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A Trap Can Also Use a Girl’s Weapon [Completed]

I’m typing this from school because, guess what? I’ve got a visit to the optometrist at 4:10 this afternoon, it’s stupid to rush back home to write a post for two minutes before going to the optometrist and being late for my appointment, and it’s hard to go to the optometrist at 4:10, get my new contacts, and rush back home in time to write a post by 4:00, namely because I am not in possession of a time machine.

Anyways, I haven’t read any manga for over two weeks now, other than one chapter for that Ore no Kouhai post and another chapter for that Gin no Saji post. I’d like to continue my streak of not reading much manga, and have decided to read a short one-shot, for a short one-shot hardly qualifies as ‘much manga’ at all.

In fact, this short one-shot (you could even say that it’s a one-short) is pretty short. It’s eight pages long. Yes, I have nothing better to post than a post about a eight-page-long oneshot about crossdressing, lolicons, and incest.

So, what is the manga about?

A cute boy wants to be a manly boy. He becomes a manly boy.

The end.

A boyish manĀ»