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2012 Summer Anime Preview

You know how our season previews go. There’s a basic formula to all of them. First, a summary, then a picture, then a disclaimer talking about how I stole all this information from other blogs, and then the actual post, written by me, Mushyrulez, all by myself.


Firstly, there WON’T BE A PICTURE after a summary which is this summary which is this sentence and the sentences immediately before and after this. In fact, THERE MAY NOT BE ANY PICTURES AT ALL!!!

Secondly, there WON’T BE A DISCLAIMER after a picture because, wow, we’ve actually done NO research this time!! That means no embedded chart, no witty quips, no snide references to MAL, no NOTHING AT ALL. Since there’s something. You can’t have nothing if you have something, which is why we don’t have nothing. In fact, this new preview is so much worse than older previews that we recommend you just read the older ones instead!!

Thirdly, there WON’T BE ANY TRAILER LINKS because we’re too lazy to go search them up for you!! I know, simply horrible, right? WRONG, because it takes you lazy ducks all of ten seconds to go search ‘generic fanservice shit anime #101 trailer’ on YouTube while it takes us thirty to embed said trailer onto our page. No, we’re not being hypocritical, we’re being hyper-critical. Of your laziness.

Finally, we’re not going to spend thirty million hours writing this post and adding stupid ‘potential’ ratings so that we can publish it before we’re ten weeks into the season. Thirty hours is enough.

Proud hosters of the thirty-hour Fanime»

2012 Spring Anime Preview

You know how our season previews go. There’s a basic formula to all of them. First, a summary, then a picture, then a disclaimer talking about how I stole all this information from other blogs, and then the actual post, written by me, Mushyrulez, all by myself.


Firstly, there WON’T BE A PICTURE after a summary which is this summary which is this sentence and the sentences immediately before and after this.

Secondly, there WON’T BE A DISCLAIMER after a picture because, wow, we’ve actually done our own research (read: searching for trailers on YouTube) this time!! This also means no handy embedded chart here; just search for it yourself. And seriously, if you’re going to read the chart anyways, there’s hardly any point reading this post. At least after you read this post, you’ll still have an excuse to read the chart. This paragraph is not a disclaimer telling you that this post actually doesn’t talk about anime at all.

Thirdly, there WON’T BE BLUE TRAILER LINKS because I can’t modify the link style on this new theme I’m using!! I know, simply horrible, right? The Carnelian (dark-reddish-brown, for those less artistically inclined) texts are links. It gets pretty confusing when I put it after orange text, which is written by me.

Finally, there WON’T JUST BE ME writing this post (otherwise, why would I colour my text?), because it’s time for O-New to DIVERSIFY like Random Curiosity and METANORN have done, although of course, we’re much more HIGH TENSION SYNDROME. AbsoluteZero255 has so kindly accepted my offer to let him write 99% of this post (using this colour of blue text), unlike that other guy flare who is being such a flare not writing posts and flaring his flare and OK, LET US MOVE ON TO THE PREVIEW. Ready? GO!

Ready ready ready for the PREVIEW»

2012 Spring Anime Preview

(Heya, take a look at this STEINS;GATE BOUKAN NO REBELLION 9 POST! I’m only advertising this on this post because I know this post is going to get the most hits, considering the time we poured into the making of it.)

Alright, I’m sure you’ve all been looking forward to this.

Hello, fans of O-New.

We’re here with your 2012 Spring Anime Preview.

I’m not even joking»

2012 Winter Anime Part Three

So, what did I learn from writing season previews?

Rule 1 of writing season previews: Don’t write season previews after everybody else does.

Rule 2 of writing season previews: Do not write season previews after the previous season has already ended.

Rule 3 of writing season previews: DO NOT write season previews after the season’s shows have already started.

Rule 4 of writing season previews: DO NOT WRITE SEASON PREVIEWS after all the season’s shows have already started.


