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Eyeshield 21

It’s a manga about football. Go and read it.

[MUSHYHIJACK: This isn’t the actual review.]

Filler 20

Swimming is tiring.

Studying is tiring.

Tired people don’t like making posts.

Tired people like sleeping.


Nobody made a post.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day.

In essence, this is pretty much a filler.

Also, yuchoy is permanently leaving O-New.

Expect more fillers.

I talked to mushy. There’s the convo.

Mushy: mann my lag is amazigng
Mushy: I should like sell this lag for money as an antique or something

A Filler Post 19

I don’t know if anybody still remembers me but I posted here a while ago then left to do other things with my life. However, Mushy is in China doing some random crap with no computer so he called us here.

Mushyrulez used “Summon Author Slaves!”
The attack was not very effective!
Mushyrulez used “Blackmail Author Slaves!”
The attack was super effective!

So yeah, we’ll be here posting for the next eighteen days. I’m sure Mushy is having a -good- time in China. Mind you, he’s probably in an internet cafe or reading about mahjong or quantum physics. We’re terrible at this so expect filler posts. Lots of filler posts.

Mushyrulez used “Shout at awesomebananadancer”
The attack was super effective!

Sorry, I mean, we’ll be reviewing manga and anime, just like Mushy has for the past two years. One last thing, please refer to me as Silas, not awesomebanandancer or davesunnyo or whatever screen name I’ve used on here.

Harry Potter 101

English 105W: Introduction to Issues in Literature and Culture: the Cultural and Literary legacy of Harry Potter

In 1997, Joanne Rowling published Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first of what would be seven books chronicling the adventures of a young wizard and his friends. More than a decade later, the Harry Potter series has sold more than 400 million copies, been translated into 67 languages, been made into 8 motion pictures, been made into a theme park, became a, if not the, catalyst for an entire generation to rediscover the love of reading and has made J.K. Rowling not only a household name, but the first ever billionaire author. There is no denying the cultural impact and importance of the Harry Potter series. Over the course of this semester we will be exploring issues related around this cultural impact, from the literary conventions used in the series to the “fandom” created by Harry Potter to the difference of genres between film and literature to the historical literature dealing with magic and witchcraft. Whether wizard or muggle, witch or squib, there is something for everyone in this course.

WQB – Breadth Humanities, Writing

Pre-Requisites: None, though it is highly recommended that all students have read through the Harry Potter series at least once before taking this class.

Required Texts: Books 1-7 of the Harry Potter Series (for reference), Quidditch Through the Ages, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and the Tales of Beedle the Bard

Class Requirements:
Tutorial Participation (10%)
Pre-reading Quiz (10%)
First Paper (1000 words) (25%) (10% for Draft/Peer Editing, 15% for Final Product)
Second Paper (1500 words) (35%) (10% for Draft/Peer Editing, 25% for Final Product)
Final Exam (20%)

Week 1: “Charms”
– Exploring the appeal of the Harry Potter series to its intended audience as well as an overview of the literary conventions and themes found in the series.
– Pre-reading Quiz (in lecture): To make sure you’ve actually read the books
– Topics for First Paper distributed in lecture

Week 2: “Potions”
– Continuing our discussion of literary conventions, we will examine the key “ingredients” of the series and genre, comparing them to other similar works.

Week 3: “History of Magic”
– We look into historic examples of literature and how magic and witchcraft were portrayed, comparing them with the series.
– Supplementary Reading: The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Week 4: “Care of Magical Creatures”
– We examine the mythology behind the numerous creatures in the Harry Potter series as well as the use of Symbolism throughout the books.
– Supplementary Reading: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
– Draft of First Paper due in Tutorial

Week 5: “Quidditch”
– We will begin a broad overview of the world within the Harry Potter books and the broader implications of such a society.
– Supplementary Reading: Quidditch Through the Ages
– First Paper due in Tutorial

Week 6: “Herbology”
– The use of Character in the Harry Potter novels, categorizing the tropes of different characters as well as segregation and racism within the Harry Potter universe

Week 7: “Divination”
– We discuss the use of Foreshadowing and Suspense within the series, as well as predictions made about Books 5, 6, and 7 before their publication.

Week 8: “Ancient Runes”
– The majority of spells and incantations of the Harry Potter universe find their roots in Latin, we examine the linguistic significance of this.

