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O-NEC 1: Empty Bus

Hey, I said I was going to experiment with NEW TYPES OF POSTS, so here’s a COMIC. You’d think O-NEC stands for something like ‘O-NEW’s New Ew Comic’, but it doesn’t!

One New Eon Woe»


Steins;Sub is just so slow and it’s so hot today and CCCP’s borken and i can’t watch anime and i don’t feel like doing anything else and i just want to watch something and steins;sub isn’t releasing steins;gate and wow it’s hot and im lethargic and i need to post and wow what a lazy day

pls dun say lazy»

Nichijou Half Season Review


See the resemblance?»

Yumekui Merry Half Season Review [Completed]

This is my face after finishing the anime.

Jay… see…»

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi Half Season Review [Completed]

Oh gosh, this HSR is from the times when I didn’t screencap while watching, so arghblargh I have to go through all those episodes again…


(Also, will be updating some HSR here, so wait for my link!)

Here: Shiki HSR 3. Read it~!

Read and/or Walk On»

Lyric s ared dumbbb

Welp, that’s what I named the post, and that’s what it’ll be about.

Don’t ask what I was thinking when I made this.

Anyways, keeping this short and sweet.


Pace ~ Walk On

Hope is the fear that keeps us moving.
Just walk on.

Piano Sheets~

This was composed in February…»

「永夜返し -子の二つ-」

“End of Imperishable Night -Half to Midnight-”

Oh mang, a bunch of mangoes have manga and man I’ve got mangoes. In my lunch-brunch-breakfast.

I meant deer»

A Filler Post 17

Y’know, right now, I have enough time to finish an Occult Academy Specials post, but my mom’s behind me (and has been for the last I-don’t-even just to annoy me), so watching lolis running around isn’t my best choice of action, not to mention they’re so fucking loud (at least from my point of view) that I can’t listen to it well enough without earplugs. I need earplugs. Or, I should stop being so silent so that everything seems so loud.

Here’s a rather old article that I’m reading to pass the time while she intently stares at my monitor. It’s actually quite interesting!


New posts coming soon, and I’ll publish both OASP3 and Winter Anime Preview (a bit late now :P) as soon as my mother goes away…



Oh hai it’s a filler.(no it’s a filler because Internet Meme 101 is taking a break and stuff) Anyways, it got kinda annoying, as I realized how so many simple-minded ************ think that people who have intelligence=nerd. Ok seriously wtf? THIS IS MADNESS, THIS IS SPARTA.


What people think nerds are





Honestly why do people assume that? Nerd actually means that you are socially withdrawn, are awkward talking to other people, physically unfit, and who enjoys learning like playing a video game. Seriously, I am not any of those definitions. Just because I have more brainpower than you really does not mean that I am a nerd. After researching, 99% of people that call you a nerd are just jealous that you have the ability to think, while they’re total douchebags. So the next time someone calls you a nerd, take pride in it.

BOOM! Headshot.

“…Kaguya. Your computer’s dead.”

Yeah, this post has little to do with the title, as really, my head is quite intact (and the bleeding has stopped!! ;).

Anyways, recently (on Sunday), both our (my family) 10-year old already-broken-down-like-fifty-times computer broke down (it’s stuck in an infinite recursive cycle of startups now), and our 2-year old really-new how-could-this-break computer broke down – right after I hit ‘Publish’ on the Kaminomi post. Phew.

Anywho, that means I’m using an even crappier computer to type on now, have none of my data (however – everything I have is saved onto dropbox, just too lazy to unpack), none of my passwords (unless I extract them, which takes half an hour which was what I did to get onto WordPress), and really, none of anything.

So, you won’t be seeing any posts from me for a while, nor any forum posts (not that I’ve went on any forums recently), comments (not that I went to google reader recently), and tweets (…well, I suppose I have tweeted recently).

Also, the stupidly stupid thing was that right as I got my password for Chess.com, I timed out on one of my games. I clicked on the game, it even SAID ‘<1 minute left', I clicked 'Submit Move', and then…




(that also means all I'm gonna do for the next little while is read manga (can't watch anime though, because stupidly slow d/l speeds, and can't compose either because of no software). Oh, all my school data is sorta gone too. OH WELL)

Murphy’s Law and Productivity

(Firstly, check out this YouTube Symphony Orchestra thing~ oh jeez the jealousy it’s boiling up in me now WHY ICHIGOS WHY ARE WE SO SUCKISH)

魔古 ~ to Saw a Tree is finally finished! Check out the previous (updated now) post~ (it has a video too! Sorry for linking everyone to three things)

DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO CONVERT ALL OF THOSE IMAGES? First .svg in Raven, couldn’t export to .svg so I had to save it as .pdf, then I had to export it to .jpg because Windows Movie Maker accepts NEITHER .svg NOR .pdf, and then I had to RESIZE it because the .pdf exporting from .svg failed. Also ALL OF THOSE STACCATOS AND DYNAMICS AND CRESCENDOS OH MY GOD IT’S AMAZING I’M NOT DEAD YET

I COMPLETELY DELETED MY FLUTE PART! Then I Ctrl+Z’d like three hundred times and it came back :V Also, Thanksgiving’s interfering with my process so it’s two days late ;~; I didn’t post the .midi because IT SOUNDS FRAAKING HORRIBLE Also, the whole thing is 159 measures, so I guess anyone who likes 159159159 a lot gets extra cred. Finally, I’m ‘posting’ this on the 9th so that I don’t seem late, cause I CAN ALTER HISTORY AND WHAT YA GONNA DO BOUT THAT HUH]

Yeah, I typed those beforehand, after the first post but before this one.