Rule 6 of writing season previews: Do not talk about writing season previews»

Ore no Kouhai ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 6

Woah, woah, woah. You didn’t think that I’d publish these 2012 Winter Anime (Preview) posts every other day, did you? When you saw that 2012 Winter Anime (Preview) Part Two, you didn’t think that my 2012 Winter Anime (Preview) Part Three would be published today, did you? Well, guess what? It’s not going to be published today. And I can’t write them every other day. They take too much time. For themselves. They should learn to share all that time they take.

Sharing is caring»

2012 Winter Anime Part Two

[Suspicious Announcement: It’s a very special day tomorrow; bonus special crackers to anybody who can guess what that day is…]

Woah, woah, woah. You didn’t think that that was the end, did you? Did you miss that ‘2012 Winter Anime PART ONE’ at the end of the post title? Or are you wondering why I’m using rhetorical questions in a post about anime previews? Let me first tell you that I am a master at rhetoric. Some people can’t even toric normally, but I toric over and over and over again.


2012 Winter Anime Part One

In which I continue writing about anime even though nobody needs to read my posts to know what’s airing, especially since most things are already aired. OH WELL

I say 2012 Winter Anime Part One because I changed the 2011 Winter tags to 2012 Winter, and the 2010 Winter tags to 2011 Winter. ‘Wait,’ you might think, ‘What’s wrong with 2010 Winter?’ Nothing, which is why I changed the title of this post from 2011 Winter Anime to 2012 Winter Anime Part One.

Everybody knows that Winter is the last season of the year, right? Too bad it isn’t in the strange world of anime, where it’s actually the first season of the year. Actually, I was lying about that changing thing. My 2011 Winter Preview is still my 2010 Winter Preview. But now I don’t actually have a post called 2011 Winter Anime, because the Winter of 2011 is this Winter, but in anime, this Winter is the Winter of 2012… what I’m trying to say is, it’s Part One because I’m splitting this post into three parts. Hooray!

Hopefully this Winter will be better than last Winter, where there were a grand total of two good shows (Madoka and Level E). *shudder*

I shudder because it’s cold»

2011 Fall Anime

Woohoo, it’s finally finished!

Summer was nice, but there was a lot of anime. It didn’t seem like it at first, but add in the ton of two-cour anime from Spring and I had my plate full /even/ without school. Thus, I’m going to be following far less anime this season (the lack of multi-cour shows from Summer helps) – not only because school might bog me down, but because I want to participate in NaNoWriMo this year and catch up on unfinished anime (first seasons of established shows, I’m looking at you…). Yet, no matter how many anime I watch, I still do nothing at all, so maybe it might just be better to watch another ton of shows.

Next, after recently adding the ‘Potential Rating’ thing last season (which are absolute and not relative by season, so there ‘could’ be a season where everything is at a 1/5), I introduce yet another groundbreaking innovation by the team (there’s a ‘me’ in team, but I see no ‘we’) here at O-New: butt jokes and swearing custom-designed, fully original, only 30% from-anime artistically inclined modern imaginative drawings from a highly educated scholar in writing informative posts!

That is to say, bad mspaint doodles. HUEHUEUEHEUEHEUHUEHUEHEUHUUU

My preview quality is FALLing»

2011 Summer Anime

It’s July the 7th!

The seventh day of the seventh month!

Sou, nano ka?


七日 = nanoka.

七日 = seventh day.

Happy Rumia Day.

Ho ho ho, whereas the previous season’s whopping 45 shows required more than 6 hours to complete, I wrote this entire post in merely four hours in the early morning of today – partly by necessity, and partly because there are only 27 episode-by-episode (e.g. with around a dozen episodes) anime airing this summer, and even that happens to be a lot of shows for a summer season. Aren’t there supposed to be more anime during summer?

Anyways, added a new thing because I thought it would be cool – a “Potential” rating. I say potential only because I don’t know what other concise, one-word description to use in place of ‘Mushy’s Preliminary Rating on the Overall Quality of this Show’. Unlike other potentials which will probably stay around the 3-4/5 range, there will be equal amounts of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in my potential ratings. SS stands for second (sequel?) season, which means that I haven’t watched the first/previous season(s), and so cannot say anything about how much I want to watch the show, ? means there’s not enough information for me to meaningfully give a mark, and -1/5 are shows with premises so ridiculous you know they’ll suck.

