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An Organizational Voyage [Quest Completed]

The final installment of an organizational voyage (last one being more than three months ago) is here.

This is also O-NEW’s 300th post.


…Yeah. I’ve deleted all stupid tags (dammit hourai), fused and deleted several categories, sorted unorganized posts, changed the sidebar, etc…

(Drawings, Developing, Links, and Organization have been deleted, so all that’s left has at least 10 posts in it :V)

Just thought I’d put that out. :V I WONDER WHY I DID THAT

Xmarks, without a viable marketing strategy, is forced to stop its service in 90 days. ;~; At least I still have chrome…


^ Interesting article about facebook and social networking in general. What we don’t want is one network to control everything – we need a ‘federation’, a bundle of different networks all linked together. That way, I can actually check comments on every blog I comment instead of just the wordpress ones…

^ pls to be have Touhou animu soon? ;~;

^ I need to play more UFO :<

^ Someone make this game. Now.

An Organizational Voyage 12

[System Update: Revamped the About and Contact page; now fits under a nice, broad “Information” umbrella. Also, animanga list.]

The Computer

Due to a series of unexpected circumstances, some of my personal belongings have now been restricted from my access. They may now be only used at certain periods at the day, in order to maximize efficiency, a concise arrangement has to be prepared. Below is that very arrangement for your own viewing pleasure.

For people that don’t understand, I’ve simplified it to five words. Spend less time on computer.

Facebook: This internet site may only be used as a tool, if other sites/applications prove more effective or less distracting, they will be put at a higher priority. Gaming on this site is something you would only dream about, a shut-down of my account will have to be done if my self-control cannot limit this.

Kongregate: Solely games that will improve skills valuable in life will be played, an example of this is Gemcraft. Walkthroughs cannot be possibly used properly since there are RNG’s embedded into the very core of the game. You don’t hit 25 damage every time, you don’t get the specific colour gem. In addition to this, an O-NEG must be created to improve literacy.

Youtube: Only videos I’ve subscribe to may be watched, other videos will be considered distractions and will therfore be blocked. Also, the number of people I subscribe to will be reduced to no more than twenty-five. These channels may not put out daily videos, doing so will have them be removed from my subscribe list. In addition to this, these videos must have value. One I would like to point out is “jwcfree” the music is calming, while I work, it probably improves efficiency.

E-mail: The replying of emails will be continued in the fashion it as for the past two years. When creating emails, edit to make sure I do not need to create another one because I forgot something. Also, these emails should be academic or at least not junk.

Manga: This is an activity that will definitely eat up a lot of your time, just get the books instead. Then you’re not on the computer and still on the computer.

MSN: Again, it is a tool, not a toy. The statuses will not be abused, they should reflect how you are actually feeling. The “appear offline” status will be rendered useless, logging off of MSN is pretty much the same thing.

Did I by any chance miss a site/application?

An Organizational Voyage 11

…Yeah, who even cares about this anymore.

Anyways, as I still have not enough content (going to watch Episode 1 of Black Lagoon after posting this and browsing through forums though 8D), here’s just a list of what I want to do in summer.

As listing out everything would be too tedious, I’m just going to concentrate on ⑨ things, and rebump them when finished.

1. Work on a flash game. Attempt to finish it. (Obviously fail in the attempt).

2. Get to level 50 in Maplestory from level 0 by the 13th of July. I was going to attempt this, but… I’ve decided to quit, as it’s pretty pointless now. So instead of this, I’m going to finish Imperishable Night on Easy Mode for all 12 combinations starting with one life in both Final A and B. Why so much? Because I still suck too much to try normal mode. Or easy mode on any other game. >:O

3. Archive all files that need to be archived. Backup files. BACKUP THOSE FREAKING BOOKMARKS

4. Reorganize the blog. As you know, it looks sorta bare now, so I’ll probably just change the font type and call it “reorganized”.

5. Learn shorthand. Parents have been nagging at me to “write better”, so… shorthand. 8D

6. Have a decent understanding of Japanese and French. There are mandatory languages in high school, so I want to get ahead of them so that I can learn more.

