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Admin is taking a bath-Make a Chikku Nee-San post!

The rise of Nee-San.The rise of the rainbow shark.The nuked Japan as we know and want it.

Chikku Nee-san is a Gag/Comedy Manga, with pretty short chapters[7 pgs. each], which means that it’s worth reading it.Although only 8 chapters have been translated so far{By thepeelingpotato-group}I find Chikku Nee-San to be pretty awesome and entertaining.(Unlike Mush-*cough* *cough*)

Plot-None.Girls are girls and they make models in a club for making models.Plastic models.Plastic mind.Plastic Fat Man and Little Boy.3 Girls just fooling around, doing silly and… **^^&} things and…more.

Ti si Guba!

There’s ONA series of this.Each episode is less than three minutes, so you can just go to watch them all. [4 episodes.For some reason MAL is saying that there are more,[{They are going to make more???}] but then again… MAL!]


The comedy and gags/jokes in this Manga are weird.Some are pretty dry, while others are pretty good.Of course, some are a but forced, but then again, comedy today is all about forcing gags and jokes up your ass.

…and you see, the characters from the modeling club are all wearing plastic models on their heads.THAT is unique and it shows that they feel pretty secure about themselves.Life…app…and BWEH!It’s pure awesomeness in a bucket.

записался добровольцем?

At first I actually thought that they are wearing them because their club does not have a lot of money and thus, they are using plastic models due to the low budget. Although it was a silly idea, I was not able to stop laughing when in one chapter they received…um, less than 2000 yen?

I guess I was right… ~Hahahahahaha!

Oh, yeah… the ONAs…they are pretty great too.I forgot to mention that.The animation and voicing is pretty acceptable and…I dunno.There is really nothing much to say about this.It’s just that…it’s short and simple.

Go away!The people from O-NEW hate you!Stupid reader...


PSP: Plastic Nee-San is now coming to your town.Be sure to buy all the tickets before your neighbor’s dog!

Gangsta 11

Watch out!! It’s a post about GANGSTA, GREEK FOOD, and GOOGLE today (and NOT a pedo bear by madoka how MANY PEOPLE search for pedo bear EVERY SINGLE DAY and get to this stupid fucking blog… I got 1.4 MILLION impressions for my blog by people searching pedo bear in the last WEEK. why, society?! why?)! :o

Yes, I realize, it’s strange – after all, with Daylight Savings Time started, I now have an extra hour every day to post, but.. nope? That’s because I decided to eat Greek food. The end. Updates later tomorrow. Or below. Click that more link».

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Ore no Kouhai ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 7

First, I’d like to get something out there. Something I’ve kept bottled up inside me for the past six months. That’s right, readers of O-New…


No, this is not a post about Ore no Kouhai»

Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 6

Sorry for the lateness, but I was so blown away by this post that I don’t even know what to say anymore.

Oh, actually, I do know what to say.

I WAS FUCKING RIGHT!!! HAHAHA!! PREPARE TO WADE THROUGH A THOUSAND WORDS OF ME SCREAMING IN YOUR FACE AS TO THE RIGHTNESS OF MY SPECULATIONS!!! Now, next thing you know, BRS really WILL become EXACTLY like Madoka, completely with derpy slice-of-life animation and awesome (?) fight scenes!!!! THE TIME HAS COME FOR O-NEW TO RECLAIM ITS PROPER POSITION AS A CERTIFIED good ANIME BLOG!!!!!!! Except I’m not certified since apparently, O-New isn’t aniblog enough to be invited to the aniblog tourney.


Alternate caption: “WHERE ARE MY BOOBS?!”»

Mouretsu Pirates 9

You don’t say?

Well, I will now say.

Mouretsu Pirates is gearing up to be ~AWESOME~. You know how every single manga I’ve ever blogged starts to suck after I start blogging it? Even Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku isn’t what it once was. I must infect good manga with bad luck, or something. Really, after they start to suck, the manga I blog all end early – SWOT, Donten Prism Solar Car, Hand x Red, now Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa, and soon, ST&RS.

But, you know how every single anime I’ve ever blogged starts to become ~AWESOME~ after I start blogging it? Even Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon turned out to be an ~awesome~ show that I’m getting HELLA PUMPED about next next season. I must infect bad anime with good luck, or something, Really, after they start to be awesome, the anime I blog all get sequels – Horizon, Steins;Gate, Beelzebub, and… uh… yeah.

Anyways, Majikoi genuinely became humorous(ly bad) after I started blogging it; Ben-To became the underdog of the season after I started blogging it; Black★Rock Shooter (TV) now seems somewhat decent (once you think of them as gearing up for a Madoka finale) after I started blogging it; and Mouretsu Pirates…

…is ~AWESOME~!

“This spaceship is indeed a potato.”»

ST&RS 22

Well, guys. It’s back to making those posts we all love the most! Damn right, I bet you’re bursting with apprehension (note: this is a bad thing)!


It’s time to get back into the habit of posting about posts as I post about posts in this post about posts. Does it say ‘ST&RS 22’ as the title? Well, that’s completely and utterly WRONG, even though it’s actually partially correct because I will in fact be talking about ST&RS 22. Immediately, in fact.

What, are you too lazy to click the more» tag and actually read this post? Well, guess what? You’re stupid, because only three types of people wouldn’t read the rest of this post – lazy people, stupid people, and people who don’t like reading crap. Two of those three types of people are also stupid. But if you happen to be stupid, don’t worry; I’m not biased towards disabled people, and I have provided you with several very helpful links to posts that I have recently re-written, including:

Get ready your Meta-Swords and Meta-Shields because it’s time to get into the Metapod and blast off into Meta-Space. I don’t even know, alright, I don’t even know.

Venture forth, brave Meta Knight!»

Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 5


I can’t say that wasn’t unexpected.

No, wait. I can.

But I won’t. So I’m not going to say that that wasn’t unexpected, and I’m not going to type ‘that wasn’t unexpected’, either. I suppose I just did. Y’know what? Drown yourself in a well off the coast of Finland. Or just scroll down to the bottom of the post to read what’s actually important.

mega moe megane»