Maybe next time I should only post about things with more than 3/5.

Next time is next year»

2011 Spring Anime

I just realized I didn’t do a preview for Spring (well, seeing as I started halfway through the season, had never watched (ok, fine I did) anime before, and had no idea that people actually watch anime on television in Japan because I didn’t know Japan was an actual place), ever before! Also, first anime season of 2011 because Winter started in 2010! Deal with it.

There are a whopping 45 shows this season (even more if you count OVAs, Moshidora, and the like) – by far the most of any season I’ve seen, though really that’s saying absolutely nothing. I guess I started blogging at a bad time, because the 2010 seasons just pale in comparison to this one.

That also means that my average rating will probably rise up by quite a bit, as I’m not planning on seeing the crappier shows of the season. Even shows that I won’t watch cause they’re not awesome enough are probably better than most other shows in previous seasons.

Argh, I’ve never written a post this long and this tiring, ever before. At least a good half dozen hours were spent on this spanning at least two weeks of time.


Woop backwards is poow»

2010 Winter Anime

I’m not late! Winter hasn’t started yet! Who cares if I’m writing this in 2011?! Who cares if Scamp’s already posted the Spring chart (oh hey, Steins;Gate and Toriko)?! Who cares if nobody cares whether or not somebody cares? Probably just me, right ._.

And on the note of ‘2010’, not ‘2011’; pah! Winter’s not the first season of the year! It’s the last; everyone knows that! Winter starts on the solstice (the 22nd and 23rd) for us at O-NEW, not on December 1st, so SHUN everything that tells me Angel Beats was part of… er… never mind.

And it definitely isn’t 2011 Winter right now. No siree. See, this publish date says December 30th, at 23:59. Yep. That’s totally when I originally published it. That tag that says Rewrite History? All a sham! Yep, yep, nobody cares about this an-

On to the (totally not late, bec-

2010, Winter, Anime, Se-

…ason, Anime, Pr-»

2010 Fall Anime

Alright, though I could’ve used my own time ta research each individual series, I think I’ll leech off other blogs for this season.
Ta undoubtedly most detailed would be METANORN’s, so I guess I’ll go with that.
EDIT: Hanners’ has written an article for UK Anime, so I guess I’ll use that too… (it’s been some what one month since I last touched this post O_o)

DOUBLE EDIT: Forgot to add in the charts~ Chartfag’s and Scamp’s after he got fed up from waiting :P

Also, anime calendar here – first one (other than Hyakka Ryouken) starts on Friday, and it’s Iron Man. BUT FALL DOESN’T START TILL MOST NEW SERIES ARE AIRED WHICH IS Friday the NINTH with Forture Arterial being last.

Anyways, all of m(ush)y text’ll go in orange and choy’s in green, just because. Summaries and other miscellaneous crap that I’ll write’ll be in black cause I’m racist like that :V

Everything’s alphabetical, all images from Wikipedia/MAL, all videos from god knows where but I just copied other anibloggers so… yeah.

Arakawa Under The Bridge x Bridge

Ichinomiya Kō has to live under a bridge one day. Weird stuff happen because underneath the bridge are weird people…

Sequel of Arakawa Under The Bridge, which I didn’t watch, so skipping this. Too strange for my tastes anywho…

Lovesick and weird. What else can I say?


C’mon, ya know what this is about. Random teenagers decide they wanna be FAMOUS and like draw random manga crap. Blah blah blah blah blah. DORAMA

DORAMA LOLULULOLOLOLOL In all honesty though, I’ll probably watch this but drop it like an episode in because ta pace is horribly horribly slow. I loved ta manga, whether or not they’ll make a good anime is a completely different matter. Also that was a shite trailer :V

-.- A anime about a manga. I’ll probably just drop it at episode 2 -.-

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls

In an alternate 21st century, ta Tokugawa Shogunate is still alive, so student council presidents cough cough are tasked with oppressing students cough cough. Yagyuu Muneakira cough cough rebels against this with ta help of several girls cough cough. Oh, also ecchi.

