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Angel Beats!: Stairway to Heaven [Completed]

It’s Winter! Two more Fall posts and then Fall’ll be over!

…tl;dw t-t

It’s all about youth, da ze.

If that doesn’t give you a brief example of what the hell this episode is about, I hope the following pictures will enlighten you. A picture’s worth a thousand captions, after all. Make your own in your minds :V

Funny how anime’s all about multiple endings now. Oh, and FYI this took place between fourth and fifth episodes – that is, after they found out you’d disappear after fulfilling what you wanted, and before they found out Tenshi’s name is Kanade, got her kicked out of Student Council (she’s still the president in this), and Yui’s still here (so it couldn’t have been after Naoi joined the SSS, cause, well, he hasn’t joined the SSS). Not much of an end there, is it? :P

Overall Rating: 6/10 (Amazing)