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CANADA DAY and Flare’s Birthday

Hey everybody. Guess what day it is.

THAT’S RIGHT, it’s CANADA DAY, the 145th ANNIVERSARY of the DAY that CANADA became a country under the British Empire! It also happens to be several months after the 30th ANNIVERSARY of the DAY that CANADA didn’t have to ask the British Parliament every single time we wanted to change the constitution! OK, I admit, the latter sounds less impressive but until then Canada wasn’t really a sovereign state! Now, we still sorta belong to the Commonwealth but we can do whatever we want!

Similarly, O-New can do whatever we want as well: except we CAN’T because only I can do whatever I want, and I’m an egotistical bastard that won’t let you guys do whatever you want.

As recompense, let’s all wish Flare a not-too-sad birthday in his little country of Bulgaria while the rest of CANADA celebrates and drinks maple syrup by the gallon.

P.S. It’s actually not his birthday in Canada yet. Bulgaria is just ahead of Canada in time, but you know what they say, the slower the country, the faster the… uh… I don’t know what they say.

BUT WAIT! That’s not all! Did you expect this post to only be about CANADA DAY and Flare’s Birthday? No! It’s about something else that also rhymes with day: O-New’s posting schedule…ay. Schedulay. Schedulé?

Since it is now officially SUMMER VACATION (because, Spanish shock, it’s JULY THE FIRST!!!)… O-New will be blogging…


We’ll be blogging two posts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and one post on every other day. Why? Because we have so much crap to say (and so many more people to say it)! Why? Because we want to lose subscribers who don’t want to see so much crap in their mailbox. Why? Because we posted twice a day last last summer and that was a great fiasco! Why? I… don’t know…

P.P.S. It’s actually summer vacation in Canada already. Canada is just ahead of summer in time, but you know what they say, summer vacation’s only as long as you want it to be. Uh… that’s not what they say.

Another Birthday

No, this isn’t a post on Another anime. I haven’t watched Another anime. I haven’t watched any anime this season but Mouretsu Pirates, and I hadn’t watched any anime last season but Mouretsu Pirates and Black★Rock Shooter (TV). Yeah. Gotta work on my priorities a bit.

But for now, here’s a post celebrating me inching one year closer to my inevitable death. Congratulations, I’m now older than 26.3% of the world’s population and 18.2% of Canada’s population.

I know that I’ve never shown my face online before, but just this once, I’ll show you guys what I look like in real life:

Yes, I am black. Yes, I am naked. Yes, this is the only post for today because I’m an egotistical bastard. Yes, you can look at yesterday’s post which actually contains three new posts (in links) for you to read. Yes, I’m going to sleep.

P.S. No, I’m not black.

2012 Spring Anime Preview

(Heya, take a look at this STEINS;GATE BOUKAN NO REBELLION 9 POST! I’m only advertising this on this post because I know this post is going to get the most hits, considering the time we poured into the making of it.)

Alright, I’m sure you’ve all been looking forward to this.

Hello, fans of O-New.

We’re here with your 2012 Spring Anime Preview.

I’m not even joking»

O-ASG 1: Mouretsu Pirates 8

[IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! ZUN GOT MARRIED! HALF A YEAR AGO! (EDIT: Fine, engaged, whatever). moral of the story: beer + making games where you control little girls shooting other little girls = marriage]

What does O-ASG mean, you ask?

YOU DON’T ASK! You comment. Nobody comments. So nobody asks.

O-ASG is an Organized Article of Supplementary Guides. Another possible abbreviation is ‘OrgASG’ or ‘RANDOMNES (oRgANizeD article Of suppleMeNtary guideS)’. Any relation to the Organization of Anti-Social Geniuses is purely coincidental, unintentional, and I was lying about that. There won’t be an images in this post, but there WILL BE LINKS. And it WILL BE A SHORT POST. So read on…

No dear, os

Viola-Tynes Day

Valentine’s Day? I don’t know such a thing! Everyone’s all like ‘Happy Violin-Tynes Day’, ‘Bro, you must be sad being forever alone but you deserve it because you spend your time writing articles about foreign cartoons instead of socializing’, ‘Hey M-m-m-mushy… I have something to say to you… I-I-I THINK YOU’RE A STUPID NERD AND YOU SHOULD DIE. THE END. P.S. GET A LIFE YOU LOSER.’ today and I really hate it all.

Why the well should we celebrate Violin-Tynes Day? Violins don’t even have tynes. Cellos have a tyne at the bottom to hold them in place. Violas have a tyne at the somewhere to sometimes the something. Violins don’t have any tynes at all.

Not only are violas warmer, fuller, richer, manlier, cuter, greater, and generally and specifically awesomer than violins in every aspect possible, but violins are less awesome than violas both generally and specifically in every possible respect.