Sounds promising if it wasn’t ecchi. I mean seriously meido uniforms in school. Also, Angel Beats. Besides, HotD was already here last season…

Female rebellion=not my type of stuff

Iron Man

Yes, I know that’s not anime.
What’s with people and man? I mean Baka man, Iron man, what’s next? :/
An adaption of some rich spoiled billionaire brat who makes an iron suit or some random crap like that.

Looks suspenseful… but ya never know, so I’ll check this out. Definitely not gonna blog though, unless it has epic amounts of awesomeness.

Iron man -.- This is probably gonna be really bad and G rated. But if Mushy says its good then w/e

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows)

Katsuragi Keima is a hardcore dating-sim player who manages to beat (almost; IIRC there was one game that was glitched and he had to raegquit at the end) every single dating sim ever. One day, an EVIL EVIL DEMON FROM HELL makes him have to make a bunch of girls fall in love with him. Why? CAUSE IT’S PART OF THE PLOT STOP QUESTIONING ME

Recently read this out of curiosity earlier, and soon afterwards learned it’s gonna be made into an animu.




Some cross-dressing guy somehow gets into a girls-only fujoshi/NEET apartment or something. Let’s just say it’s about jellyfish (not squid!).

wait what



Sado Tarou is a masochist. That’s all ya need ta know.
No Trailer HAR HAR HAR

I’m watching Ookami-san already, so no.

er…no thanks

Motto To Love-Ru

Harenime… not with vampires, but with aliens!

There’s a reason I didn’t finish watching ta first season, and my eyes are still bleeding from finishing ta manga. Now, if every girl in ta show were Golden Darkness, I might reconsider…

Nude woman from an alien planet wtf?

My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute

Some guy finds out his little sister’s an otaku.

…Sure, why not. I’ll watch my little sister. But I don’t have one and she doesn’t call me Nii-nii ;~;

This whole idea is just…oh whatever i dont even have a little sister.

Otome Youkai Zakuro

Alternate reality Japan – youkai live with humans peacefully. Then there’s Zakuro, a half-youkai half-human. Oh, and also the humans create the Gregorian calendar. Youkai are mad. What?

Y’know, eventually, there’s gonna be a time when all plots will have been fully flushed out. By then, all people can do is create utterly ridiculous plots that make absolutely no sense at all. I think this is a pretty good transition point…

Nurarihyon no Mago again much? I don’t want to kill my eyes with something like that again sorry

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

So there are like two Tenshis that are sent down from Heaven ta kill NPCs while ta SSS vehemently battles them in a duel to ta death ghosts or something.

ART STYLE SUCKS LOLOLOLOLOLOL Too overhyped, not gonna even touch this. Don’t want another B*RS pulled on me ._.


Psychic Detective Yakumo

Saitou Yakumo can see spirits. He’s a detective.

…Isn’t that cheating?


OMG He is using a red necklace to see stuff. GAY. Lol just joking what is he Ichigo?

Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Trailer (Camera)

wait what #2

Squid girl? Whoa spaz this one might be interesting. But I won’t know until I see it.

Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto

Shounen mecha. Some guy named Sawada Takuto Tsunayoshi swims from Japan ta some random place, and beats Michael Phelps as well. He goes ta High School and apparently there are like 20 giant cyborg-giant-Hisoutensokus hidden UNDERNEATH TA GROUND and then stuff happens.

Haven’t seen much (read: any, cause I just started actually watching anime like half a year ago) mecha animu so I’ll see what this does. But honestly how can ya fit 20 giant robots underneath a tiny island? Oh wait this isn’t Gash Bell :V

Robots=Gundam so iunno might be interesting and stuff. Ooh lol giant robots wunder what will happen?