Week 9: “Astronomy”
– Names are not given lightly in the Harry Potter universe (for example, the Black family are all named after constellations). We examine the significance of names, tying back to our discussions in Weeks 4 and 6
– Topics for Second Paper distributed in lecture

Week 10: “Arithmancy”
– It is estimated that the Harry Potter brand is worth 15 billion GBP. We will discuss the economics of the Harry Potter series as well as the issue of commercializing literature.

Week 11: “Defense Against the Dark Arts”
– Exploring the literary criticism leveled against the Harry Potter series as well as the religious controversies over the publication and distribution of the books.
– Draft of Second Paper due in Tutorial

Week 12: “Transfiguration”
– From books to movies, we look at the process of turning literature into film as well as the differences between the mediums and its implications.
– Second Paper due in Tutorial

Week 13: “Muggle Studies”
– We examine the Harry Potter “fandom”, from internet (Mugglenet, Leaky Cauldron, Lexicon etc.) to Fanfiction tropes to the Harry Potter Theme Park

Finals Period:
– Final Exam (t.b.a)

You have no idea what I would give to take this course if it were actually real…

10 Significant 20th Century Battles Featuring the Canadian Forces

[MUSHYHIJACK: Due to a communication breakdancer, abd’s posting this on Remembrance Day over here in Canadia, which is the 12th in England now. BUT THIS IS A CANADIA POST And no, this is not A Numerical List.]
At the end of the Second World War, Canada had the world’s third largest standing volunteer army and the fourth largest air force. Sixty-five years later, the military situation in Canada has clearly changed, but our history has not. This list examines 10 significant battles in the 20th century that featured the Canadian Forces. It is by no means complete – which is sad in so many ways.

1) Battle of Vimy Ridge (April 9 – April 12, 1917)

The Battle of Vimy Ridge occurred during the Battle of Arras, a British offensive in the north of France near the Belgian border. The objective of Vimy Ridge was to capture the German position at the northern most end of Arras to prevent the Germans from pounding the advancing southern forces with artillery. This battle marked the first time in the war that all four Canadian divisions fought together and has been a symbol of nationalistic achievement and sacrifice ever since. It is arguably the most famous battle fought by Canadian forces in the 20th century.

At the end of the three days, close to 3,600 Canadians had been killed, and another 7,000 had been wounded. It is estimated that 4,000 German soldiers were taken prisoner.

2) Battle of Hong Kong (December 8 – December 25, 1941)

Less than eight hours after the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbour, 52,000 Japanese soldiers descended on Hong Kong from the neighbouring Guangdong province. In defense of Hong Kong were 14,000 British troops including soldiers from India, and close to 2,000 Canadian soldiers. By December 11, the British forces were forced to evacuate from Kowloon, and by December 13, they had been pushed back to Hong Kong Island. The Japanese quickly achieved air supremacy in the first days of fighting, and the remaining ships of the Royal Navy had been ordered to retreat to Singapore. On December 18, Japanese forces landed on Hong Kong island, and a week later, British forces surrendered.

All 1,975 Canadian personnel were either killed, wounded, or taken prisoner. Hong Kong civilians suffered 7,000 casualties during the battle itself. The Battle of Hong Kong marked the first time a British colony had surrendered to an invading force.

3) Dieppe Raid (August 19, 1942)

The main objective of the Dieppe Raid was to seize and hold the port of Dieppe for a short period of time in order for the allied forces to sabotage German defenses and to gather intelligence from captured German prisoners and from the assessment of the German response. It was, in short, a disaster. The plan called for a traditional frontal assault up the beaches, which was held off by German machine gun positions. Coupled with ineffective Armour and Artillery support, no Air support, and poor intelligence of the German forces in the area, commanders were forced to call a retreat four hours after the start of the battle. No main objectives were achieved.

The Canadian forces suffered just under 3,400 casualties in those four hours compared with the 600 casualties suffered by the Germans. If there is a bright side in all this, the allied forces learned major lessons from Dieppe, which would lead to the success of the Normandy landings almost two years later, including the development of specialized armoured vehicles, the realization of the need for heavier naval artillery bombardments beforehand, and the inclusion of a preliminary aerial bombardment. It has been said that “For every man who died in Dieppe, at least ten more must have been spared in Normandy in 1944.”

4) Battle of Ortona (December 20 – December 28, 1943)

Ortona sits on the eastern coast of Italy, bordering the Adriatic Sea. By 1943, it was one of the few usable deep water ports remaining in Italy, which made it a valuable objective for the Allies. Winston Churchill would later call the Battle of Ortona “Little Stalingard” in reference to the close-quartered fighting that occurred over the eight days. The Canadian forces prevailed using a new tactic they dubbed “mouse-holing” where a hole would be blown through the shared wall of adjacent houses. The Canadians would then throw in grenades and assault through the upper floor.