Here’s the gist of what happened, leading ultimately to a four-day delay in the completion of my (incredibly silly) project.

By Day T-4ish, I’d already finished the composition (besides the last, modulated part), and was probably just feeling good about myself doing that, so instead of working on it for as much as I could, I decided to watch anime instead on Day T-1.

That was my first mistake.

Perhaps that had to do with setting/saying out your goals? Here’s a TED Talk by Derek Sivers in regards to the problem I had in front of me.

Funny enough, our class had an assignment to search for TED Talks such as this one, and on a separate forum I browse, out of the middle of nowhere someone threw in this TED Talk. Coincidences only become coincidences when they align, right?

Anyways, in brief, the Talk says that you shouldn’t say out your goals, because even though there’s ‘pressure’ from your peers to finish it, you have a sense that what you’re working on already is finished after you state your goal aloud. That obviously means less work done – thus a later finishing time.

That’s what I should’ve done, but instead I think I blurted out that this was for Muffin’s birthday on the 9th.

That one comment just left me psychologically satisfied without any incentive to continue further.

First mistake made.

Second mistake was thinking I could draw forty-seven frames, in vector, of a completely new program I’ve never heard of before, in a day.

It says I’ve spent some seventeen hours on it in total.

Welp, that wasn’t planned for.

I’m not this girl, though sometimes I wish I was (UNLIMITED CHOCOLATE WORKS)

Final mistake was thinking that I had all the programs installed already.

BIG mistake. Took me at least an hour to two hours to find all the programs – drawing, converting to .pdf because converting to .svg or raster bitmap didn’t work, converting from .pdf to bitmap, resizing bitmap, making movie at a 16:9 perspective, uploading movie, etc. etc. etc.

At the end, these three mistakes brought my downfall.

Coupled with these mistakes are things that I might have been able to avoid, but because of Murphy’s Law, just had to happen.

Firstly, I think you all know this, but my blood vessel in my right eye blood vessel popped.

OH WELL, doesn’t hurt at all, didn’t hurt at all, and if it does hurt at all in the future I probably need to go to the hospital. Woke up one day, went to the mirror, and suddenly I saw that my eye was completely red.

V; (that’s my right eye bleeding)

Secondly – I got a virus on my computer. This happened at the very last hour, so of course, I was royally pissed.

Thankfully logging off and logging on again saved it – another lesson learnt, that being rational is always the best solution.

A bunch of other things happened (parents started fighting when I was on the middle of a frame and had to quit, went past my ‘parental controls’ time of 10:00 and had to sleep at 1:00, etc.), but at the end, nothing beats that feeling of… accomplishment at the end of all this.

It’s like I’ve actually done something. Maybe I’ll base another composition just out of this feeling.

In retrospect, it’s really quite sad.

I feel accomplished that I drew some frames of an imaginary flying mushroom girl getting beaten up by loggers, who then realizes that everything’s actually all in a circle and it’ll all begin again while a flying mushroom explodes in her face.

…That’s sad.

Presenting A Historical Fiction

Note: This was something originally intended to be a school assignment, until I was informed it was supposed to be one paragraph long. F***.

The Beginnings of a State

A Short Summary

Of The First Two Pages

Of This Handout

And Now This Is Getting Ridiculously Small, So Maybe I Should Stop Doing This

Disclaimer: Much of this Short Summary consists of Enhanced Truths, Polished Lies, and the occasional Nugget of Truth. Do not take notes from this Summary unless you are studying humour, not Rome.

A long, long, time ago, so long ago we don’t usually remember what the heck it was about after the test on it passes in high school, in a galaxy country, far, far away, so far away we like to mock locals around there with stereotypical accents either mirroring Russian or British accents, someone was building a home. We don’t know who the person was, but we figure that if Rome is a town, it must have had houses in it, and back then there were no real estate companies to go and buy houses from and also get stuck in mortgages, so the people of Rome, which was the place where this guy was building his house, had to build their houses on their own, which, exhausting as it sounds, came with the undeniable benefit that the toilets actually worked. And so, backing up a few years or so, Rome was built somewhere in the 8th century-ish, before Christ and also before telemarketing. Rome was built near hill, river, and sea; each providing protection, travel, and commerce (but no travel agents). Sadly, none of these natural boons provided the Romans with sliced bread, Spam, or working toilets.

