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Mouretsu Pirates 26 [Completed]

And it ends.

I was about to post a 4000-word essay about Marika’s callous disregard of ancient Sea of the Morningstar culture, or about the failings of electronics and androids in a post-FTL-drive universe, or about the political drive for mercenary coalitions to protect Marika’s Letter of Marque, or about the inherent hypocrisy and ironic stupidity in Mouretsu Pirates’s anime execution, and then I realized…

..since this is the last episode, this is my last chance to talk about Mouretsu Pirates.

So why not talk about everything? No, that doesn’t mean I’ll post a 16000-word post (read my winter anime previews for a 12000-word post). Instead… what about a story?

It was a dark and stormy night. Unnamed-director-of-More-Sue-Pirates-who-is-most-definitely-not-Sato-Tatsuo-because-Sato-Tatsuo-directed-Mouretsu-Pirates, who shall hereafter be referred to as ‘Mackenzie Ulysses Svetlana Harjot Zdrojkowski’ to conserve space, lay dead at his desk. The television set behind him flickered feebly, rings of static fuzzing the display as a shrill voice cried imperceptibly the onset of the fourteenth episode of Mouretsu Pirates:

“It’s time for some piracy!”

The assassin looked over his work, but thought it ill-advised to continue deliberation. Shoving his fat ass through the open window, he sneaked off noisily in the night. In his sneakers.

The joke is that Barbaloosa is a loser. Then I realized that wasn’t much of a joke but I couldn’t be arsed to re-rewatch the episode. This caption has been expertly placed as stark contrast to the preceding paragraph.

Your mom’s a mooser»

Mouretsu Pirates 25

First of all, let me make things clear.

You guys all suck.

Nobody has joined my quest to enlighten the world of the true nature of ~sunglasses~.

Do not worry. I will return next season, stronger than ever, with more sun and more glasses and more tsu pirates. Actually, lesstsu pirates because Mouretsu Pirates is ending next episode. I can’t let this chance slip away, so I will use this post to finally persuade all you ignorant plebeians of the wondrous abilities of ~sunglasses~.


Mouretsu Pirates 24

Today, I will be having a good ol’ fashioned healthy friendly Skype chat with my good pal @NanoPulp. It may or may not be about Mouretsu Pirates, and I may or may not sound absolutely retarded. P.S. All these images are either a) ironic b) related to the discussion or c) dick jokes.

[10:29:49] NanoPulp: wait
[10:29:50] Mushyrulez: retsu
[10:30:00] NanoPulp: I CAN’T ENJOY IRONY?
[10:30:03] NanoPulp: BUT I LOVE IRONY
[10:30:04] NanoPulp: WHYYY
[10:30:09] NanoPulp: I LOVE IRONY
[10:30:10] Mushyrulez: I love irony too
[10:30:15] NanoPulp: ok great
[10:30:16] Mushyrulez: that’s why mouretsu pirates is a pretty darn good show
[10:30:18] NanoPulp: we love moeretsu
[10:30:19] NanoPulp: done
[10:30:22] NanoPulp: :3
[10:30:23] Mushyrulez: :(
[10:30:28] Mushyrulez: no, today I will explain to you why
[10:30:29] Mushyrulez: MOURETSU PIRATES
[10:30:32] Mushyrulez: is IRONIC and thus GOOD

Note: this picture is EYE-ronic because a skull’s eyes are already HOLES ha ha haaaaaaaa

Black HOLE-y

Mouretsu Pirates 23

You’ve seen me writing about Mouretsu Pirates the past few days. Actually, hopefully you haven’t, because this post was actually published on June 14th, 2012 and totally not June 20th because why would I publish a post that’s already been published?? It doesn’t make any logical sense! :o

Anyways, hopefully, you haven’t seen me writing about Mouretsu Pirates the past few days. This is because I did not write manga posts the past few weeks, and if you saw me, it would be writing an anime post. And that’s creepy regardless if you’re a O-New subscriber or not, for if you are, this blog is creepy, and if you aren’t, you ought to go drown yourself in a well off the coast of Finland. Bloggers. (psssssst click the link to understand this ~inside joke~ that’s not even a joke)

Regardless of whether you have or haven’t seen me writing about Mouretsu Pirates the past few days, there is no doubt that Master Chef is undoubtedly and indubitably radical squint

Squint those eyebrows»

Fetish Fanservice

I never fully understood fanservice until I watched Mysterious Girlfriend X episode nine.