The Canadians suffered 1,375 fatalities during Ortona, with another 964 men being wounded. After 8 days, the German forces, who had been ordered to “fight for every last house and tree” withdrew, their losses were unknown.

5) Juno Beach (June 6, 1944)

The D-Day landings at Normandy was the successful attempt of the Allied forces to gain a foothold and to begin retaking Europe. On the first day, 170,000 men landed on the beaches of Normandy, 21,400 of these being Canadians tasked with clearing “Juno” Beach. In comparison, Juno Beach was the second most heavily defended beach of the five with pillboxes and fortifications lining the entire beach with the water heavily mined. However, Juno was defended by one of the weakest divisions in Normandy consisting of static German troops with no transport capabilities and no combat experience, augmented with Soviet “volunteer” troops from the east.

By the end of D-Day, the Canadians had advanced close to 10km into France, the furthest out of the Allied forces. Following D-Day, the Canadians linked up with British forces advancing in from neighbouring Sword beach. The Canadians suffered 1,000 casualties on the first day of the Normandy invasion, including 340 deaths.

6) Battle of the Scheldt (October 2 – November 8, 1944)

With the Allied forces stretched for hundreds of kilometers from Normandy to the French/German border, there was an urgent need to secure the ports of Antwerp to ease the logistical burden of supplying the invasion forces. After the failed Operation Marketgarden, the Germans had ample time to prepare their defenses around the Scheldt estuary. The five weeks of fighting were marked with numerous amphibious assaults, obstacle crossing, and assaults over open ground. The Germans defended the Scheldt with artillery and snipers and both the water and land were heavily mined.

At the end of the battle, the Canadians had suffered just under 6,400 casualties, half of all the Allied casualties in the Scheldt. This led to another conscription crisis back at home. The Germans suffered similar casualties to the Allies, in addition to the 41,000 prisoners who surrendered to the Canadians. The loss of Antwerp was a huge strategic blow to German forces, and it was one of the objectives marked out for the Battle of the Bulge in mid-December.

7) Battle of Kapyong (April 22 – April 25, 1951)

The Battle of Kapyong, during the Korean War, saw Australian and Canadian forces defending the Kapyong valley, en route to Seoul, against forces from the Chinese Communist People’s Volunteer Army. On April 22, an estimated 10,000 Chinese soldiers flooded into the Kapyong valley in an attempt to dislodge the Australians and Canadians. Despite being outnumbered at least five to one, the Canadians and Australians were better equipped and better trained than the Chinese combatants. After nights of heavy bombardments, on both sides, and waves of attackers, the Chinese were forced to withdraw from the valley in the late afternoon of April 25th.

Throughout the ordeal, the Canadians suffered a total of 33 casualties. In contrast, the Chinese forces retreated leaving behind an estimated 1,000 dead soldiers. The Battle of Kapyong is the most famous action undertaken by the Canadian forces during the Korean War. Total casualties between 1951 and 1953 include 1,558 Canadian soldiers – 516 of those as fatalities.

8) The Vietnam War (November 1, 1955 – May 15, 1975)

Though the Canadians never took part in any battles during the Vietnam War, I have included it in this list due to the unfortunate impression that Canada did nothing during the Vietnam War. It is estimated that Canada sold $2.47 billion worth of war materiel and supplies to the United States between 1965 and 1973. Canadian facilities were used for training and weapons testing by the US forces. Around 30,000 Canadians volunteered to join the US forces to fight in south-east Asia. As well, Canada deployed a small force into Vietnam to enforce the 1973 cease-fire. 110 Canadians were killed in Vietnam.

9) Battle of Medak Pocket (September 9 – September 17, 1993)

The Battle of the Medak Pocket took place during Canada’s peacekeeping mission in Croatia. During 1991, Croatia moved for independence from Yugoslavia, resulting in Croatian Serbian rebels establishing the internationally unrecognized Republic of Serb Krajina. Major human rights violations occurred, perpetuated by both the Serbs and the Croatians before a ceasefire was agreed on. The UN sent in peacekeeping forces to police the area. On September 9th, the Croatians violated this ceasefire and attacked Serbian forces. When the Canadian peacekeepers were sent in, the Croatians attacked them as well, believing that the Canadian forces would instantly withdraw, as previous UN forces had done before due to their restrictive mission mandates. This was not the case, and the Croatian commander quickly negotiated a cease-fire and withdrawal with the Canadian commander.

