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A Filler Post 26

dammit im mad

p.s. notice: 26th filler post, posted july 26th

A Filler Post 25

We’re posting 10 times a week now, and the fourth post in this new schedule is…

…you guessed it, a filler post. Actually, no, you didn’t guess it because it says ‘A FILLER POST’ right up there in LARGE LETTERS. Letters of largeness -> Lol

Anyways, just to remind you guys that I Say Wednesdays is coming up tomorrow on, you guessed it, Wednesday. Actually, no, you didn’t guess it because it says ‘I Say Wednesdays’ right up there in BLUE. Blu -> BL

Did you know: the next post in the Czerny series is out, as a Musical Monday. Except, since we’re posting twice on Mondays, we’ve actually got TWO music posts for Monday, and the second ISN’T about silly ol’ Czerny; it’s about silly ol’ Hanon and his silly ol’ Frenchman ways. I mean, and his silly ‘lil exercises. S(illy) L(il) E(xercises) -> SLE -> silly

Finally, I really wish more people would comment on O-New. Unfortunately, saying that just makes me seem like I’m whining about not getting comments on posts that are AbsoluteShit255 (not saying that az’s posts are shit, but I’m going to use this AbsolutePun255 veeeeery often from now on). But I mean, shit comments on shit posts are entertaining as shit (pun intended), and thoughtful comments on shit posts make me feel warm and fuzzy inside at realizing how shitty I was a mere year ago. This does not mean I grew smarter; it simply means that I’m running out of shit to write.

tl;dr: just another shitty day at o-new

A Filler Post 24

Welp, I think I’ll be staying in bed suffering from sickness for the duration of tomorrow. So there’s no post.

BUT WAIT! We’ve got a SURPRISE waiting just for you!! And no, it’s not that O-New will have lost 50% of its new subscribers due to the declining quality of posts; it’s EVEN BETTER!!! Stay tuned…

A Filler Post 23

WAIT! It’s not really a filler post! In this filler post, I will talk about MANY THINGS.

1. I got accepted for the Pre-International Baccalaureate program, but I’m planning on refusing their offer, after many hours of careful thought. Obviously, my parents are opposed to this, but I am about 34% confident they’ll understand. The IB program’s a great idea with a horrible execution – although I haven’t witnessed it first-hand, second-hand accounts from both IB students, IB teachers, and IB graduates tell me that much of what they do in IB is homework for the sake of homework. The ultimate goal of the program is simple enough – to get into a world-renowned university – but as long as I can get a university degree, isn’t that fine?! I’m going to forge my OWN PATH forward and NOT RELY ON OTHERS in my quest to become a homeless person begging for food in the freezing Vancouver streets successful guy. I’M NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING ANYMO-wait mom, wait, don’t call my Socials teacher and ask him about my Socials mark, please!!

2. In French class, compulsive studier friend bemoans his 91%, second place in the class, wondering who could’ve snatched that elusive first place. Walking calmly to the mark list, I happen upon my name – 92.5%! Not bad. Scanning up and down the sheet, I realize…

…wait a minute, did I just get the highest mark in our grade?! HAHAHAHAHA ABSOLUTEZERO255 YOUR REIGN OF TERROR ENDS TODAY, BECAUSE I HAVE FINALLY BEAT YOU IN FRENCH oh Madoka I sound like an IB student now… *horrified face*

(The funny thing is that you guys know I spend 90% of my time writing these god-awful posts and watching horrible, terrible Japanese cartoons all day long, yet still…)

3. Rewritten posts! Yeah, you guys have probably noticed the Black Rock Shooter Episode 6 post I pinned up to the front page for a while now, but yep, do read that. Furthermore, I’ve updated and finally finished my Winter 2012 First Impressions (Part One) after the thirty-eighth time in one week. Yes, I am making this number up. Other than those, I’ve got another post up in the works on Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku 56, and really, not much else is going on! I have the most boring life.

P.S. Wow, shit bro, someone’s reading a hella posts on this site. 40 views every hour for the past three hours! Whoever’s doing this, leave a comment so that I can, like, uh… acknowledge your… reading of this blog, I guess. :x

A Filler Post 22

Aw fuck.

