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Gangsta 14

METANORN beat psgels in the aniblog tourney?!

In this post, we will talk about: the Aniblog Tourney, the Antiblog Tourney, the Ant-Blog Tourney, the Aniblog Tore-Knee, the Aniblog Tour (NE), An Eye Blog Tourney, An Eyeball Tourney, and other related concepts. Also: Gangsta.

Aunt Eyeball’s Torn Knee»

May the Fourth Be With You

Yes, I know. The pun doesn’t even make sense, because y’know, it’s actually May 6th right now and I’m lying to you guys about this post date. But guess what, O-New TRANSCENDS time and space, and I can post bad puns ANYWHERE, ANYTIME I want to. DEAL WITH IT

In this post which is not about anime nor manga and is instead about the life of the most boring person to ever walk the earth, I will talk about:

  1. May the Fourth
  2. How I’ve Only Watched the First Episode of Star Wars
  3. Dropbox Contests
  4. Cinco de Mayo
  5. Birthday Presents
  6. How I’m Not a Nerd Because I Don’t Play Video Games
  7. How I Learned to Love the Aniblog Tourney
  8. Flower Pictures
  9. Your Face
  10. Outdoor Track Meets
  11. Your Mother’s Face

Rest assured, I will touch upon every single one of those topics, and in that order!!

Yes, I will also touch your mother’s face»

The Aniblog Tourney, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Admit That O-New Sucks


As we enter into the month of May, it’s now been two weeks since our round against Shameful Otaku Secret, and Round 2 has officially started! I put an exclamation mark there, but it’s not an exclamation mark of excitement; it’s an exclamation mark of HATRED. And DISGUST. And O-NEW.

So, in fact, the word is ‘unwell’, not ‘well’.



What are Little Women Made Of?

Before you accuse me of depraved intentions, no, this is not a post dissecting the many features of the female form. Instead, it is a post about Hourou Musuko, femininity, masculinity, and gender roles in a society where a boy is not a boy and a girl is not a girl. Except when they are, of course. Now, you know that I can’t tackle serious issues like this, so I hope you guys will comment and actually discuss, y’know, real stuff, and not the shit I put into my posts. My newfound popularity (?) after a spectacular loss to Shameful Otaku Secret ought to promote this discussion. OUGHT TO.

That boy is actually SPINACH»

Mouretsu Pirates 15

Well, guys, it’s time for one last rally up at the Aniblog Tourney. Shameful Otaku Secret is GOING DOWN~!!

How? THE BEST FUCKING SLAM POST IN THE HISTORY OF THE TOURNEY. And last tourney. And last last tourney, but that didn’t even happen.

But speeding is illegal»

Extrinsic Strengths of Manga-Related Imperceptions versus 2-D Perverse Exceptions and Analyses: Surrendering Facts, Production of Deep Misrepresentations, Purposeless Preservation of Ancient Suppression

An exquisite corpse is the pinnacle of pretention. Pretending that people perceive patterns they can’t even penetrate without FAILING their alliteration practices. This has nothing to do with anything; yet, even this ~horrible~ post will be preserved. I mean, what even is our society’s deep fixation on preserving historical documents? “We shall digitize them,” said Alex while discussing the benefits of Amazon’s Kindle. “Take a packet of gum for instance. What’s your favorite brand?” – “I can’t say I have any. I hardly chew gum.” – “So, that is to say, your breath hardly kicks?” Jehneefah didn’t know how to reply to [NOBODY KNOWS WHAT FILLS THIS VOID] that although us people are weird and insane, we can actually be quite reasonable. In fact it is often the weirdest and insane people that are the same time the most logical. Actually, we, who are actually the worst sort of people ever, can be civilized when it is necessary.

Yet, is civilization even necessary? Our society is founded on ancient principles (and old principals, of schools, y’know) that are purposeless today. They’re also PORPOISE-LESS, as principles (and principals) aren’t cool enough to own porpoises. We’re trapped in a deep misrepresentation of irrelevant customs that suppress modernity, preserved from times. “The New York Times,” said Alex as he waived around his Kindle like an ignorant prick. “Look, this device only cost 99 dollars. I think you should buy one.” “And not gum?” “And not gum” Jehneefah let out a big sigh, took out his credit card, and made his purchase. [NOT ONE APPRAISES THAT WHICH ENCOMPASSES THE AFOREMENTIONED’S NIHILITY] energy of the surrounding briefish air to transform him into an elegand man! And once he becomes an elegand man, how elegant! Maybe it was an England man that it was meant to be, but in fact it was elegand! I would like to talk about England instead. Wow, England. What a cool guy. I think that it is quite cool. Très cool.

Commence Battle Operations!

We’re losing pretty badly.

But not all hope is lost. Indeed, Operation Lose 0% – 100% Against Shameful Otaku Secret is no longer a possibility, as Polldaddy doesn’t even let me change my vote from a misclicked Shameful Otaku Secret to O-New, even though we are totally the more QUALITY blog. You could even say, ‘the moe quality blog’, except you can’t because we’re not moe.

There is still an incentive to vote for O-New. After a losing start with 16 votes to 0 (one of those votes was me), we gradually climbed up until eventually reaching the 30% – 70% we have at the moment (it sure would be interesting seeing a graph of our progress). Imagine how cool it would be if O-New actually BEATS Shameful Otaku Secret! It’d be the greatest Tortoise vs. Hare match in the HISTORY of the Aniblog Tournament! But that’s not incentive enough.

So. We’re upping the ante. Except not really since there’s really nothing hanging on the line at all. On that note, do check out the ~updated~ Aniblog Betting iFAQ (which is like a FAQ but it’s made by Apple, not Microsoft). Now, off that note…

If we win against Shameful Otaku Secret, I will personally allow them to write a post about anything they fucking want to on O-New. Furthermore, I will draw fanart on whatever they want me to draw, as well as an obligatory O-REW to their ugly little blog. I mean, sure, I know, O-New’s design sucks (you’ll notice that our design will rapidly change within the course of the next few hours; this is also another tactic in our ongoing battle to appeal to the masses!), but look at their design! It’s actually even… uh… well actually it looks pretty good. Hot damn, I wish I could steal their design. :<

But wait! That’s not all. Do we look like we’re selling ourselves out? Well, we actually aren’t because only I’m selling myself out, and I’m only representative of 14.285714285714285714285714285714% of our writers. We will offer a free (not that I’ve ever made un-free ones) piano transcription of any anime song they want. Yes, granted, I suck at transcribing and I’ve only ever transcribed two songs, but WHATEVER, MAN. WHATEVER.

Yes, I realize that even they can’t really do anything if they wanted (haha! sometimes even I laugh at my own jokes) these things, since votes are immutable and fixed, but… at least we’re the most popular match. In fact, today, we’ve got three times the number of views we’ve got yesterday. Even if we lose, I still hope more people will read our ramblings~!

P.S. Not that our ramblings are particularly interesting or even half as humorously sarcastic as Shameful Otaku Secret’s

P.P.S. If this is a war of who can Emperor J better, I totally win; I mean, even he gets more comments than I nowadays D:

P.P.P.S. At least, if any average anime fans come around and are disgusted by Shameful Otaku Secret’s intelligently unintelligible language, they’ll choose O-New as the lesser of two evils. Sure, maybe we’re pretentious compared to, say, Reiseng (do vote for him, by the way!), but if pretentiousness were an animal, ours’d be ants compared to Shameful Otaku Secret’s GALAXIES of pretension