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Engrish Soramimi: Call Me Maybe… Later

Welcome back to another bout of bad Engrish soramimi! Why do I say ‘bad Engrish soramimi’? Because the singer’s Engrish is bad, its inherent badness is Engrish, and my soramimi isn’t actual soramimi, it’s just a bad mondegreen. Why is it a bad mondegreen? Because the singer’s Engrish is bad.

But how can the singer’s Engrish be bad? ‘Call Me Maybe’ is an English song, sung by an English singer, right?

No, we’re not talking about ‘Call Me Maybe’… we’re talking about ‘Call Me Later’, a 1970s R&B song by FOXY.

Wait actually no that’s in English too wait that’s not right

It’s in bad Engrish when played backwards»

Ao no Exorcist Half Season Review [Completed]

People die when they are killed.


“He’s so stupid that he’s not smart!”»

Ao no Exorcist Half Season Review 3

Oh boy Steins;Gate and Usagi Drop are OVER but instead of writing posts on those (notice: I am on episode 20 of Steins;Gate and episode 6 of Usagi Drop), here’s a post on Episodes 14 – 19 (that’s right, episodes that aired three+ weeks ago) of some stupid shounen show nobody cares about.

Fucking steins;sub where»

Ao no Exorcist Half Season Review 2

I… uh.. ok»

Ao no Exorcist Half Season Review

[Announcement: BTW, I wrote this. It’s only natural that this post would follow this, too…]

Ao no Exorcist is about the Blue Exorcist, an Na’vi Exorcist from Pandora. He comes to Green Earth to Exorcize, except to fit in with the Tan Humans, the Blue Exorcist must assume an unassuming disguise…

Read more about his adventures»

Ao no Exorcist and Three-Episode Taste Tests

…or whatever they’re called.

Here’s a rather long post with no pictures, but I hope my ideas (not my writing) is at least interesting enough.

Just click here»

2011 Spring Anime First Impressions

So, what did I think of the season?