Yep, even with this long weekend, I’ve not enough times to write a post for this day. So, as you can see, I/we/O-New’s really looking for new bloggers. Doesn’t matter who you are or how badly you write (actually, it might matter how badly you write) – we’ll accept you as a blogger no matter what (actually, if you write /that/ badly, we’ll reject you).

Even if you don’t want to be a full-time part-time blogger at O-New (the only full-time part-time blogger at O-New is houraiguy, and he last posted two months ago), you can write as a guest blogger and write guest posts whenever you want! We’ll probably publish them as long as you don’t write too badly.

tl;dr: fillers

A Filler Post 21


First “A Filler Post” in seven months, though



(I have a c-c-c-c-c-c-cold, so was pretty exhausted from coldin’ up the codes. I’ll put up a FALL SEASON ANIME REVIEW tomorrow, which happens to be oh, what, nine weeks late)

(BTW I’ll put up the Horizon post later and link it here because it’s IMPORTANT and by important I mean that importing ants is not a good idea especially if the ants can’t stand on a plant of plants)

But the WAVES (never eat them)

A Filler Post 19

I don’t know if anybody still remembers me but I posted here a while ago then left to do other things with my life. However, Mushy is in China doing some random crap with no computer so he called us here.

Mushyrulez used “Summon Author Slaves!”
The attack was not very effective!
Mushyrulez used “Blackmail Author Slaves!”
The attack was super effective!

So yeah, we’ll be here posting for the next eighteen days. I’m sure Mushy is having a -good- time in China. Mind you, he’s probably in an internet cafe or reading about mahjong or quantum physics. We’re terrible at this so expect filler posts. Lots of filler posts.

Mushyrulez used “Shout at awesomebananadancer”
The attack was super effective!

Sorry, I mean, we’ll be reviewing manga and anime, just like Mushy has for the past two years. One last thing, please refer to me as Silas, not awesomebanandancer or davesunnyo or whatever screen name I’ve used on here.

A Year of Fillers

Why is this post being published without any text?

Well, the thing is, it’s not being published without any text. This is text. So is this. And that. Those, too.

Why does this post have nothing but this text?

Well, the thing is, it doesn’t have nothing but this text. It has that text. And those texts. And these texts.

What were you expecting?

An image?

A picture to celebrate this being the first second anniversary of O-New?

A drawing to celebrate this being the second first anniversary of O-New?

Haha. I mean, not even this actual anniversary post has any images. Well, maybe it has one. An image of cake.

This post is a filler post. It’s been a year of writing these filler posts. That’s a year too many to be writing filler posts.

So click that link, and actually read my actual anniversary post, because it’s an actual post. And it has cake.

That’s all, folks!

A Filler Post 17

Y’know, right now, I have enough time to finish an Occult Academy Specials post, but my mom’s behind me (and has been for the last I-don’t-even just to annoy me), so watching lolis running around isn’t my best choice of action, not to mention they’re so fucking loud (at least from my point of view) that I can’t listen to it well enough without earplugs. I need earplugs. Or, I should stop being so silent so that everything seems so loud.

Here’s a rather old article that I’m reading to pass the time while she intently stares at my monitor. It’s actually quite interesting!


New posts coming soon, and I’ll publish both OASP3 and Winter Anime Preview (a bit late now :P) as soon as my mother goes away…

Happy Halloween~

No, patchy isn’t stocking

But of course, this’d be just a filler post if I left it at that.

Anywho, what do you guys think about Halloween? If I were to write out my thoughts, it’d be too long and boring for anyone to read, so as far as I see it, there are about five distinct ‘layers’ of thinking about Halloween:

The first layer of people who think Halloween’s just fun;

The second layer of (cynical) people, who think Halloween’s completely pointless and strayed off its original purpose in the past;

The third layer of people, who think Halloween /should/ have changed in the future because of different cultural changes and shifting concerns;

The fourth layer of people who will argue that culture in itself is pointless;

And finally, the fifth layer of people who think that culture (and in extension, cultural events) create many economical, political, and social benefits.

