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Mouretsu Pirates 13

The final Mouretsu Pirates episode of this season AND IT’S LATE.

Please wait warmly, boys are now running outside in the mud even though it’s sunny and there actually isn’t any mud outside so I can’t make any farm plots to harvest plump helmets which is what I once did for five hours straight yesterday thus explaining the lack of a proper post

That is quite possibly my current face»

Mouretsu Pirates 12

Friends, comrades, enemies whom I wish to embed inside a well off the coast of Finland:

Today, we have gathered here today, as opposed to yesterday, and certainly not tomorrow, to discuss a serious topic.

This topic is: the absurd lack of sunglasses in recent anime blogs’ posts of Mouretsu Pirates.

Look at emperorj’s Mouretsu Pirates 12 post. Once an embodiment of all that is horrible mspaint drawings, emperorj has spent his past week in trite idleness, not drawing a single horrible drawing along the way. Look at Fosshizzel’s Mouretsu Pirates 11 post. Not only is there a terrible absence of any drawings at all, but he has not even deigned to reply to my thoughtful response!! What an atrocity! I don’t even know how many s’s and z’s are in his name! Mushyrulez is simple. One s, one z. None of that silly Musssshyrulezz business.

At least Shinmaru still knows what’s going on. Now if he continues to make horrible drawings, my respect for him will do naught but increase. However, if he fails to…


Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 8 [Completed]

Mad props to the team over at WhyNot? for subbing this shit all the way until the end. Hmmm, they sub Mouretsu Pirates too, this can’t be a coincidence… ;)

Observe this post, it’s a Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 7 post. I just wrote it today because I forgot to watch this show until today, and was rather rushed because I had to watch two episodes and write these two posts in the span of a mere three hours (it usually takes me three hours just to write ONE post!)

Anyways, this episode JUST came out, like literally (check that link) so don’t mind me if this post feels rushed. Here, have a picture of noitaminA while you wait. Here, more noitaminA comparison – doesn’t Black★Rock Shooter (TV)’s ED sound a lot like Guilty Crown’s first ED? Why yes it does – this can’t be a coincidence either… ;(

No, he’s the miner»

Busou Chuugakusei: Basket Army 2

Well, guys.

I hope you’re all HELLA pumped about tomorrow, because tomorrow…


Oh, wait, sorry. That was pretty racist of me. Apologies, anyone out there who got offended. Tomato isn’t black. Japanese★Retard Schooler (TV) just doesn’t have the same ring to it, though…

But wait! This isn’t even a BRS post! It’s a BCBA post! And Busou Chuugakusei: Basket Army you will have.

Baskets of armies»

Mouretsu Pirates 11

It’s time for MUSHY’S SEMI-WEEKLY ANIME POST! It’s time to GET YA GUNS ON, because we’re BLASTING OFF for a journey into CYBERSPACE!!

My old school’s 100 years old»

Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 7

Let’s wrap this shit up, shall we?

I’m writing this post on March 22nd, 2012, and I’m mere minutes away from attaining the final episode of this ~brilliant~ show, Black★Rock Shooter (TV). I haven’t seen the final episode yet (as I said, uh, one sentence ago), but this post will really be about Black★Rock Shooter (TV) in general, rather than this specific episode.

Certainly a very racist show»

Mouretsu Pirates 10

WOAH! Don’t look like Hyakume with his callous obstinacy! It almost looks like this post might be late! Not to worry, because Captain Daylight Savings Time is here to extend the time I have to post by an hour, except not really because time hasn’t been warped like it will be warped in the next episode of More Tsun Pirates. Observe how I shall embed a self-referential pun within the next few words:

<!-more tsun pirates»->

Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 6

Sorry for the lateness, but I was so blown away by this post that I don’t even know what to say anymore.

Oh, actually, I do know what to say.