Mysterious Girlfriend X has a persistent theme of fetish. The show starts with a fetish for saliva, as everyone knows by now. It doesn’t stop there, though. The show explores exhibitionism, secret love, clothes fetishes, some light BDSM themes, sweat, and tan lines. Episode 9 is about hair. That’s what finally got me.


Mouretsu Pirates 22

You’ve seen me moping about being sick the past few days. Actually, hopefully you haven’t, because this post was actually published on June 7th, 2012 and totally not June 18th because why would I publish a post that’s already been published?? It doesn’t make any logical sense! :o

Anyways, hopefully, you haven’t seen me moping about being sick the past few days. This is because I did not go to school the past few days, and if you saw me, it would be within the confines of my own home. And that’s creepy regardless if you’re a family member or not, for if you are, this blog is creepy, and if you aren’t, you are creepy. Stalkers. (psssssst click the link to understand this ~inside joke~ that’s not even a joke)

Regardless of whether you have or haven’t seen me moping about being sick or not the past few days, there is no doubt that Show is undoubtedly and indubitably radical sick

It’s Show-time»

Jormungand 9

This is, unfortunately, the only beach scene picture that I’m willing to put in this post»

Hypocrisy in Sankarea

A guest post by @redball of shinda akachan, reprinted on O-New with his permission.

Sankarea has two recurring themes. The first, on the surface, is the theme of zombie obsession, and thus an obsession with death. The second is easily overlooked, but the theme of hypocrisy is pervasive.

Now I have to give credit to twitter. I think it was Captain L.B.C. who first pointed out the hypocrisy in Sankarea, noting that the main villain in the series is guilty of the same crime as the series itself. Both Rea’s father and the viewer ogle and objectify Rea via his risque photographs of her. He goes to the utmost extremes, with a shrine to his daughter’s nude form and later bath scenes with the photos strewn about. Yet, the viewer is presented with many of these same images. What, if not fanservice is the purpose of this?

At first I did not notice this hypocrisy. I figured the series was trying, without much tact, to show the depths of the father’s depravity. I won’t claim to be above fanservice, but I didn’t take that as a presentation thereof. However, once this alternative view was presented I watched with a more critical eye and realized that it is correct. The series is quite hypocritical in this regard and it does objectify and sexualize Rea much the same as her father.

Read on»

Jormungand 8

Cute armed men doing cute armed things»

Mouretsu Pirates 21

In moètsu Pirates Episode 21: the DINGHY SPACE LEAGE [sic] outwits the Biscuit Company.

P.S. That girl is the moè-est girl in the entire show. FUCK YOU NANOPULP, DROWN IN A WELL OFF THE COAST OF FINLAND

Mouretsu Pirates 20

I have literally never seen a cooler spaceship.

The pun is because out in space, everything is cold. Unless you’re next to a star. In which case it would be unbearably hot.

The pun is because out in space, bears

The actual posts are here (a post that compares Mouretsu Pirates to Avengers), here (an image that compares bread to coolest spaceships), and here (a post that talks about Sentai Filmworks licensing Mouretsu Pirates).

As a certain bunny would say, ‘That’s all, ignorant plebeians who just don’t understand how awesome sunglasses are.’

Jormungand 7

It really gets better every episode»

Mouretsu Pirates 19

There’s been few O-New posts lately.

So what’s a guy to do? Well, if you’re a high school student whose prior total literary experience has blogging a really crappy show about vapid braindead high school teenagers, there’s really only one moral dilemma that has to be resolved: are bloggers allowed to wear really short mini-skirts? Get ready for internetwork buccaneering unlike any you’ve ever seen before as the posts get delayed by laziness, boredom, and the sexiest words ever in BODACIOUS SPACE BLOGGERS!

