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Death Note-Native Faith Re-subbed: An Insane Commentary

YouTube – Death Note- Native Faith Re-Subbed

Above is the link to the video of this.

Lyrics (or something) in normal type, notes in italics.

Notes: First of all, Native Faith is an AWESOME SONG.

Second of all, Native Faith has no lyrics. These subtitles are already on the video, and are not accurate translations of the scene. In other words, THEY ARE FAKE. And they are funny. Also, read this post before listening to/watching the video.

Thirdly, and lastly, this scene is from (I think) the Death Note anime series, in the final confrontation between Near and Light.

“>:(” symbolizes a line said angrily.

~~~Video Start!~~~

0:00 Light: You are an idiot! Now stop! (Pic 1.) Light begins shouting in tune with the musical chords. Here the music starts.

0:12 Matsuda: What did I do? The scene at this point suggests “You BLEEP” rather than this line. Matsuda looks pissed. A set of repeated frames of Light getting shot with blood squirting out of him ensues. Light stumbles backwards a lot to the tune while being shot by Matsuda, who is wielding a revolver. A comment notes that “Light thought his Hitbox would be smaller ^^” (Sculvide). Another comment notes “Light should go to RPGs, since he has infinite HP apparently” (bast963).

0:18 M: hesitant Epic win? Matsuda is staring at his hands.

0:19 L: “>:(” Matsuda, you’re not epic at all! I think Matsuda is an epic-er name than Light, actually.

0:21 L: “>:(” You’re dumb~Then why the heck is he the one with the revolver?!?

0:22 L: and retarded!

0:25 L: Show them Matsuda, how I’m the smart one~

0:27 L: by singing along to my insane (Here, the Japanese words in the background go something like “Soak soak soak” as a scene of a pissed Light shouting replays for each “soak” >.>) random song! Random: Check. Insane: Check. Singing… No. How is singing gonna do anything? Words followed up by more random gunshots from Matsuda. The bullets sound like tranquilizer darts making “tchoonoises, btw.

0:33 L: (Right before this, Light says something in Japanese that sounds like “NOOOO”) Matsuda, why aren’t you singing!?! Keep not singing, Matsuda.

0:36 L: I just want to make this video really appealing~ Wait, what? You’re making a video!?!? How can this be possib- Naw, must be another one of his “just as planneds”.While we’re add it, add some more danmaku in the video, and put some of the Moon and some of Hell and the Netherworld and Higanbana fields

0:39 L: So, so, sing the song, before I get mad! (Each “so” has more of the shouting face clip) Jeez, why does this sound LIKE BLACKMAIL

0:41 M: I don’t care… (holding revolver tensely) Woot Apathy. Go shoot him like three bazillion more times, and start now, ’cause it takes that many shots to take him out.

0:42 “*Unnecessary Insanity*” Basically Light getting shot many, many times, then Light doing a manic laugh many, many times, then more shooting, and then laughing… until he somehow falls on what looks like this huge water balloon, popping it. HAHAHAHAHAHA MATSUDA YOU ARE UNDER MY CONTROL: FINISH LIGHT OFF AND GET ME SOME COOKIES

0:52 L: What, the heck? I just need more time! You’ll just spend it procrastinating

0:56 L: So stop shooting me, and let me sing!

0:59 M: Why should I? (<- surprised face. Sounds more like “Light-kun!”)

1:00 L: Matsuda, you don’t need to understand~ I just need to sing… Need or want? Do you even know the difference?!? Here; Yuyuko WANTS YGFC (Yuyuko’s Gensokyo Fried Chicken: 100% Mystia), while Yuyuko… er… NEEDS YGFC. (…)

1:03 “*Matsuda sings*” Basically some clips of the camera quickly zooming in on Matsuda’s face while he holds the revolver. Weird high-pitched noises. Light gets shot (once).

1:06 L: Okay, seriously! (These are the same Japanese words that are heard when he says “You are an idiot! Now stop!” Also, the first word is baka. It sounds like “BAKAAARAIYOHHHHH“.)

1:08 M: What? whowhatwherewhenhow?whatisthisIdon’teven

1:09 L: Just shut up! (Light throws his arms up as a gesture. The Japanese words here are “BAKAAARAIYOHHHHH”.)

1:12 M: You think you’re so good at singing,~but you’re not! (Matsuda is speaking in a demented voice, reminds you of Gollum/Smeagol. Looks evil, sounds evil, hands are trembling, etc.) Matsuda has a point here :T

1:14 More singing. Light gets shot

1:18 L: Mikami, help me, I need to make a duet! (Light is on the floor, bleeding. He sounds like he’s dying. Good riddance?) NOOOOOO NOT MORE INHUMAN SCREECHING (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHqWmohdP18)

1:23 Mikami: As you wish Master!

1:25 L: Near, it’s my win. (Light sounds calm.) NIMW makes a good abbreviation. NIMWIT is better, though (Near, It’s My Win, Ignorant Toyperson)

1:26 “*Commits suicide*” It seems to be Light, but Light isn’t dead yet. The only explanation is that he drank some Hourai Elixir, which would explain why he’s survived upwards of 35 shots to his chest now… The figure “committing suicide” is screaming and leaking a lot of blood :/

1:28 L: You stupid retard! (Some more “BAKAAARAIYOHHHHH“)

1:29 L: I’m confused! (?_?)

1:30 Mi: No need for that to happen Master! He’s writing in a notebook, presumably the DARTH NOTE. ImeanDeathNoteofcourseIdohehehehehdon’tkillmenowfanboys

1:32 L: Near, it’s my win…

1:34 Mi: Just revive yourself Mikami! (??????????>_<??????????)

1:36 L: …What the?… (A hand, most likely Ryuk’s, writes a name in a blank page.)

1:38 L: You! YOU JUST WROTE “NOOB”! (“BAKAAARAIYOHHHHH” returns. Light looks startled.) HAHAHAHAHA YOU BE A NOOB >:D Also, this is the funniest phrase in the video :D

1:40 Light is on the floor. He’s spazzing and rolling over it. He also sound like a dying donkey. That fits. Then more shooting.

1:52 L: Crap! (It sounds more like “NOOOO”)

1:53 L: I’m so startled… [noone] will sing! (Light is on the ground)

1:56 ?: This is all stupid, I just need some time to write…

2:00 L: Impossible! Don’t you understand what this means to me?!!? (Angry faic is the Light.)

2:05 L: Maybe… I can survive!~ This line, with the next line, is more or less actually one phrase, but is so awesome that it needs two lines, get ready!

2:08 L: By going EXTREME!!! wewtz

2:11 L: Near, it’s impossible for you to understand what I’m singing… (Light sounds calm)

2:16 L: What the crap?!@!

2:18 “*headbang*” Light headbangs his head against a wall. ‘Nuff said. Third funniest part, after the EXTREME part. I like the nice sounds made by the wall.

2:23 Near: Hmph, something I’d expect from an oaf. What next? Exactly.

2:29 L: You are such a traitor!

2:32 Shuichi Aizawa: You donkey… stop kicking your legs like that…

2:37 M: NO! (A new season of Matsuda Sings returns, now on @ 9:00) More shooting. GAH

2:43 L: Matsuda, you are such a…~Light falls on the water balloon again.

2:43 L: …whatever…

2:46 M: I guess I’ll have to end it here! (Mad face.) LIGHT FINALLY DIES AT 2:50 AFTER AT LEAST 45 SHOTS

So… yeah. An awesome song, with nice animations, with a good anime, and very funny subtitles means epic W.I.N.