I WAS FUCKING RIGHT!!! HAHAHA!! PREPARE TO WADE THROUGH A THOUSAND WORDS OF ME SCREAMING IN YOUR FACE AS TO THE RIGHTNESS OF MY SPECULATIONS!!! Now, next thing you know, BRS really WILL become EXACTLY like Madoka, completely with derpy slice-of-life animation and awesome (?) fight scenes!!!! THE TIME HAS COME FOR O-NEW TO RECLAIM ITS PROPER POSITION AS A CERTIFIED good ANIME BLOG!!!!!!! Except I’m not certified since apparently, O-New isn’t aniblog enough to be invited to the aniblog tourney.


Alternate caption: “WHERE ARE MY BOOBS?!”»

Mouretsu Pirates 9

You don’t say?

Well, I will now say.

Mouretsu Pirates is gearing up to be ~AWESOME~. You know how every single manga I’ve ever blogged starts to suck after I start blogging it? Even Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku isn’t what it once was. I must infect good manga with bad luck, or something. Really, after they start to suck, the manga I blog all end early – SWOT, Donten Prism Solar Car, Hand x Red, now Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa, and soon, ST&RS.

But, you know how every single anime I’ve ever blogged starts to become ~AWESOME~ after I start blogging it? Even Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon turned out to be an ~awesome~ show that I’m getting HELLA PUMPED about next next season. I must infect bad anime with good luck, or something, Really, after they start to be awesome, the anime I blog all get sequels – Horizon, Steins;Gate, Beelzebub, and… uh… yeah.

Anyways, Majikoi genuinely became humorous(ly bad) after I started blogging it; Ben-To became the underdog of the season after I started blogging it; Black★Rock Shooter (TV) now seems somewhat decent (once you think of them as gearing up for a Madoka finale) after I started blogging it; and Mouretsu Pirates…

…is ~AWESOME~!

“This spaceship is indeed a potato.”»

Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 5


I can’t say that wasn’t unexpected.

No, wait. I can.

But I won’t. So I’m not going to say that that wasn’t unexpected, and I’m not going to type ‘that wasn’t unexpected’, either. I suppose I just did. Y’know what? Drown yourself in a well off the coast of Finland. Or just scroll down to the bottom of the post to read what’s actually important.

mega moe megane»

O-ASG 1: Mouretsu Pirates 8

[IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! ZUN GOT MARRIED! HALF A YEAR AGO! (EDIT: Fine, engaged, whatever). moral of the story: beer + making games where you control little girls shooting other little girls = marriage]

What does O-ASG mean, you ask?

YOU DON’T ASK! You comment. Nobody comments. So nobody asks.

O-ASG is an Organized Article of Supplementary Guides. Another possible abbreviation is ‘OrgASG’ or ‘RANDOMNES (oRgANizeD article Of suppleMeNtary guideS)’. Any relation to the Organization of Anti-Social Geniuses is purely coincidental, unintentional, and I was lying about that. There won’t be an images in this post, but there WILL BE LINKS. And it WILL BE A SHORT POST. So read on…

No dear, os

Steins;Gate: Oukoubakko no Poriomania [Completed]

So, as my first actual post as a guest poster, I’m going to write about a particular episode of Steins;Gate that not too many people would care about. Why? Because it’s a test to see if I can write about anything decently, as I don’t know if I can.

I’m actually almost certain that I’m a guest poster here for the sole purpose of Mushy DISMANTLING MY POST AND CRUSHING MY DREAMS WHILST PUBLICLY HUMILIATING ME EVERY TIME I WRITE A SINGLE WORD, but w/e.

