were-something, and is stronger due to the fact that you replaced the real full moon in “Start” mode, so you beat down the teacher and meet the immortal, who fries you to a crisp in about 1 minute to 10 minutes, depending on how many bombs you have and how good you are at evading danmaku. Case in point:

That's one of the easy ones.

That’s one of the easy ones.


Gameplay: If you don’t suck, it’s pretty fun: 87/100

Graphics: Pretty good, nice effects. 93/100

Sound: Touhou music is the best music, hands down. SFX are also good. 100/100

Plotline: Just up there with the Mario games; sucks. -/100

Overall, it’s not bad to get: 92/100. At the very least, listen to Immortal Smoke.

And: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Nb5Ohbt1Sg: Extra stage actually finished.