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2012 Spring Anime Preview

(Heya, take a look at this STEINS;GATE BOUKAN NO REBELLION 9 POST! I’m only advertising this on this post because I know this post is going to get the most hits, considering the time we poured into the making of it.)

Alright, I’m sure you’ve all been looking forward to this.

Hello, fans of O-New.

We’re here with your 2012 Spring Anime Preview.

I’m not even joking»

Hourou Musuko and Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica 11

[Announcement: HOLY SHIT, LOOK AT HOW MANY VIEWS I SUDDENLY GOT. I think for some reason our YuChoy’s Pedo Bear post, which was actually just an image, which was actually /ripped/ off of someone else (I don’t condone this), got to the top of Google’s Image Search, and a swarm of ‘pedo bear’ searching people decided to click on it. A LOT. It’s like, holy shit what?]

Eh, since they were both so recently released, I figured I would write about both of them in this post.

More Homumoe~»

New Scientific Discoveries


^ Apple has released groundbreaking technology, the creation of smells from the iPhone…!


^ At the same time, Ben & Jerry has created virtual icecream; lick it to taste the flavour! It actually works, it’s not a prank.


^ Google (Canada FTW) has also revolutionized searching, with the search time being in different units, so that everyone can feel included…!


^ And Youtube introduces its also revolutionary TEXTp; allowing you to save bandwidth for people with slow internet…!


^ iPad’s app store includes various apps for business…!


^ And, sigh, it’s April Fool’s Day once again… I’m sure none of the above webpages would have any pranks or anything… but Kongregate is at it again with another fake card…. -_-


^ Google is also announcing a new idea; storing actual things in Google Docs! This ranges from your keys! Your cat! Your car! Frozen dinner! Your mom! Your house! Yourself! And it’s all for only 10 cents a kilogram….! Sign up now to get a free ton of storage…!


^ Prescription windscreens…! So you don’t have to wear glasses while driving…!

Also, I’m starting MapleStory again.


…Happy April Fool’s Day…!


^ Full list here…!