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A Two-Feet Long Diary: Month 6

Aw yeah, look at my sweet frog pajamas. They’re like hakase’s pajamas except 1) hakase doesn’t have frog pajamas 2) that’s a sweater 3) those are feet 4) IT’S TIME FOR A FEET VIDEO AGAIN

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A Two-Feet Long Diary: Month 4

Today, we’ll talk about… more feet! This NarcissisticCube fellow recently subscribed to my YouTube channel, and is now the first subscriber to my YouTube channel since I started uploading videos of my feet! What I’m saying is, only one person wants to see videos of feet but I’M UPLOADING THEM ANYWAYS BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO POST ABOUT


A Two-Feet Long Diary: Month 3

We’re still tweaking up our REAL Season Preview, so I won’t actually put a post here for a while!! At least you have a Season Preview to look forward to! Oh right, the season started two weeks ago…


A Two-Feet Long Diary: Month 2

Well, this is what one does when one is swamped with posts, isn’t it?! Even though now I haven’t been to school for five days (two-day weekend + three-day strike), I still feel busy as hell; perhaps exacerbated by my upcoming science fair project, due Friday, which I, uh, still haven’t started writing the report for. :|

So, here’s a post which has nothing to do with animanga (any manga, get it?) for once, by request of Flare: a post about feet!

(Well, he requested a post not about animanga, not a post about feet. Just to be clear on that.)

Anyways, that was my right foot, and here’s my left:

Not a right foot? Then it’s a wrong foot»