Soredemo Machi Wa Mawatteiru

Arayshiyama is a ROBOT MAIDO and she FIGHTS EVIL CHINESE MARTIAL ARTISTS. Well, not really, it’s just a slice of life I suppose :V

Would watch this if I had a slacker schedule, but a bunch of stuff is carrying over from summer, so I can’t. Oh, and she’s not really a robot maid. B-[

OMG a anime about maids so amazing. lolwut?


It’s a reverse harem.

Says something about a show if I quit halfway through the trailer, and IIRC that’s just an AMV.

There are way too many anime relating to high school love. Gawd so interesting. But whatever I’m not even gonna touch it.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

Four girls wanna be detectives. And opera signers. And milk-buyers. And whatever tantei means-ers. AT THE SAME TIME WOAH MULTITASKING AMAZING

Seriously, J.C. Staff, stop making so many random crap. You’re already making Bakuman and Index 2. …Hrmmm, maybe this is all a plot for them to equalize the suckiness of anime… if you have good series, you have to make bad ones too or else the equilibrium of the universe will shatter.

Oh, and aliens will come down through rifts in the sky. OH WELL :V

Milky Holmes? MILKY HOLMES? That just sounds SOOOOo wrong. Otherwise it sounds like crap. Am I being negative? Who cares

Tegami Bachi Reverse – Letter Bee 2

I’m not really sure what it’s about but AFAIK some mail-delivery boy person goes on an epic emotional adventure or somethin.

Didn’t watch first season, don’t have enough time ta watch first season, won’t watch second season. Though if it really is such an epic emotional adventure as it claims I do hope that it isn’t B*RS all over again, especially with that… er… interesting scene near ta end of ta trailer…

A wild Gaichuu! Delivery Boy I choose you! Use your deadly postal stamps to kick its ass!

Toaru Majutsu no Index II

Yeah, that’s ta cover of ta first volume, whatever.
Kamijou Touma is some random guy who lives in a city of SCIENCE. One day some loli lands on his balcony and eats all his food. He realizes that she’s a MAGICAL loli and so here we have ta second season of A Certain Magical Index.

Three words: YES.

Woah, she’s a wizard. Anyways might watch cuz the plot seems at least alright.

Togainu no Chi

Some guy fights to be the top of something. Oh, and BL.

…creepy :<

Mushy said it was FAKE AND GAY, I said it was UFC, the cover screams STREET FIGHTER

Yosuga no Sora

Errrrr dating-sim based thing. Oh, and Pocky. TM.

Not that I particularly dislike dating-sim adaptions, but I particularly hate dating-sim adaptions.


Conclusion (not that I introduced anything in the first place :V)

I’ve purposely left off sequels nobody wants to watch (sequels people might want to watch are still on there though), OVAs, movies, and little children shows about Baka-Raptors. Though for those, I’ll definitely watch Railgun, Touhou (if it comes out ._.), Occult Academy OVAs, Mirai Nikki, and maybe even Bleach – Jigoku-hen. Anyways, here it is, the Fall 2010 lineup.

Final Pre-Fall Roundup:
(Choy can’t decide what to blog right now :V He also thinks everything sucks so he’s gonna kill himself now. In a bathtub. B-B-BUT BUT BUT INDEX-TAAAAAAAAAN~)
Mushy’s Half-Season Reviewing: Amagami SS, Bakuman, Digimon Xros Wars (maybe :V), Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, My Little Sister Can’t be This Cute!, Nurarihyon no Mago (dammit choy :V), andToaru Majutsu no Index II
Mushy Blogging: Shiki, either Psychic Detective Yakumo OR Legend of the Legendary Heroes (the other one goes up to Half-Season Reviewing)

Oh, and Fall hasn’t started yet so I’m not late.