Soon after Rome was built, Rome ran into a problem. Rome had no women to marry. Thusly, Rome sent envoys with the proposal that would allow Rome and its neighbours, named the Latins and the Sabines, to intermarry. These envoys were rejected, supposedly on the fact that the neighbours thought they were salespersons. The problem remaining unsolved, the Roman leader, Romulus, hatched a devious plan to take over the world, although he was thwarted in 127 CE, the point of maximal extent of his empire, which was at least a good 127 years after his death. But before Romulus could get to taking over the world, he had to go and get some women for his city. So he hatched a devious scheme.

Romulus invited his neighbours over for a Grand Festival with Games and Stuff, particularly noting in the birthday invitation to bring their wives and daughters. This part was very important, as we shall see. After the guests’ arrival, a large army of men apparently wooed the majority of the unmarried women into marrying them before running like heck. The guests had coincidentially brought absolutely nothing to resist this mass wooing, apart from beer mugs, and thus the wooers escaped unscathed, although some of them had been poorly treated by the more drunk guests.

At this point, the neighbours were very, very angry. They showed this by inventing the “Agnry Faic” emoticon on MSN, although the Microsoft complaints office took several centuries to process this contribution, presumably because the computers back then looked suspiciously like abacuses. In addition to inventing the Agnry Faic, the neighbours began attacking Rome. However, they did not think about attacking in unison, presumably because they were still hung over from drinking more beer than is particularly healthy, if you get our meaning. Anyways, these lone attackers failed in their heroic attempts to beat down the gates of Rome with beer bottles. However, the Sabine king, being particularly enraged, had enough of an army to be more successful than his grog-glugging underlings. The Sabine king, Titus Tatius, went up to Rome and began attacking. While he was taking transit to Rome, the Romans got wind of his plan and began fortifying the walls of Rome, although they failed rather greatly and ended up creating the ruins you see today. However, the Sabines still enlisted the aid of an unknown woman in opening the gates of Rome, which we speculate she accomplished by throwing one of those littered beer bottles at the gates, which had been affected by the drunken builders and thus fell down like London Bridge, or more accurately, the World Trade Center. The Sabines now inside the gates, fighting now actually began. The fighting ended when a squadron of Sabine women marched up to the enemy lines and began pouting for peace. As a result of this noble and selfish action, the Sabines agreed to join the Romans under the joint rule of Romulus and Titus. Titus died soon after of what we think was an overdose of aspirin, which he had invented to prevent his entire army from falling in battle after they had moved to the drinking of fine wine.

Romulus, now alone in his rule, ruled until his death, modifying the modern design of the Roman Ruins™. His successor was a person named Numa, who ruled for 41 or so years, promoting law and religion. Numa’s successor, on the other hand, went by the name of Tullus Hostilius, unlike Numa, who went by the name of Numa. At this time, there existed the city of Alba Longa. It is worth noting that Alba Longa had also existed before this point, although this is not particularly useful in factual value except for providing the fact that Alba Longa was inhabited. Alba had invaded Rome at this point, although their army was driven out of Rome soon after, pursued in dramatic fashion by the Roman army before agreeing to decide the victor through the use of champions. The Romans sent out three Horatius brothers, whilst the Albans opted to go with the three Curiatii brothers, who people were betting on because their name, alphabetically, came before “Horatius”. After several minutes of bloody slicing and dicing that we have chosen to omit for the purpose of keeping this summary at the Teenage-appropriate rating, there was only spotless Horatius against three wounded Curiatii brothers. The story goes that the Horatius defeated the Curiatii by tossing beer bottles at them, and knocking them out while they were drunk and spraying their chests with ketchup. Anyways, the Alban army then belonged to Rome. Later, the Alban army was sent for to deal with the uprising of the Etruscan city of Veii, although they did nothing but continue to drink. For doing this, they killed the Alban general and blew up Hiroshima Alba Longa with a nuclear warhead, but not before transferring the Albans to Rome. Rome’s massive expansion was only beginning. So was their plot for world domination.

Let’s Just Try to Get This Organized

I’ve deleted all stupid posts. >:(
I’m not sure whether or not the YuChoy one is true.
But argh can’t you guys have any semblance of organization :<

awesomebananadancer will not be posting until like August 6th due to an exam.

yuchoy will not be posting till an undefined period of time as right now, he is in California.

Houraiguy will also probably not be posting until mid-August due to vacation leave.

Rant on my history class

I’m not crying because I’m sad. I’m actually really mad. The only reason I’m crying is because everybody takes me as a little boy, nobody would expect me to be mad. Also, if I did show I was mad, my teacher would probably destroy me. I’m mad because everybody takes my work as a joke, none of it is being taken seriously. I can’t do anything my own way (not even my writing), everything has to be done my teacher’s way. My teacher’s way is fu**ing stupid. She wants me to study every single extra minute I have. Polly, I have a life y’know! And because I study so much, I’m supposed to be able to write it out on a piece of paper word for word. That’s bullsh**. It’s completely against what the program at my school teaches. And because I don’t do everything exactly her way, I get treated like the losers who don’t study at all.