The gist of this episode


Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 4

GOD my FUCKING GOD fuck YOU ALL OF YOU my GOD just FUCK FUCK FUCK. If you want to FUCKING SKIP these FUCKING EXPLETIVES you better SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE where I will SUMMARIZE everything that I will SWEAR this episode

Remember my FUCKING LAST POST?! Well, guess what just HAPPENED to FUCK? You see, I, being a significant, important, and influential personage of the anime industry, had received exclusive access to the pre-air of the next episode of Black★Rock Shooter (TV) – episode three – four days before it aired to the general public. BUT FOR SOME STRANGE REASON, my EXCLUSIVE ACCESS had been STRANGELY REMOVED!!! This is a SEVERE ATROCITY and I demand to RECTIFY this situation IMMEDIATELY by writing on a BLOG that NOBODY READS about the next episode of Black★Rock Shooter (TV) – episode four – two days after it aired to the general public, because by doing this, I will most definitely recover my EXLUSIVELY REVOKED access to the pre-air of Black Rock whatEVER just like my face is like THIS. Madoka. Just…. just… stop it. Here, Madoka can act like this (warning: danbo) for all I care. Because HERE IS MY FACE. Currently.

ARGH. I’ve had ENOUGH of this SILLY LOG. *kicks tree away with sharp part of foot*

tree with a goatee says :(»

2012 Winter Anime First Impressions Part Two

Are you ready for a pun? Yes, you are.

See that sunset? Yes, you do.

When does the sun set? In the evening.

What time is the evening? Very late.

So. What’s this enormously late post going to be about?

The title says it’s going to be about ‘2012 Winter Anime First Impressions Part Two’. OK, so what does that mean? It means that this post is going to be about my first impressions of the anime airing in the winter of 2012. And this is part two.

Read part one here.

Whereas part one’s shows all sucked, part two’s shows… well, half of them suck. The other half are decent. And then there’s one awesome show. But it’d be too disjointed if I just hopped around from one anime to another in this post, without any main thread in between. So this post is going to be about anime, and first impressions, and 2012 Winter. But it’s also going to be about Anime Club. That’s right, Anime Club.

So now you know what this post is going to be about.

Let’s begin.


Mouretsu Pirates 7

Remember the last Black★Rock Shooter (TV) post? Probably not, because according to my Site Stats, a grand total of three visitors read that post. One of them didn’t read it, and another one was myself. I guess nobody reads my blog… /emperorj

‘Wait,’ you probably won’t ask, ‘This is a post about Mouretsu Pirates Episode 7. Mouretsu Pirates Episode 7 hasn’t aired yet. According to AnimeCalendar, it’ll air on Sunday, February the 19th – two days from today, Friday, February the 17th.’

Anyways, you see, I, being a significant, important, and influential personage of the anime industry, have received exclusive access to the pre-air of the next episode of Mouretsu Pirates – episode seven – two days before it airs to the general public. The events which occurred this episode were so dramatic as for me to risk relinquishing my position solely to impart this shocking knowledge upon you.

Without further ado, let us move on to the plot. Warning: major spoilers will not follow. Do not read at your own risk. Read at other people’s nonexistent risks.

Yes, her name is ‘Hit-her’»

Mouretsu Pirates 6

This was going to be my 666th post and then I reconsidered. Sure is beets, potatoes around here! So, instead, all you’ll get is a screencap collection of scenery and people’s FACES. No captions, no text – just pictures. See, I can even spin a post that was posted half a month behind schedule without content due to laziness into a post into an artistic form of posting without words. tl;dr: god, I’m lazy

P.S. Don’t worry, I’ve got two SCHEDULED filler posts coming up! It’s that ‘no-actual-post-for-half-a-week’ time of the year again, eh…

Just pictures after this»

Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 3

Remember the last Black★Rock Shooter (TV) post? Probably not, seeing as I, uh, didn’t actually write that until now, seeing as the, uh, episode wasn’t released when I first published it. But now, the episode is released, and so here I go.

‘Wait,’ you probably won’t ask, ‘This is a post about Black★Rock Shooter (TV) Episode 3. Black★Rock Shooter (TV) Episode 3 hasn’t aired yet. It’s four days from being aired.’