2010 Summer Anime Finalized

Alright, here it is: the Finalized Summer Anime Season 2010 Blogging stuff (not previous season even though I’ll probably finish watching Working!! and posting on that) I-don’t-know-what-to-write-here-anymore-this-is-actually-a-filler-post thing. Well, it’s not really finalized cause you can’t finalize whether or not you’ll drop one of these, but…

Mushy’s Animovie Posts

Black Rock Shooter. Why? CAUSE IT’S AWESOME.
YuChoy’s Anime Posts

HotD. Why? Iunno, I’m making this post and I have no idea what YuChoy thinks of it. :P

Nurarirarirarirarirarirarirarisomething. Why? Read the above.
Mushy’s Anime Posts

Black Lagoon 3. Why? CAUSE IT’S AWESOME.

tl;dw. Why? I’m not really sure. But c’mon they have dango!

Ookami-san. Why? Cause it was the first one out and I didn’t know what to expect from it, so… I’m posting it.

Mushy’s Half Season Reviews

Amagami. Why? For once, I have no idea. At all.

Digimon. Why? CAUSE IT’S THAT AWESOME. Not really. It’s just funny as hell how… badly they made it (I mean, episode 1, some Digimon kills an ENTIRE ARMY with a Final Spark 100 times the size it should be. IN EPISODE ONE. AND THERE’S SOMEONE CALLED “MADLEMON”. That radiates all kinds of… something)

Mitsudomoe. Why? I expect it to be somewhat funny even if several others have already dropped it at episode 2. But I’m only at episode 1! :P

Shiki. Why? Cause it’s supposed to become “psychological horror mindfuck”. And I haven’t seen enough of those yet.
Mushy’s Not Watching Because I Didn’t See Season 1

Black Butler 2. I am so watching this. Soon.

Sekirei. No. Not watching. EVER.

Sengoku. Maybe. They have swords.

Strike Witches. YES.
Mushy’s Not Watching

Asobe ni Ikuyo. Stupid premise. Stupid show.

Hamlet or whatever. Art style looks stupid, but I’ll judge after watching Episode 1.

Seitokai. Eh, 4koma thingy. Might watch, might not. Erring on the not side though.

Shukufuku. Maybe.

Tono to Issho. Eh. Historical.

And that pretty much wraps up what’s going to happen from now until… the end of summer! Yay! Also video:

^ Caramelldansen~

2010 Summer Anime

2010 Summer Anime Preview and stuff, after these videos/notes:

…It seems that FMA (both the manga and Brotherhood anime adaption) has finally ended… so I’ll probably rewatch that (I only watched the first anime) this summer.

Hayabusa‘s also back from wherever it went…

On an entirely unrelated note;


^ WordPress 3.0 is out…! (And it still screws with my font size and spacing)


^ What they used to make Bad Apple!!…

^ Supposedly the “last” combo movie; one that you can actually watch without getting bored…!

So, I’mma just start this first; these are purely my opinions (don’t get offended), YuChoy’s gonna (hopefully) be blogging Summer too, but it’s hard to coordinate posts and such.

Lists here:


(read that while reading this post or else stuff won’t make sense)


Amagami SS
…Eh. Slice of life, I’m pretty biased towards those. Not gonna watch at all, I mean for god’s sakes, it’s based on a dating sim >_>
Asobe ni Ikuyo!
…Alright, the premise is that some guy meets an nekoalien. :/ Sounds like another To-Love-Ru, not gonna watch either. Might turn awesome, though I highly doubt it.
Black Lagoon OVA
Not only am I going to watch this, I’m going to blog this as well. Unfortunately, it’s Season 3, and I didn’t watch any of the previous seasons; I think it’s time for some catch-up >:D
IMO this seems like definitely one of the best anime of this season, at least in the top 3 if not the best. JUST FREAKING LOOK AT THE TRAILER GOD THAT IS JUST AWESOME
According to the Wikipedia article it’s about A BAND OF MODERN PIRATES
Black Rock Shooter
…It seems like basically EVERYONE on the niconets is waiting for this. Apparently it’s based on a Vocaloid (Miku) song/PV…
..For the Preview vieo, they even used the original song..!
Goes right up there with Black Lagoon :# :#
Now if they made an anime for this one PV, they should really get to work on getting a Touhou one :P
I am DEFINITELY going to blog this. Like, 100%.
Burakku rokku shuutaa~
Digimon Xros Wars
…It’s Digimon. Need I say more? >_>
Highschool of the Dead
It seems just as good as Black Rock Shooter and Black Lagoon; since when have zombie animes failed us?
I’m certain this will be AWESOME, just because IT IS AWESOME
Anyways, Choy’s prolly gonna blog this but I will definitely watch this as well. Just hope it isn’t too scary… >_>
Kuroshitsuji 2
…Perfect and Elegant butler..?
Sakuya copycat.