7. Learn to draw stuff. I can’t draw stuff. I need to learn to draw stuff.

8. Remap keyboard to Dvorak layout. And then learn to type. Dvorak should be somewhat faster than QWERTY, and speed is all I care about so… yeah.

⑨. Be Cirno. …No.

And thus concludes a meaningless post that none of you had to read.


An Organizational Voyage 10

…Welp. This hasn’t been posted for a long time…

Alright. Just several miscellaneous stuff:

Firstly, that acronym for videos and such is now “V-NEW”. You’d expect it to be something like “Videos Nerfed (by) Electronic Webloggers”, but it’s actually “Videos Noone Ever Watches” :/

Secondly, I’mma start up updates to the site design (YES IT IS SO GOOD RIGHT NOW LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL TIMES NEW ROMAN), and won’t make individual system posts. Mainly just moving things ’round; I’ll add updates if there are only at the beginning of each post.

Thirdly, school still isn’t over for me, so I’ve still got stuff to do. Derp de derp.

Finally, I’ll be compiling the Summer ’10 anilist… soon.

Videos, then:

^ YUKARI IS STILL ALIVE AT THE END nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm11077469

^ I’d stop vid-ing music but this is just too beautiful~

An Organizational Voyage 9

…6 hours.

…224 subscriptions.

…One excel file.

Basically, for my blogroll, I’m only going to put up the sites I’ve O-REW’d. Thus, I’ve put the other sites in an Excel file and will take them out after they’re OREW-D… that way, I can make adding links much less of a pain >_>

…Er, I don’t have much to say now… I don’t have any links either as I haven’t been active in basically anything…

Oh yes. My dad went to China for a business trip, which should’ve meant computer tiem + 1 hour for me, but unfortunately my mom’s taking a vacation during the same week. :<

Thankfully that means I’ll actually work on my project that’s due on Tuesday that I haven’t started yet.


An Organizational Voyage 8

…Eh, somewhat a filler…

It’s 4 minutes ’till 12:00 GMT, so I can’t really type up anything…

Right now I’m organizing all the blogs I watch into ONE HANDY EXCEL FILE (which is EXTREMELY handy and EASY TO USE, totally)… so far an hour’s passed, but :/

Yes it’s a filler categorized in “Series”. I’ll get back to you guys on what’s happening later…

An Organizational Voyage 7

…So. I organized all of my reopen lat0rz and registered for all of the forums so now all I need to do is actually read them…! Anyways, links and videos (published from school O_o):


^ Twittar bug exploited and fixed; all followers and following were reseted to 0, but I seem to have just missed it :/

^ …Feed a Starving Young Canadian Composer award..! PV; Actual link here. Participate…!

^ Moar ossim night of nights (guitar) – nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10661174

^ ..Japanese make everything ossimer. Even microsoft. :/

^ Italian parody of the OP for Hokuto no Ken…. doesn’t need any more comment…

Then some UTAU stuff. Nico links weren’t there :/

An Organizational Voyage 6

…So for some reason, I’m watching too much anime  (or enough that I still can’t get organized)..

I’ll follow through with my previous plan except with only one episode of anime a day, and also focus on my test (that I got 44.5% on last time >_<;). In other words, I’ll be pretty busy this week..

Also, I’ll also register for the myriad of forums I have in my backup tabs, just because registering earlier gives moar ossimness.

Links then:


^ So this guy didn’t hold open the elevator door, so he got beaten with.. a pan of pasta. What a waste of pasta.


^ …An amazingly addictive game… 3D tetris O_o (though in reality it’s just normal tetris with a continuous side instead of walls)


^ …Apparently Fox News doesn’t like people who take content off the web, and call that “illegal”, but they’re doing it themselves..


^ Google changed their look, as of yesterday; I’m sure you guys noticed…


^ …Older article about the testing that happened…


^ …What would happen if mario was made in 2010… though the graphics would suck more, too :P

An Organizational Voyage 5

…And yes, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, Maple grinding is complete. I have reached level 30. YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

..Anyways, I still have a couple of trades to attend to, but Maple is almost completely off my list of stuff to do now….!