…well, sorry, because a) that was the actual post b) Mouretsu Pirates is neither sexy nor bodacious c) my words are never sexy and d) this won’t be a Mouretsu Pirates post and e) this dearth of posts is due to various factors in my life such as nothing, laziness, nothing, laziness, and some Chinese school talent show competition that I’m apparently participating in. It is also due to various factors in my laziness such as reading this hyper-cool webcomic (that is literally hyper cool and avoids all tropes like the plague, the poop, and the protagonist) and this super-cool webcomic (that is literally super cool and avoids all Touhou canon like the poison, the pee, and the principal).

Imagine a poisoned poop cannon»

Jormungand 6

We are a killing team»

Uchuu Kyoudai 7

It’s weird to see Hibito’s thoughts and not follow up on them too much. The shift in perspective was for convenience of narration and I’m not sure whether it was a good move.

Anyway, really heartwarming and such. Shows that selection processes still can be fair, that the world is still forgiving and understanding.

Mouretsu Pirates 18

They did, indeed.

I HAVE LOST ALL POSTING MOTIVATION and feel so tired it’s not even funny, even though I just took a nap. Seriously. This will be a post filled with faggotry, incoherence, and trite nonsense. Want to see a glimpse into the great(ly stupid) Mushyrulez’s mind as he rambles on about foreign cartoons? Well, look no further, because hopefully this will be the first and last post that does such a thing…

Marika and the Clone Wars»

Jormungand 5

Oh wow. I don’t remember ever crying during Black Lagoon. This episode was a real tear jerker for me, seeing how tragic Jonah’s story is.


Uchuu Kyoudai 6

Wow, what a great episode.

So heartwarming, especially with all the hair.

Afro and Spike

Flowing Hair


also the real purpose of this post is to alert you guys to this:


May fifth has already happened, though. I wonder if this will get subtitled (it is real, by the way)

Jormungand 4

I like this show well enough, but the fighting was a bit retarded. It was probably the same in Black Lagoon, though.

Jormungand 5 will be a better post.

Uchuu Kyoudai 5

Today I will actually post about Space Bros. The last two posts on Space Bros were incredibad because they were very incredibad. This actually involves effort because.

I just talked like a two-year-old there»

Mouretsu Pirates 17

Remember the day before yesterday, when I told you guys I’d have a surprise for you? Well, guess what?!


No, the surprise isn’t having you guess the surprise; the surprise is something for you to guess. Frequent readers of O-New should know immediately. Infrequent readers of O-New should know momentarily. Non-readers of O-New shouldn’t know at all. Have a completely unrelated picture of pirates in their everyday pirate wear in my awkward attempt to show design critics that random pictures thrown into walls of text do in fact worsen the worsening reputation of O-New.

Programmers commit crimes… to git»

Uchuu Kyoudai 4

oh god oh no god no oh god

He’s going to get cut

by the guys

oh my god

and there will be seventeen episodes of him begging to the Space Agency

oh god

oh god

Jormungand 3

I really liked this episode, and although by the second episode I had doubts as to how this will go, this episode really renewed my faith in this show. (Just to clarify, Episode 2 actually made my rating drop to 6/10, even though it doesn’t say so in the post)


Mouretsu Pirates 16

Chef: “So, Monsieur Bonjour, how was la cuisine de notre restaurant?”
Monsieur Bonjour: “C’est très bon, Monsieur Chef. And now, I wish you a bonjour and a bon adieu.”
Chef: “Wait, Monsieur Bonjour! You are a true connoisseur of bourgeoisie cuisine, n’est pas?”
Monsieur Bonjour: “Oui. What of it?”
Chef: “Je would like to ask vous how my pie was.”
Monsieur Bonjour: “C’est bon.”
Chef: “Non! Pouvez-vous tell me more precisely?”
Monsieur Bonjour: “C’est… très bon?”
Chef: “Non!!! Je want vous to rate my pie, s’il vous plaît.”
Monsieur Bonjour: “Pardon, Monsieur Chef, but if I did that…”


Monsieur Bonjour: “I’d be pie-rating.”

( ´_ゝ`)ノ⌐■_■

Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah BATMAN!!»