I do study.

I have a typed document of every thing we’ve learnt so far, every day I read that document. I’ve even recorded myself reading it so that I can hear it where ever I go. Also, in class, I copy out the full document, word for word with a pencil to memorize it.

Is that enough?

Because if it isn’t, tell me what is.

Rant on Today

Today was something that rhymes with Ducking Full Bit. A list of what happened today.

1. When I wake up, I realize that my shirt is covered in blood and there’s still blood coming out of my nose. I literally can’t breathe until I completely wash my face and rinse out my mouth.  Then, my dad tells me to brush my teeth. I do, and it starts bleeding again,

2. Because of this, I missed warm-up for my swim meet. I got to swim a little bit in the extra lane. For 5 minutes. That really helped me get accustomed to the pool, I mean 5 minutes.

3. Great, I’m not in 200 Individual Medley. I won’t be tired for my Freestyle event. Well guess what? It took (ducking) 3 hours to get through all the people, even if I was swimming IM, I could go back home, watch an episode of anime and then go back in time for Freestyle event.

4. It’s time for my freestyle race, yay. In marshalling, the benches are so small, there’s only enough room for like 5 people. The other 3 have to try and squish in as much as they can. Obviously, since Im a year younger than everybody, I get kicked onto the ground. Terrific.

5. I take off 1 and a half seconds (which is a lot). I expect like a placing of around 15. Out of the 58 people that swam 50 free, I came in 24th. What. The. Duck.

6. Next event, Butterfly. This is my best event, I’m hoping I get into finals. When the time comes, my race sucked, my arms didn’t even move with a proper rhythm. I was sure I was gonna fail. Turns out, I got 11th. That is ducking the worst spot. If my arms moved in rhythm, I would have gotten into finals, no prob. But instead, I get 11th. Half of it is the timers fault, the time it takes to push down a button after seeing them touch is 20 milliseconds. I was 18 milliseconds away from getting in finals. Oh well, what can i say? BULL PIT!

7. Next, the relay. My team has a “Provincial Qualifying Time”, basically, we’re really fast. However, some genius forgot to put our card in marshalling. The coaches literally didn’t care. There just like “You guys were so fast, I didn’t even see you in the pool” or “Do you want to do a pretend one in the warm-up pool?” Duck, no.

8. Since I’m not allowed to bus home, I need to hitch a ride with somebody. Turns out that somebody had finals, because of that, I needed to wait f-ing 5 hours till I got home.

9. When my dad finally comes to f-ing pick me up, he does this huge loop so I run after a car going at like 20km an hour for 5 minutes. Damn!

10. I finally arrive home. It’s boiling. Damn it.

An Organizational Voyage 12

[System Update: Revamped the About and Contact page; now fits under a nice, broad “Information” umbrella. Also, animanga list.]

The Computer

Due to a series of unexpected circumstances, some of my personal belongings have now been restricted from my access. They may now be only used at certain periods at the day, in order to maximize efficiency, a concise arrangement has to be prepared. Below is that very arrangement for your own viewing pleasure.

For people that don’t understand, I’ve simplified it to five words. Spend less time on computer.

Facebook: This internet site may only be used as a tool, if other sites/applications prove more effective or less distracting, they will be put at a higher priority. Gaming on this site is something you would only dream about, a shut-down of my account will have to be done if my self-control cannot limit this.

Kongregate: Solely games that will improve skills valuable in life will be played, an example of this is Gemcraft. Walkthroughs cannot be possibly used properly since there are RNG’s embedded into the very core of the game. You don’t hit 25 damage every time, you don’t get the specific colour gem. In addition to this, an O-NEG must be created to improve literacy.

Youtube: Only videos I’ve subscribe to may be watched, other videos will be considered distractions and will therfore be blocked. Also, the number of people I subscribe to will be reduced to no more than twenty-five. These channels may not put out daily videos, doing so will have them be removed from my subscribe list. In addition to this, these videos must have value. One I would like to point out is “jwcfree” the music is calming, while I work, it probably improves efficiency.

E-mail: The replying of emails will be continued in the fashion it as for the past two years. When creating emails, edit to make sure I do not need to create another one because I forgot something. Also, these emails should be academic or at least not junk.

Manga: This is an activity that will definitely eat up a lot of your time, just get the books instead. Then you’re not on the computer and still on the computer.

MSN: Again, it is a tool, not a toy. The statuses will not be abused, they should reflect how you are actually feeling. The “appear offline” status will be rendered useless, logging off of MSN is pretty much the same thing.

Did I by any chance miss a site/application?

[Rant] Talking about Anger

I had to write about things that made me angry (along with some of my friends) and how I should deal with them. Enjoy.

