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Highschool of the Dead Half Season Review [Completed]

I should add a tag for ‘holy shit this post was supposed to be fucking published three months ago’, but it’ll take too long to type out so I’ll stick with my good ol’ Rewrite History.

Maybe waterpistols weren’t such a good idea»

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi Half Season Review [Completed]

Oh gosh, this HSR is from the times when I didn’t screencap while watching, so arghblargh I have to go through all those episodes again…


(Also, will be updating some HSR here, so wait for my link!)

Here: Shiki HSR 3. Read it~!

Read and/or Walk On»

Highschool of the Dead Half Season Review

[Announcement: On the note of dead people…]

“Scientists tentatively call this green virus ‘grass’.”

HotD: Boobs, zombies, and grass infections»

Shiki Half Season Review 2

“I don’t want to be in a poorly written post about a series that aired months ago!!”

Well, too bad.

I’m sure he doesn’t enjoy being dead either»

Cat Shit One 1

It’s not Nine One 1.

Posting this cause originally Choy was gonna post it; then he, y’know, died, and (in need of a quick post) looking through my post backlog (which is enormous), everything was half-season reviews, with my computer dying and all; besides this. Also, I need to clear some hard drive space.

Anyways, cause it’s so awesome, why don’t I post using pictures instead?

Our story starts here. The 42nd Advanced Dromedary Division was assigned to escort the two bunnies to this town, where we would wait for helicopter support.

Hopefully, there won’t be any enemies in such a tiny town. We only have three truckloads of camels with us today.

Hey, some bunnies. Don’t know if they’re hostile or not. Maybe they’re why we needed to escort our bunnies here. I’d say they’re safe.

We get off the trucks. This is me. I’m Mohammed. Why did they send three truckloads of people when there’s nobody he-


Behind you! THE BUNNIES ARE SHOOTING AT US! I quickly run to cover; I can’t fight very well if I’m dead.

Dammit! He ran away. Wait, what’s that green thing? Maybe he’s signalling for reinforcements!

Fuck. The reinforcements are here.

I ready my RPG. Hopefully it’ll hit.

YEAH! Take that, bunnies!

Some of them came out alive. Oh well, we’ll deal with them later.

Wait! We forgot about our bunnies! If they die, then this whole mission would fail!

They’re torturing them! Damn it, there’s just too many rabbits for us to kill!

I run outside and blindly flail my blade at a nearby bunny. It didn’t kill, but at least he’s wounded.

But still they come. I retreat.

…Wait, is that…


That should deal with them.

A field of destruction surrounds the area. Yet, we still escorted our objective safely to the chopper.

I’d say it went…

…just as planned.

2010 Summer Anime Finalized

Alright, here it is: the Finalized Summer Anime Season 2010 Blogging stuff (not previous season even though I’ll probably finish watching Working!! and posting on that) I-don’t-know-what-to-write-here-anymore-this-is-actually-a-filler-post thing. Well, it’s not really finalized cause you can’t finalize whether or not you’ll drop one of these, but…

Mushy’s Animovie Posts

Black Rock Shooter. Why? CAUSE IT’S AWESOME.
YuChoy’s Anime Posts

HotD. Why? Iunno, I’m making this post and I have no idea what YuChoy thinks of it. :P

Nurarirarirarirarirarirarirarisomething. Why? Read the above.
Mushy’s Anime Posts

Black Lagoon 3. Why? CAUSE IT’S AWESOME.

tl;dw. Why? I’m not really sure. But c’mon they have dango!

Ookami-san. Why? Cause it was the first one out and I didn’t know what to expect from it, so… I’m posting it.

Mushy’s Half Season Reviews

Amagami. Why? For once, I have no idea. At all.

Digimon. Why? CAUSE IT’S THAT AWESOME. Not really. It’s just funny as hell how… badly they made it (I mean, episode 1, some Digimon kills an ENTIRE ARMY with a Final Spark 100 times the size it should be. IN EPISODE ONE. AND THERE’S SOMEONE CALLED “MADLEMON”. That radiates all kinds of… something)

Mitsudomoe. Why? I expect it to be somewhat funny even if several others have already dropped it at episode 2. But I’m only at episode 1! :P

Shiki. Why? Cause it’s supposed to become “psychological horror mindfuck”. And I haven’t seen enough of those yet.
Mushy’s Not Watching Because I Didn’t See Season 1

Black Butler 2. I am so watching this. Soon.

Sekirei. No. Not watching. EVER.

Sengoku. Maybe. They have swords.

Strike Witches. YES.
Mushy’s Not Watching

Asobe ni Ikuyo. Stupid premise. Stupid show.

Hamlet or whatever. Art style looks stupid, but I’ll judge after watching Episode 1.

Seitokai. Eh, 4koma thingy. Might watch, might not. Erring on the not side though.

Shukufuku. Maybe.

Tono to Issho. Eh. Historical.

And that pretty much wraps up what’s going to happen from now until… the end of summer! Yay! Also video:

^ Caramelldansen~

Königliche März ~ And Then the Sun Came Out

[EDIT: Well, whaddya know? Parental controls backfired, meaning that not even my parents can access the computer (where I store my music) anymore, until 4:00. Naturally, you can bypass the time restrictions by modifying the system time in BIOS startup settings, but I can’t tell them that :P So yeah. No composition. Canada Day tomorrow so I’m going to be celebrating, and I’ll update this with the final composition when I get it done. This also means I didn’t meet the deadline, but… well, that’s life.]

Thanks for all your help; this is the final copy (including the .mus! If you wish to use this for any purpose other than listening (e.g. showing other people, attempting to play it which is basically impossible as noone will want to), email me at mushyrulez@gmail.com just cause I want to know).

As for composing, I’ve definitely learned some very important things.

One – NEVER, EVER USE SUCH A HUGE ORCHESTRA EVER AGAIN. The torture of it was too much for me to bear, modifying each instrument against each other. And the font is impeccably tiny.

Two – I don’t know counterpoint. So, I shall learn counterpoint. Königliche März was based not on the individual melodies of each instrument, but on a basic chord structure and additions to it. Because of that, it sounded quite hollow.

Three – I have infinite time. Not infinite time, but I take on so many useless items that if I needed to do something, I will finish it. I could probably finish a month-long project in two days (which I have done before) if I don’t do anything stupid, because I waste /that much/ time.


But wait, mushy, why are there two posts today?

Well, today (GMT-wise) is July the First. What does that mean?

It means that Summer has officially started.

Not only does this bring good news for anime fans, but it also means we have time to blog, twice a day (we have four bloggers now).

On a related note, thanks to my obsessive following of comment feeds, I have found an interesting plugin that may or may not work. This allows us to see who’s actually writing my post and thus kill the “MUSHYHIJACK” tag, even though that was pretty fun >_>

Second announcement: Maplestory has an event. Though I knew about it a long time ago, I was busy composing worthless crap so I couldn’t participate. Anyways, it ends on the 13th, and that means that I should try to get to level 40 from level 0 to get some awesome limited-edition item. I can maple 7 hours a day, so it should go smoothly enough (for those who remember my Evan excursion).

And, yeah. Enjoy your Summers everyone; I’ll update (cause I still haven’t watched them!) DRRR and AB with their final posts soon, but probably not tomorrow as I’ve got forums to catch up to~ (Oh, and buying items because of HST starting tomorrow >_>)