Seems interesting, not as good as HSotD but maybe worth a watch. Unfortunately it’s also the second series, and so I may need to watch the first as well.
…But judging solely from the preview, it seems that there is way too much talking in the anime, and not enough action. Nevertheless, could be interesting, I just probably won’t blog it.
The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
Redundancy is redundant… Maybe the Legend of the Legendary Legends would seem more Legendary >_>
..Some fantasy anime. Eh, not brilliant but probably not that bad either.
Rating just went up to “worth a glance”.
…Eh. Moe really isn’t my style, so I’ll drop this. Sounds /really/ Kokonoesque, which is a somewhat bad thing. Points down for repetitive music, so all in all, I’m prolly not going to even bother looking at this.

Nanarihyon no Mago

…Admit it, when you first looked at the poster and realized that he was half-demon/youkai you thought “Inuyasha”.
..It really does sound like it; so it might be worth a watch. It’s ported straight from Shonen Jump as well, which means it has to be at least somewhat decent.
‘Choy’s going to be blogging this.
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi
That just killed like half of the points. Seems interesting but not very blog-worthy, probably just another haremina (anime backwards is emina teehee), and those get boring pretty fast.
I might look at it, but most likely won’t follow it very far…
Osaka Hamlet
The picture looks weird, and that’s enough for me to disregard it. I’ll see the first episode and then make a judgement, I guess….
Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin
So there’s an entire city within a building.
This is obvious horror setting, so I’ll probably watch it just because horror shows are generally more interesting.
Attempt to add mythology into it is… interesting. It might bomb, it might work; I’ll see what happens with this one.
Seitokai Yakuindomo
…Another 4koma adapted anime, à la K-On and Hidamari Sketch.
…4koma = moeblob
…moeblob = no content
…no content = …
Sekirei: Pure Engagement
…First thought = EPIC SWORDSLASH WIN
…Second thought = Sekirei: Pure Fanservice
I didn’t even finish watching the trailer.
Sengoku Basara 2
Epic swordslashing again. And furries. :/
Iunno, the preview was too short for me to judge anything, so I’ll see the first episode. Seems to me like a lot of fighting though, and I didn’t watch the first season, so.. :/
Well, this seems… like a masterpiece. A horrible, horrible (in a semi-good way) masterpiece.
:S I’m not sure if I have the stomach to watch it.
I’m not going to blog it cause more than 2 series may be a bit too much, but I’ll watch it for sure.
The silent preview also gave the feel of something really, really, good. But god the corpses they’ll haunt my dreams forever
Shukufuku no Campanella
…Well, let’s just read the summary; “series based upon an adult visual nov-
Strike Witches 2
…Iunno about this. There’s usually a very, very, thick line between plot and moe/fanservice animes, but this sorta blurs it. I haven’t watched the first season though, so… eh.
Shou lazors though. Might watch a few episodes of this, but probably won’t watch the entire thing. Also, what’s with that purple Kenpachi-esquie eyepatch that person has…?
Tono to Issho
..Some Historical anime. Eh, Hetalia was a “Historical” anime, this one may be worth a try…
…Which means, for the final list choices, we have this:
Black Lagoon/Black Rock Shooter/Highschool of the Dead are obvious wins.
After that, Kuroshitsuji 2/Nanarihyon no Mago/Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin/Shiki should be rather good ones.
I’ll also check out The Legend of the Legendary Heroes/Osaka Hamlet/Sengoku Basara 2/Strike Witches 2/Tono to Issho to see how they’re like.
…The rest is just :/
And that’s the end of Mushy’s 2010 Summer Anime Preview Review! :D