I get angry when I’ve been playing the last boss level for Epic war 2 and I’m 1000 HP from beating him ,then I die. If I lose my temper i might spaz and destroy my computer. The right thing to do is use a walkthrough.

(Note: Idea by Isaac) I also get angry when I can’t force the poop out of my butt (and it gets stuck halfway). If I lose my temper I could get constipation or I might get stuck in the toilet. the right thing to do is to use Pepto Bismo.

JUSTIN BIEBER MAKES ME MAD!!! If lose my temper, the world will end. The right thing to do is to capture him in a Pokeball and never let him see the light of day again.

Osama Bin Laden is scary, he makes me mad.If I lose my temper, DEAD PEOPLE. Burn pictures of him then bomb his home, then everything will be rainbows and sunshine and happiness again.

Lady Gaga isn’t human, she’s scary. AND SHE MAKES ME MADDDDDD!!! If I lose my temper she might make more music videos *shudders* The right thing to do is censor everything she does.

Last one, overly fat people. More McDonalds resturants might appear *faints*. THE RIGHT THING TO DO IS TO EAT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE FAT PEOPLE. Like a man.

Oh ffffffffffffff-

…Let’s just say three days without doing homework (it’s the long weekend) has really had some.. negative impacts on me.

Time to cut my internet connection. :/



^ Oh yay pacman


^ Oh yay more pacman but this time it’s an insult


^ Oh yay money


^ Oh yay ice aircraft carriers wait what







AND IT’S AT 2:00




















^ Some guy put a sign up saying “Mr. President, I need a freakin’ job” – here’s an interview with that person…


^ …Android has usb tethering and wifi hotspot functions; obviously google > apple…


^ Some guy used google ads to get a job, for $6.. O_o

^ I have no idea what song this is but this is epic. Nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10632509

^ …TAM is still epic with a septette remix… I wish I had a violin ;w;

[Rant] Productivity

Our class has five computers.

For some reason, people seem to love crowding around them. Yeah, this would be explainable if VSB didn’t block virtually every website (Oh, we’re blocking the library catalogue because you could search for pesticides, and those kill ants, which is violent). So, they crowd around there to do nothing.

Yes, nothing.

As I write this, a certain person is not even looking at the screen and still hogging the computer.

She happens to have been on the computer for the past 2 hours.

And what did she finish?

“Oh, I’m writing my timeline” she said at 10:30. I asked her again 2 hours later and got the same reply.

Apparently, she spent 2 hours creating CHECKBOXES. Yes, freaking checkboxes on microsoft word with those fancy [ ] brackets.

I would understand it if people used the computers for more productive purposes. That would warrant reason tostay.

However, knowledgeably stalling on the computer while I need to type up 5 pages of finished work (yes, finished, except to be typed) is just plain wrong. That’ s taking selfishness to a whole new level; not doing stuff solely for personal gain, but doing NOTHING for NO GAIN just to torture people who ACTUALLY WANT TO WORK IN SCHOOL. That’s like, going to the bathroom to sleep just to annoy the people who actually want to use it. There’s no freaking point. Also, who sleeps in the bathroom anyways? That’s just gross >_>

I have nothing more to say. Then why did I write the above useless rant?


EDIT: Yes, I have finally gained access to a computer. I’m still typing up my five pages of stuff, but… well… I don’t have any anger anymore, so I won’t update the rant. There it is, my thought process in its originality, pure… nonsense ._.

…Anyways, videos and links…!


^ …An interesting article on the founder of Zynga; farmville and mafia wars. It’s in a negative sense, though…


^ really long post about apple…

^ …A Remi/Flan… video…?

^ Another one featuring SDM residents…

Angry Rant

It’s been half a decade.

Half a decade since that weird, shiny, glowing box first came into my life.

5 years since I first learned how to “surf” the “Internet”.

115 weeks since I first played a “flash” game.

1800 days since my life started to collapse.

I’ll start with one, very simple statement: I hate my life.

It’s boring. It’s filled with work. It’s monotonous.

That I can deal with. Monotony is easy. Work is easy.

The straw that happened to crush my life was built. Slowly accumulated through the ages. I’m always hiding something from someone. Even as I write this rant (in school, it’s a wonder I’m not caught), I’m also perpetually blocking the sheet of paper out of view from everyone. I can’t tell things to my “friends”, I can’t tell things to my family, I can’t tell things to the Internet. It’s like a satellite in geosynchronous orbit; only one side ever faces each observer. And then, you still never know what’s inside, even if you circle the satellite once.

First of all, school.

I don’t hate school. I like school. I like schoolwork.

I used to hate it; 16 hour days just didn’t cut it for me (I wasn’t in high school yet). Work work work. Reflections. Notes notes notes. Reflections. Create create present. Reflections.