Therefore, I hereby declare today ‘Viola-Tynes Day’. Not ‘Viola-Tyne’s Day’ (for today is not the Day the Viola-Tyne possesses), nor ‘Viola-Tynes’ Day’ (for today is not the Day the Viola-Tynes possess), but simply ‘Viola-Tynes Day’ – the Day of the Viola-Tynes.

And it’s not a happy day, either. >:|

Go wish @Bitzeralisis (yes, I know the link points to a Touhou RP account, deal with it) luck. He’s actually trying to do something Viola-Tynes related for Viola-Tynes Day. Not Violin-Tynes Day. Get it right, folks! Follow good examples! Don’t follow me! Except on Twitter! Actually, don’t follow me on Twitter either, all I do is shout and spoil and snake and slurp and [insert five-letter verbs beginning with an ‘s’ here].

P.S. don’t listen to flare he always lies like the flare he is. what a flare. i think he is a potato in reality and in the skies.

P.P.S. don’t look at the tags list they always lie like the tags they are. what tags. i think they are potatoes in reality and in the skies.

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

Though, not really. Even though I feel 20x better than I did yesterday after yesterday (a good night’s sleep always does the trick), it seems that the FUTURE OF ILLEGALLY DOWNLOADING ANIME is bleak.

What I’m trying to say is, my Bodacious Space Pirates post is finally finished. This matters because this post had no content, and I’m not going to be making a post for the next two days because I’m too busy being Chinese. Sorry about that.

tl;dr: Happy Chinese New Year!!

P.S. ‘i exclaimed, ‘i claim that two exclamation marks claim exclamations more exclaiming!!’,’ they claimed

P.P.S. Yes, I realize this is being published on Chinese New Year at 00:00 PST, instead of on Chinese New Year at 00:00 CST. Deal with it.

P.P.P.S. In searching for what China’s time zone’s acronym was (it’s CST, by the way – China Standard Time), I stumbled upon an odd fact – a small country in the Pacific, Samoa, changed its time zone just 22 (or is it 23?) days ago. How did they change it? It wasn’t Daylight Savings Time, or hopping over one time zone or anything like that. No; Samoa leapt right across the International Date Line, skipping December 30st, 2011 and going straight from December 29th into December 31st, and a day later becoming the first country in the entire world to experience the New Year, and all future New Years unless they decide to leap back across the Date Line again. Because they have leapt across the Date Line before; in July 4th, 1892, Samoans (including the Samoan girl who) leapt through time to the American side and celebrated Independence Day twice. But now, 119 years later, Samoan is back again on the same date as the Australians. This is relevant because this post is about the Chinese New Year, which the Samoans were the first to celebrate. However, because Samoa operates on Daylight Savings Time (while Tokelau, also in Samoa’s time zone, doesn’t), during the Southern winter, Samoa starts days one hour behind Tokelau. But since all New Years take place during the Southern summer, Samoans are the first to celebrate all New Years, along with Tokelauans. What I’m saying is, happy Chinese New Year!

P.P.P.P.S. In searching for what Samoa’s time zone was (it’s UTC+13:00 in the Southern winter and UTC+14:00 in the Southern summer, by the way), I stumbled upon an odd fact – a small country in the Pacific, Samoa, changed its driving direction just 2 (or is it 3?) years ago. How did they change it? They, uh just did; Samoa leapt right across the lanes, skipping the middle and going straight from the right side of the road into the left side on September 7th, 2009. This is not relevant to anything that is happening currently, may happen in the future, or has happened in the past, including the event itself.

Obligatory New Years Update

Alright, I’m still on vacation (if I were back home, I’d edit off this sentence, so you know that I’m still on vacation), but that doesn’t stop me from creating obligatory picture-less dull posts celebrating an arbitrary date that signifies it’s been a year since the last time this date came by, which was, surprisingly, exactly a year ago!

Read that post instead, it’s longer more colourful!

Anyways, because this is an obligatory update, I guess I’ll have to update you guys on how the date has been ‘upped’ from 2011 to 2012! HAHAHAHAHA THAT WAS A JOKE

But seriously, updates:

1. Horizon post not going to come out until I come back from vacation, obviously, as the episode wasn’t released when I went away.

2. NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION: to go to Anime Club more. Seriously, going to Anime Club is like smoking anti-weed – you know it’s good for you, but you just don’t want to go. Wait, it’s good for me…?

3. …I can’t think of anything else.

4. Apocalypse coming in twelve months and twenty-something-odd days! Hurrah!

5. Fall 2011 Mid-season review still not up because I’m still on episode 4 of every show this season…

6. Logically, you wouldn’t expect the Winter 2012 preview to be up either… which is why it’s not up. UNLIKE THE YEAR WHICH IS UP HAHAHAHAHAHA

7. Happy New Years, everybody~!