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「永夜返し -子の二つ-」

“End of Imperishable Night -Half to Midnight-”

Oh mang, a bunch of mangoes have manga and man I’ve got mangoes. In my lunch-brunch-breakfast.

I meant deer»

「永夜返し -待宵-」

“End of Imperishable Night -Paschal Moon-”

Ah, the Paschal Moon. It’s still a full moon right now, isn’t it? Just like it was before.

An invisible full moon.

This is (hopefully) the last instalment of this series for some time, while I get the posts actually organized. For that matter, I’ve arranged a list of all the dates posts were missed, and that I should post on, along with links to the finished posts. This way, you can quickly read over the posts that I will be publishing, later.

Friday, November 26th: Shiki Half Season Review 2
Monday, November 29th:
Thursday, December 2nd
Friday, December 3rd: Shiki Half Season Review 3
Saturday, December 4th: SWOT 18
Monday, December 6th:
Tuesday, December 7th:
Thursday, December 9th: Donten Prism Solar Car 3
Saturday, December 11th:
Wednesday, December 15th: SWOT 19
Friday, December 17th:
Saturday, December 18th: Donten Prism Solar Car 4
Thursday, December 30th: 2010 Winter Anime
Friday, December 31st: Angel Beats! Another Epilogue [Completed]
Sunday, January 2nd:
Monday, January 3rd:

Heh, I think I’m getting better at this ‘Rewrite History’ thing then Keine :v

「永夜返し -上つ弓張-」

(from Earth and Space Science)

“End of Imperishable Night -1st Quarter’s Moon-”

I don’t even understand how it’s possible to dodge spellcards like these. Just dumb luck? Or the big bubble’s hitbox being outrageously small? Whatever, I won’t even get around to this card for quite some time :P

And wait a minute. Why does even the phase of the moon change? Is the protagonists’ night that long? Or Kaguya’s just all ‘Fuck physics, I put big fake moon in sky and colour it red for communism’?

More questions, less answers»

「永夜返し -三日月-」

“End of Imperishable Night -Crescent Moon-”

Too lazy for image, and too lazy for words.

My weeaboo (like, seriously, weeaboo, derogatorily) friend recognized a song playing over the PA during the announcements – it was a Vocaloid tune.

I didn’t even recognize it

My self-esteem


(Obviously, he doesn’t know I know about weird Japanese weirdnesses, because I refuse to divulge such details to people who say: “Do you watch anime?” Me: “…No.” Friend: “Aw, that means you don’t know what Vocaloid is. Dee equals. Meku Hat-sun is totally for the win ro-full-copter.”)

Post scriptum: Wait, what? Having a ‘copter that rolls on the floor laughing is so contradict-oh, I get it.

「永夜返し -初月-」

“End of Imperishable Night -New Moon-”
(link on image, NSFW ads)

In an attempt to get my thoughts and ideas organized, I shall continue my (apparently completed :v) Organizational Voyage with a new Series, the “End of Imperishable Night” (永夜返し).

The Imperishable Night should end this September, or in about nine months. I’ll keep the updates coming along pretty quickly for now, but it should settle down once things get… y’know, settled down.

Keep on stalking my life»