Ah, I remember the good old days with mind-boggling clarity. I didn’t hand in half of my assignments, was always late for class, and skimmed through the grades. And I still somehow got the “Award for Academic Achievement” for three straight years at the end (my teachers really suck at actually critiquing who’s the actual smart person). My parents always forced me to work work work, and I still didn’t complete everything correctly.

Now what?

I like school now, don’t I? What’s the problem?

Well, now, my parents are discouraging me from schoolwork. It’s fun, goddamn it, don’t you know the meaning of the word?! “Look at the other children” they would say, “they’re all playing with their friends, why don’t you go hang out at some person’s house?”

And do what? Play mindless video games on a console too expensive for me to own? Admire the endless rows of trophies each person has received? Get a ball kicked/thrown straight into my face, 5 times in a row? Yeah, guess what, that isn’t really “fun”.

Also, I don’t really have any “real” friends. Sure, they’re all friendly and stuff, and I return the favour, etc. etc., but does any one of them know what is actually going on inside my head? I’m probably more friends with internet people than them. It’s sad, I know; I have no real social life. But what is the definition of real anyways?

Is the definition of a real social life friends that you can see? People that live near you?

Language was invented for a reason; to convey messages. Read a novel; the people described in the novel aren’t your next-door neighbours, are they? But still, their feelings/actions/emotions/clothes that they’re wearing are conveyed directly to you. Talking with a person living somewhere in China is the same as talking to someone living next door. It’s talking. There is no real and fake; the person on the other end just has to be a human.

Anyways, so my parents basically stopped letting me do my schoolwork, just as it was actually getting /fun/. And what do they tell me to do now?
“Sign up for Skating lessons! Look at how good Yhsum is at Swimming! Sign up for that too! And Tennis! And Chess! And sharpening pencils manually using a kitchen knife because we have money to spare!”

….Yeah, too bad. Is skating really useful in life? Do you seriously need to learn skating to be able to become successful in life? Also, why would anyone even need a tennis coach? Did the first tennis coach have a coach? No. Then how’d he get so good? There’s something called learning by yourself; go look it up.

Also, just because Yhsum is so epically good at all these, does that mean I have to be of equal or greater skill level? Life isn’t a coupon exchange; firstly, I don’t need to be better than Yhsum, and secondly, none of those are necessaries to life. On the other hand, learning is. OH MY GOD REALIZATION MUCH?

Did I mention that I’m already signed up for some horrible lessons? One is Chinese, the infamous reason for my #SuicideSaturdays. You basically pay $600 a year (“because we have money to spare!”) so that the teacher can give you 3 $10 textbooks and teach you how to read them. For 2.5 hours.

How does this go?

Teacher: Hand in your homework!

[hands in homework]

[teacher writes a B on homework without reading]

Teacher: Read your books.

[read books]

Teacher: Alright, end of class.

..Do I really need to pay for that? Oh, I might be getting a bit exaggerated here. The teachers actually do some work. They create tests. Basically, they tell you to memorize every single lesson ever taught since you were in Kindergarten, write them down, and automatically give you a score between 0 and 80 percent based on how neat your writing is.

That’s not all. The teachers are just lazy, but the classmates are even worse. Everyone, with the exception of several awesome people, are either spoiled brats, extremely perverted (though not to the point of drawing certain images on danbooru), or genius brats. Meaning, super smart 4 year olds who don’t know how to walk without tripping over themselves, but can still get straight As. Did I mention those are the only people who ever get As?

Next activity: Music.

Same as homework: Me hate, mom forces. Me like, mom destroys.

At the start, I hated playing piano. Maybe it was the teacher. Maybe it was my mom. Or maybe, it was just me. It probably was. I must have been so stupid not to balance 7 pennies on one hand while drumming out one of Czerny’s etudes (did I mention I have 200 of these?) or to not be able to fit a mango under my hand (mind you, I was 7 then). Obviously, such stupid mistakes must be punished by my extremely caring mother: Iron clotheshangers and a needle were the ingredients to her therapy. Plural on the clotheshangers, as sometimes, they broke while swung at me. Piano was stupid; I practiced 4 hours a day, of which 3 hours and 50 minutes were Hanon’s (fuck you, Hanon), and 10 minutes were pieces that I had to memorize, one piece  a week.

And then I started liking it. I /enjoyed/ playing piano. It wasn’t torture anymore; it was a hobby.

Obviously, my mom turned from stabbing me to “OH GAWD YOUR PLAYING SOUNDS LIKE A WET SNAKE HITTING A MANGO ONTO A BROKEN DRUM”. She then banned me from playing piano because it was too noisy. I passed the exam with the same pieces with 80%. She then blamed me for my low mark because of lack of practice.

Oh, and for the first time, I could actually play piano /pieces/, not etudes. Sure, you might say repetitive 5 note melodies count as masterpieces, but in my opinion, they weren’t. Czerny went from repeated scales to actual, challenging melodies. It was fun. Also, I learned how to improvise and play several anime/game songs. Obviously, these were “noisy”, and so my mom would attack me with more clotheshangers (I have no idea why we never run out of them) whenever I play one. See, here’s one reason why I hide things from a certain party (in this case, my parents).