Well, you see, last Mouretsu Pirates post, I VERY SUBTLY hinted that the next Mouretsu Pirates post would be published before the episode airs. Unfortunately, the episode has already aired, so I can hardly write a post about that before it airs if it’s already aired. Besides, even though I’m not superstitious at all, nope, not at all, don’t you think it would be bad luck to publish a ‘Mouretsu Pirates SIX’ post as my 666th post? …Yeah.

Why is this post currently only 180 words long? Well, you see, I actually… don’t have the time to finish this post, due to my having Chinese school momentarily. I will finish this post, though – and not four days later, but four hours later. So stay tuned!

Anyways, you see, I, being a significant, important, and influential personage of the anime industry, have received exclusive access to the pre-air of the next episode of Black★Rock Shooter (TV) – episode three – four days before it airs to the general public. The events which occurred this episode were so dramatic as for me to risk relinquishing my position solely to impart this shocking knowledge upon you.

Without further ado, let us move on to the plot. Warning: major spoilers will not follow. Do not read at your own risk. Read at other people’s nonexistent risks.

Yes, that was a red line»

Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 2

Then MAKE IT DOUBLE, cause it’s time for MORE SORAMIMI! The funny thing is, these lyrics (thanks, Atashi!) AREN’T MISHEARD, because they’re IN JAPANESE! Thankfully, we’ve provided a timely (read: late) English translation for all you Australians out there seeking to drink a sip of a pint of beer or cheer or fuck this let’s go


(TL Note: ‘BURAKKU★ROKKU SHUUTAA (TV) EPISOODO NI DA, DOKO E ITTA NO? KIKOEMASU KA?’ means ‘I didn’t finish writing this Black★Rock Shooter (TV) Episode Two post… yet’ in English.)

(Post-Post Edit: Now I realize why this post was late. The episode wasn’t subbed when I published it. I hope you’ll forgive me. Without further ado, I present to you: this post.)

I boast of posts»

Mouretsu Pirates 5

Hey guys! I’m a person who (self admittedly) hasn’t even viewed the majority of the material they’re bashing! And I’ll prove it, by publishing the next Mouretsu Pirates post… THREE DAYS BEFORE IT AIRS. I wish I’d did this with Ore no Kouhai or Horizon or something, but I’ve written enough Kurimagane Posts (that were written before I viewed the majority of the material) to compensate for that.

Anyways, look forward to it~

But for now, I’m going to be bashing Mouretsu Pirates after having viewed the episode. Problem is, I can’t even bash Mouretsu Pirates, because there’s nothing to bash! Except for Marika. But I’ve already done that. I knew I should’ve blogged Highschool DxD or something, but I’m already so late into this season that I can’t even watch those bad shows because of limited time. :(

Here, I’ll start harping on gravity this post, then. I think it’ll be an occasion that’s especially…


That’s where Captain Gonzaemon is»

Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 1 [Impressions]

Hey, everybody. It’s time for me to INTERACT MORE WITH MY REGULAR READERS by starting a WEEKLY I mean MONTHLY I mean YEARLY competition to see who is the GREATEST FAN OF O-NEW OUT THERE!!

What’s the challenge? Well, the challenge is understanding what I said in these comments. Whoever comments below with the proper translation of my speech, good reasons for thinking that that is the proper translation of my speech, and an excuse for me for saying ‘speech’ when I’m not even talking first will win! Here are example submissions:

Posted 2012/02/30 at 26:71 | Permalink | Reply
‘Wine, art upon sting a genome? So I’m a shoe, tapes a shinto.’ means ‘I sting genomes because I type like shinn87!’
‘Thous, our whiz-wards yew halved. Their butt-eye Kant-creek ate scream; shoots yews. Sing empathy, bee! Cousin thee en-ditch – to mush Worch!’ means ‘I take screenshots because I’m a butt-eye!’
I believe that this is the proper translation of your speech because you are an idiot, I hate you, and you are most definitely also a butt-eye.
An excuse for you saying ‘speech’ when you’re not even talking is because you are a butt-eye and butt-eyes cannot talk, but want to sound like they’re talking.