Here, you’ll notice that the layers alternate between pro-Halloween and anti-Halloween; but they’re actually pro-Halloween, anti-pro-Halloween, anti-anti-pro-Halloween, etc. anti-anti-pro-Halloween doesn’t mean pro-Halloween; their ideologies are completely different. Thus, one layer of people will probably argue with all the other layers of people.

I definitely belong to the third layer of people; culture definitely isn’t pointless, and shouldn’t be kept just for benefits. Traditions typically aren’t beneficial, especially old, useless ones (take off your hat when you’re in a building!), but they add more of a historical texture to the current setting, so that we won’t forget what happened before. That seems contradictory; I’m saying that Halloween should change, but that we shouldn’t forget the original purpose of it?

Well, read that sentence again.

Finally, I typically don’t celebrate Halloween very much, so I’m opposed to thinking Halloween’s there just for fun; many other cultures have dropped it, even though it’d be logical to keep it for all the free candy.

So, tell me your thoughts? There’s not gonna be a post in this blog for a long while now…

A Filler Post graghahihibdjijdiwja why do I even bother counting these wait what’s the number I think it’s 15


Weekends are a bad time for all of us, not only for I, who doth has worked as to the refurbishment of certain wooden stakes in such a manner as to procure an immensely terrible what the hell am I typing


Also I have learnt from choy that his reason for not posting is because Weekends = PS3 tiem


And like books are yummy

and stuff




I have nothing more to type

Here’s a picture of Index then

the end and stuff

oh and danbooru linkage

A Filler Post 14

Why the heck am I bothering to make these posts.

A Filler Post 13

…Yeah. Extremely unproductive day, sorry… :heh:

A Filler Post 12


Sorry about that, it’s the weekend and we don’t have any posts scheduled. :<

A Filler Post 11, not 13 lern2countlolol

Yeah this is a filler, more stuff coming soon. (Debate on whether turtles are awesomer than snakes, aniposts, oneg’s)

For now, you get to read this random fact about me: I’m not weird, I’m limited edition.


Er yeah. I apologize, but my mom’s taking an exam this week, meaning she occupies the computer 99% of the time… Here’s why I wanted to recruit YuChoy a bit later so that you’d read something during this week, but I guess that’s a bit mehish right now…

Stuff is happening with the tags system as the new pplz haven’t actually used many of them (and thus don’t know which ones to apply to which, not like it’s organized at all anyways)…

…Ignore the first non-mushyhijack paragraph, I have no idea what banana means by that >_>

And.. yeah. Fillers coming until the next #SuicideSaturday and by then maybe stuff’ll happen.



easy modo ._.

End of Project


After an almost sleepless night, my project has finally been completed.

…It’s on orbiting space colonies >_>

Anyways, I sorta failed on the presentation, and I still have to start my research and report, but my presentation has been completed.

Which means that life is returning to relative normality.

Also, this is a filler post.

A Filler Post 9


Projects are due; posts won’t be done. Don’t expect anything from me from now till monday >_<

A Filler Post 8

…I’ve been adding more and more of these.

Anyways, sorry for all the fillers; read my previous 2 posts, they should be entertaining enough to last over today >_<

Also, found out a new weird smiley: +_+ I have no idea what that is, but it’s MY INVENTION TAKE THAT MWAHAHAHAHA

A Filler Post 7

..I’ve been coming up with more of this recently…. :/

A Filler Post 6

…This is another filler post.

…Why? Because it’s past the deadline for posting already…

Anyways, a couple of notices:

a) my posting will be very erratic, as my mom is taking an important financial exam in June… it should be something like 5 years of study, 1000+ hours of work or something, but she’s doing it in 6 months… so she’s gonna use the computer a lot.

b) I will start to be less and less active on twitter.

…Anyways, I’ll post something else later.

A Filler Post 5


…sorry, I’ve been /really/ busy, and today’s #SuicideSaturday as well.

A Filler Post 4

Filler filler filler!

A Filler Post 3

Yet another filler post; 35 minutes until the end of today (in GMT, not PST), and so no real post… sorry ;-;

A rant tomorrow (which is actually later today).

A Filler Post 2

My mom is kicking me off the computer.

So, no real post today….

…For tomorrow, I’ll make a post that’ll be worth your time. Definitely.

Sorry ;-;