Finally, right now, she’s considering dropping my piano lessons. Why? Because it’s a waste of money. Oh, and obviously spending $600 on a useless waste of time isn’t. And learning how to skate isn’t either, because you’ll totally need to learn how to skate really fast to escape from an army of frantic Hungarians, if you happen to be teleported to the past when they had no arrows, had a pair of skates on, and were on a solidly frozen lake. On a side note, teleported isn’t in the dictionary.

Oh, my mom can’t get all the blame. I blame the world’s society for this.

We changed piano-playing from a pastime into a competition. I can’t talk to 10 people about piano without 11 saying “LAWL I PASSED 12 EXAMS”. That means you failed one, dumbass. Anyways, you don’t compare piano as a pastime anymore, it’s  acompetition. Sure, this is nice and all, but we’re not competing even for skill anymore. We’re competing to see whose parents has more money to afford exams. We’re competing for competitions. What that doesn’t make sense? Exactly.

Adding on to this, music theory is also another part of music. It was interesting, learning new concepts… until my teacher gave me 30 exams to complete. Mind you, each one takes 3 hours. What’s more, she defied everything explained in the official textbook with cheats for exams (not actual cheats, but minimize work cheats). At the end, I passed with 87%, an A. I didn’t learn anything.

Now it’s History I have to learn. Apparently, as long as the answer appears on the textbook, it’s correct. Fun fact: Haydn composed 106 sonatas. According to my teacher, that’s incorrect. Why? Because obviously, the textbook says so. Who cares about what the fucking textbook says? Here are the facts, this is the truth; if you can’t accept it, go rot in a well off the coast of Finland.

Civilization as a whole has evolved to a point where everything revolves around competition, marks, tests, exams, and the like. Actual comparison of skill and knowledge is a thing of the past.

Which brings me to yet another point, the topic of Kongregate badges.

Fuck them.

They’ve leeched at least 300 (SPARTA) hours out of my life now. I want to stop; I can’t. They already have Achievement Addicts Anonymous, but that isn’t gonna help me.

These badges are too damn addictive. What’s more, competition in Kong is all about who has more points; people stop playing a game right after they get the badge. N00bz adjust their rating based on badges: “0/5 awesome game but needs badges” consists of 98% of comments on Kong (the other 2% is spam). Yeah, games with higher rating get a higher chance to get badges; obviously, voting 0/5 (which you can’t, it goes on a 1-5 scale) will help it get badges a lot.

And speaking of comments, the world is full of spammers. Full of raters who think their opinion is valued over everyone else’s. Scroll down 30 comments in Kong, you’ll find 31 have a rating in them. Also, 31 of those commentors are under 13 years old. COPPA, folks.

Yep, COPPA. That dreaded demon of a law that apparently forbids underage children from participating in online activities. Thing is, it doesn’t help at all; people over 13 are over 13, yay, and people under 13 don’t know what that shiny checkbox means when it says “I am over 13, and I am smart as well”. Stupid people don’t understand what that checkbox means either. Then, suddenly, some 12 year old gets the urge to spam in Kong chat “I AM TWELVE YEARS OLD YOU ARE ALL N00BS HAHAHAHAHA”, and get insta-banned by the admins. All while 11 year olds are watching in fear of the day when they will suffer the pain of being banned. If those 11 and 12 year olds survive long enough to reach 13, they’ll obviously tell everyone in chat that; thus destroying the point of COPPA, to protect children’s privacy. As soon as they turn 13, everyone knows. Before that, nobody cares. If they didn’t have COPPA, most people wouldn’t even tell everyone their age, but because of it, everyone wants to after they turn legal.

Back to the previous topic, badges and addictiveness.

I just can’t drop something after I begin it; it took me two weeks to stop dreaming about Dream World and how a scoped vindicator graviton discharger of speed + 3 will eventually appear in the shop. This means that I have a massive amount of things to complete on the internet every single day.

Which makes me have almost no time for actual gaming at all. I go home. I finish my dailies (150 new posts in google reader, 15 new chess games, 20000 more tweets, 100 new forum posts, 20 more other forum posts, 500 more other forum posts, 10 more youtube videos, and 50 more games). After this, I have no more time for actually playing a game for the game, not the card, not the alpha, not to test it, not for the badge, not because it’s daily, not for the achievements, not because the developer wanted me to review it, not because a friend recommended it, not because there’s an once-in-a-lifetime event occuring, but for the game itself. Curse you MotK and your active userbase. <3 Gensokyo.org~

But I should still have so much time! Wrong. My parents have no idea what I’m doing on the internet, and thus disallow me to do whatever they think isn’t homework (which they don’t let me do anyways), or helping them type something up. I go by the old rule, ignorance is bliss, so I keep what I do a secret. This has put a ton of pressure on me over the ages; those 2 hours between end of school and mom coming home from work is always a mystery to my parents, as apparently, nothing happens then.

