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Gosick 12

[For fun, I am ‘watching’ this episode and typing this entire post at the same time, with my eyes closed – including while taking the screenshots. The only things that I am doing with my eyes open are typing this paragraph (and the excerpt), adding tags, uploading the screenshots, and hitting publish. Good luck…?]

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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Animated Commentary 8

For some reason, I don’t remember watching Kirino’s novel’s episode, except for that part about Kirino and Kuroneko saying interesting things about each other.

It’s nice to see new perspectives about any situation, for example, from Kirino’s father – a look at what otaku society is like from a ‘normal person’s point of view.

I heard the producers saying ‘one-cour’, which was translated as… half a season? Are seasons half a year in America? That doesn’t make sense at all – aren’t there /four/ seasons in a year? If a season really is two cours… THEN WHAT ARE MY HALF SEASON REVIEWS GOING TO BE?! I guess I could stay with the definition of ‘climate season’, but… arghblargh television doesn’t make sense.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Animated Commentary 7

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.hack//Quantum 3 [Completed]

The conclusion of .hack//Quantum is rather…

…grand in scale.

Yes, the cannon is the size of a city, and the dragon has a FUCKING CITY ON TOP OF IT»

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Half Season Review [Completed]

Oremus et pro magas. Ut Deus et Dominus noster illuminet animarum; ut agnoscant Kaname Madoka, Salvator omnium puellarum.

Flectamus genua.

Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, qui vis ut omnes salvi fiant puellas et ad agnitionem veritatis veniant, concede propitius, ut plenitudine gentium in Ecclesiam Tuam intrante omnis Incubones salvus fiat.
Per Dominum nostrum Madoka.


.hack//Quantum 2


Maybe we should have sterilized the bug spray/shouldn’t have put it in that nuclear reactor there»

Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail 4

I guess not

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