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Oh yes, about that good design? Ha ha haaaaa yeah happy april fools

Polaris, of legendary Asian renown, is silly.
Please, observe lovingly, and receive interesting story:
“Polaris obeyed Lord Albert, receiving Italian sword,
put on Lithuanian armour, Romanian items, Spaniard
protections, Oxford leggings, and Italian sausages.
Proceeded on long adventure, reaching isolated Sicily.
Polaris obviously lead adventurers right into scary
powerful ogre’s lair, and raided it successfully,
pirating ogre’s loot and riches inside. Suddenly,
plenty of leviathans attacked, ravaging items, swords,
plenty of legs, and really impairing swashbucklers.
Polaris offended leviathans and returned, impaled sideways
partially on lances.” And recently, it’s some
proverb: ‘Obeying Lord Albert’s really idiotic. Seriously.’

P.S. The anime club president has officially out-nerded me in Touhou. I heard him talking about cancer research, meteorology, and ancestral blade arts and how it relates to Hina becoming a hurricane in the Scarlet Devil Mansion because Nitori suddenly appeared riding on Mimi-chan. How do you even COME UP with this shit

2012 Winter Anime First Impressions Part Two

Are you ready for a pun? Yes, you are.

See that sunset? Yes, you do.

When does the sun set? In the evening.

What time is the evening? Very late.

So. What’s this enormously late post going to be about?

The title says it’s going to be about ‘2012 Winter Anime First Impressions Part Two’. OK, so what does that mean? It means that this post is going to be about my first impressions of the anime airing in the winter of 2012. And this is part two.

Read part one here.

Whereas part one’s shows all sucked, part two’s shows… well, half of them suck. The other half are decent. And then there’s one awesome show. But it’d be too disjointed if I just hopped around from one anime to another in this post, without any main thread in between. So this post is going to be about anime, and first impressions, and 2012 Winter. But it’s also going to be about Anime Club. That’s right, Anime Club.

So now you know what this post is going to be about.

Let’s begin.