And now, my mom has a financial exam; my total computer time, including homework, has shrunk to 2 hours. It takes me 3 hours to finish my dailies.

My other family members are also annoying. My cousin can scream at at least 18,000 cycles a second at a frequency of once every half hour. The length of his scream is half an hour. His mom is his /slave/. I feel really sorry for my aunt.

Oh, and he cries if you throw some grass at him (at 18,000 hertz), and the wind blows the grass away. Even if you could sense something as minute as grass touching your fucking shirt, IT DIDN’T EVEN TOUCH YOUR SHIRT. Oh, then he tells his mom that I hit him with a lawnmower or something. Obviously, cause there’s no injury on him. I really just want to shove him inside that well off the coast of Finland with the rest of those people I told to go into the well.

My brother isn’t as annoying; he just punches and kicks me every single day. A lot. Thanks to him, I now have an iron head and light-speed defense skills. But before that happened, it fucking hurt. Thankfully, my brother is one of the few people I actually trust, introducing me to flash and gaming. I suppose that’s a bad thing, as because of him, my life is destroyed.

Also, my peers. I’m tired of having someone two year younger than me beat me at chess, homework, tennis, basketball, math, soccer, science, running, projects, socials… and then tell me that every sfive minutes. Oh, he can also takeback his moves in chess.

Not that I’m referring to anyone specific here. Also, facewashing + pen-stabbing my face and ribs, respectively, is a do not want. I really want to spaz out and attack some annoying people, but I won’t do that for another 5 years. I need to hold back my anger.

Finally, I hate my pencil sharpener and how a 10 cm pencil can magically become 1 cm in 3 seconds. This should release massive amounts of energy because of E=mc2, but it doesn’t, which makes me even angrier.

And now, my internet connection is fucking up. I hate how all the computers I have ever used in my life are shared. I hate how my parents stop me from looking at anything that isn’t pure white with black text. And to add on to that, I thus hate those forums (you know which I’m talking about) without a change skin option that uses pure black with white text. What does that even do? It’s unattractive. The text is unreadable. The contrast sucks. You can’t read it at school, at home, or at work without people asking you “Wth are you looking at?” It doesn’t even save energy, for I think the cathode rays emit equal amounts of light regardless of the actual colour. Also, it doesn’t seem professional at all. It just seems like one of those amateur freewebs sites that detail how good Yhsum is at math, and how we all suck at it.

Oh, freewebs. Remind me to make you go bankrupt when I have the power. Not only do you provide a horrible WSIWYG editor, but the skins suck, your websites are all amateur, n00bish creations with a repetitive background obviously copypasted with the wrong software.

The same things applies to youtube and twitter. I’ve seen hundreds of youtube channels/twitter backgrounds that consist of the same image being repeated several hundred times on one page. Not only is it unattractive and annoying, but it also must have used up a lot of your time to find the image. Spend some time. Get a good image. Upload it, make it full size. Or just stick with the default if you’re lazy.

Ah, twitter. The newest form of sucking away my life, slowly. Vampires don’t twitter. They bite.

Around 80% of my tweets consist of announcing I have posted a new post or “g’night” and “g’day”s. Before, I thought twitter was useless. Then, I found it fun and interesting. I’m beginning to think it’s useless again; doesn’t this remind you of ternary form? Even if it was rounded binary, it still ends on the A section.

My life started with me knowing nothing. Right now, I know too much. Will it end with me knowing nothing as well?

No, it will not. I’m not one of Beethoven’s sonatas, and I don’t plan to become one in the near future.

I hate my life. But I won’t change it.


Because this is my life. And I love it.

R.A.N.D.O.M.ized Failure

B: O

I: O

S: M

O: O

N: M

…translation: I’m failing.

The blog links are halfway done (or rather, quarter-way), and I’ve just left them there to take care of later.

I’m posting a minute before the deadline of the post.

I have at least 10 tabs in my “Reopen Later” list, and I still haven’t watched the FGS and GDC recordings.

I’m a month behind in schoolwork. I haven’t done any math for 3 months.

I have two big out-of-school exams in May. I haven’t started studying for them.

And my desk is.. messy.

To add to this, I’ve become addicted to Heroes of Gaia, I’m still playing Mabinogi, and I want to start 12.5 (but I can’t).

And, a project I haven’t started on is due in the next month.

Finally, my mom is pretty darn angry at me for wasting my time making this post. Thankfully, she doesn’t know this is a blog. Just looked at the “I’m a month behind in schoolwork” part, which made her pretty mad :P

Anyways, links for today (minimal):


^ Apple removes 5000 apps… Controversial decisions are controversial, but still… this is a bit stupid… (/possibly/ NSFW)


^ Some things about the American health care thingy…. but who cares, it’s American, not CANADIAN!


^ That broadband thingy…. It’s politics day, apparently. >_<