So for today and tomorrow, I’ll be browsing through forums, google reader (ahem over 1000 entries), and youtube; so I won’t really be doing anything productive…. WHATEVER

…School-wise, two important exams are coming up next week, like, spend-money important exams, so I /should/ be studying for them. Eh, I’ll do that later.

I’ve finished the first draft of my report, but need to finish it, and have 4 more assignments that are now overdue, and another project to start research on. However, I should be done with overdue stuff by the end of this week, as long as something like *cough cough* MapleStory *cough cough* doesn’t hold another event… By the way, I’m not addicted.

…Anyways, yeah… that’s the plan for the next few days. My desk looks messy as hell too, so I might want to organize that >_> Link (haven’t been doing anything):oyage


^ Facebook is being evil, so zynga might withdraw and start their own system…

An Organizational Voyage 4

…It’s May~

Anyways, back onto the organizational track. I recently gained 3 levels (in one day :O), and so now I am level 27…

…The event ends on Tuesday (or Wednesday, I forgot). As Sat – Mon is X_X if I play, that leaves only one day to gain 3 levels…

…Fortunately, I’ve completed the Evan treasure chest thing, so now I have 7 free inventory spaces, and found that the ariant PQ goes up till level 30; so I can get to level 30 and then attempt to get the chair, dying once in a while to balance EXP.

Thus, my organizational voyage for maplestory is soon to be over.

…Unfortunately, my disappearance from other fields have… caused some.. discrepancies.

....Google Reader and Twitter extensions don't work past 4 digits...

…And yeah. So links:


^ …A Unity Guidebook has been released… check it out…?


^ Some people get angry at some guy mocking some indian guy with a weird name… AND IT’S POLITICAL AS WELL

An Organizational Voyage 3

…So now, my goal is MapleStory Level 30.

…I just got to level 24…

What I have now is essentially 5 days (I don’t play Sat-Mon) to gain 6 levels. This means that I’ll just need to gain 2 levels tomorrow, and one level every day after that…

…But here’s a snag.

I also need to finish the Ariant PQ (because I’m a collectible-fanatic), as well as the Evan Everyday Event and miscellaneous crap like that. Now, the crayons dropped for another quest only drop on Thursday, Saturday, and Monday, but that specific event ends on Sunday. So I’ll have to log on for 30 minutes during those days, which happen to be doable, suicidal, and suspicious, respectively (parents home, MapleStory = LOLWTF).

…Anyways, that’s my plan, and it’s not going to work, but WHATEVER :D


^ ..An interview with an indie game developer…!


^ NASA has a conference tomorrow about the search for extraterrestrial life…


^ Hamlet’s set to release on DVD and Blu-Ray… soon. I have no idea what they’re talking about. :/


^ …More than 7200 people were charged for not wearing seatbelts on Ontario highways…


^ ..Some person writes their thesis on… dwarf fortress. LOLWUT


^ They found where to put the “Extremely Large Telescope”! Yes, that’s what it’s called. Go science.

^ Marasy plays something… Argh parseeeeeeeeeeeee

^ …Rock paper scissors can cause people to go insane…

An Organizational Voyage 2


So, I’ve completed the two most important assignments of the past week; however, I still have 2 overdue assignments, plus a report at the end of the week….

…Thus, my plan for this week is to make sure I have no overdue stuff.

Internet-wise, I haven’t looked at google reader for god knows how long, so I’ll have to get that done.

However, I have come up with a much larger problem….

…Maplestory’s event is ending.

Which means it’s time to grind up some 8 levels to level 30 so that I can get those limited time items! This will undoubtably drain my time, but I will stop as soon as the event is finished…

…yeah, noone’s believing me there, right..?

Anyways, the next few posts will be boring and contentless like this one… but whatever.


^ …Zynga (farmville, anyone..?) makes over $1,000,000… a day.