Posted 2012/12/23 at 23:59 | Permalink | Reply
where are the tits

Posted 2012/03/00 at 00:00 | Permalink | Reply
your wine and shinto comment mens kyaa~ squee~ Ouma Shu is super hot desu~~~~~<3
your wizards and buteye coment means uguuuu~~ my cousin is super cute desu~~
i believ this is right because ouma shu is supper hot desu~~ and my cousin is also super choo-kawai~
you say spech when your not even talking because you are uugly and grosse and déspicable et méprisable. Aller mourir dans un puits au large de la côte de la Finlande. b-b-baka

Posted 1949/10/01 at 07:15 | Permalink | Reply
So do all Mushyrulez need to wear 斗笠 when they write bad posts?

Je ne grosse pas»

Mouretsu Pirates 4

Well. I just received a suspicious number of views in the past hour, totalling to 168 views, or approximately 84 times the average views I get per hour. 223 people have come from flare’s blog to this site in the past day. That’s approximately 6 times the average views I get per day.

This is simply UNACCEPTABLE. There’s a reason why I’m not on Anime Nano, even though 99.98% of the posts on this blog are about anime (actually, it’s about 47%), and that’s because I won’t tolerate stealing traffic from other people! If I want traffic, I’ll earn it the hard way – by writing posts, one every day, as I have written for the past two years and I will write for five more! Or probably just one more, and then I’ll get bored. I’m amazed that I’m not bored yet.

BUT WHAT I’M SAYING IS I don’t know where these people come from but THEY’RE CREEPING ME OUT. What if they’re, like, FBI agents, or giant centipede-like caterpillars, or even worse – giant caterpillar-like centipedes?! My three worst fears in the world are the dark, centipede-like caterpillars, and caterpillar-like centipedes. It’s even worse if they’re giant.

Oh no! The giant dark is here!»

2012 Winter Anime First Impressions Part One

Oh, hey. Welcome to February. Note that the first anime of this season aired nearly a month ago (Natsume, on January 3rd). Back in my day, they called me the lATEM@STER. Because I write posts. That are late. Hahaha. That’s not even a pun what am I typing

Here, read my season previews. They’re decent. And by decent I mean they’re not horrible. That is to say, they’re merely bad and/or mediocre. Just read those god-damned posts and come back here and read this god-damned post and like, just, damn yourself, god

Before anyone accuses me of espousing anime as an entertaining, interesting, and fun medium of communication, let me disclaim myself with a disclaimer that I believe fully fits the mood of this post.

[Disclaimer: ANIME SUCKS]

I wear anime sucks in my anime shoes»

Mouretsu Pirates 3

It is the era of space colonization.

In the far, far future, humans have devised interstellar transportation systems, as well as various diverse technological advances in inventions such as the sideways-propeller-bicycle, the purple-car-with-a-fancy-hood, and the hologram computer display.

It is in this distant future that man faces its greatest challenge yet. Armed with cutting-edge sciences and the galaxy’s most brilliant minds, humanity sets out to finally devise, once and for all, an ingenious contraption that will eliminate this vile threat.

But woe.

For it is all in vain.

In the faraway future, long after our grandchildren’s grandchildren’s grandchildren are long dead, humanity has not, could not, and cannot destroy them all.

Pop-up advertisements.

Busou Chuugakusei: Basket Army 1

Y’know, the kind of première episodes I hate the most are those that exist only to introduce the characters (see: Horizon). What kind of posts can you make out of those, other than posts that exist only to introduce the characters (see: Horizon)?

I guess my creativity was sucked out of me by octopuses or something, because I can’t think of any creative things to do than to recap a five-minute-long episode in a post that’ll take you more than five minutes to read. Here’s a guy’s eyebrow. I think it’s the most interesting thing that’s happened this episode.

highbrow entertainment»