Four Canadians were wounded by Croatian artillery as the peace-keeping forces took up the abandoned Serbian positions. Depending on the source, the Croatians suffered either 27 casualties (Canadian) or 94 casualties (Croatian). However, there is still continual denial of this incident occurring in Croatia, due to the discovery of war crimes committed by the Croatian forces.

10) Battle of Panjwaii (July 2006, September – October 2006)

The first phase of the Battle of Panjwaii occurred during the summer of 2006, where Canadian forces, supported by Afghan forces, went into the Panjwaii area in Afghanistan to clear Taliban strongholds. Fighting lasted from July 8th to August 19th. After July, following the departure of Canadian and Afghan forces, the Taliban quickly re-established their hold over Panjwaii. The second phase was spearheaded by the Canadians again forcing the Taliban to retreat after weeks of fighting. The Taliban are no longer present in large numbers in Panjwaii.

Throughout the fighting, the Canadian forces sustained 16 fatalities, including Canada’s first female combat arms casualty, and another 50 soldiers wounded. Sadly, the vast majority of these casualties came from a friendly fire incident where an American A-10 strafed Canadian Forces who had called in an air strike on Taliban positions. It is estimated that Taliban forces suffered between 500 – 1,000 casualties in these months.

Some notable omissions: Battle of Somme, Battle of the Atlantic, Liberation of the Netherlands

Happy Birthday Yuchoy!

So, as you can tell from the title, it’s Yuchoy’s birthday today. Let’s do what pretty much everybody else in the world does, sing a short song that he most likely doesn’t care the least bit about.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Your mom made me cake,
Happy Birthday to you

Yeah… While I was at his house his mom gave me cake, it was burger cake. It looked nice and all that but I couldn’t eat it. The buns were vanilla cake or something, the lettuce was real lettuce. The cheese was disgusting, pieces of mango, then the worst of all, the patty. Just pure chocolate.

Anyways, he’s going to see the movie RED which is about old people kicking young people’s butts. One examples of this would be sniping a missile as it heads towards him and then havung the missile explode in mid-air. After that, he’s going to Boston to eat pizza.

So yeah, give him a little happy birthday today by commenting, email, envelope mail or screaming it at the sky.

Oh yeah, just a note, I won’t be posting again till 2011. Cyah for now


First of all, so that this can at least be classified as a link or… as something, here’s a post about the new, oh-so-sexy stats system that wordpress has been switching around every week for like the past 500 years.

Anywho, a bunch of stuff is happening. As some of you know, hourai and I went off to camp yesterday and the day before, but Choy/abd didn’t make a post.

Choy really hasn’t made that many posts (around a dozen), and abd’s sick/has higher priorities cough cough gaming cough cough reading manga cough cough. Hourai posts in spurts.

Thusly, I am demoting everyone to the status of contributors.

This really doesn’t do anything because they’ll still post regularly.


ABD’s Sick

Sick, but I’m sure Mushy will have something.


You could read my essay if you’d like but it sucks and it would basically be filler

ABD: Announcement

There’s a time in your life weekend, where you get to stop and think.

Last Saturday, I stayed home and so I had a lot of time, just to think.

I asked myself, what were my priorities? Sure, playing games and fooling around on the computer was entertaining but other than that, they had no purpose. Because of this, I’ve decided that I should spend more time improving the quality of some other things I do rather than watching videos or writing posts for this blog.

I’m only going to be posting stuff weekly on Thursdays now. Hopefully, the quality of my piano, homework and swimming will improve now that I spend less time on the computer.

Moar ghost stories

[MUSHYHIJACK: Ya guys probably have had enough of this, so I’m stopping this. :V ModkillpowerabuseYEAH]

Created by a friend, you can call him Topher the Gopher

And so, to this day, it is said that every spring, the Ghost of Mary Turner returns to Camp Elphinstone seeking her lost child. She wanders the camp, on the beaches, in the forest, by the dock and in the cabins seeking a child, any child to replace her own.

The students sat silently as the teacher stopped speaking, “Sleep well,” she murmured. “It’s only a story.”

As the children left, they whispered to each other, and the teacher immediately regretted the story as she heard the conversations: “I’m going to sleep outside, so I can run away when she comes”, or “I’m going to stay awake all night”. They were obviously exaggerations, but she hoped none of them would actually do what they were saying. But amidst the chattering crowd, one student, Jonas, remained silent. The teacher (named Mrs. McGregor) was surprised. Jonas usually wasn’t silent, but he certainly had an uncanny way of “telling the future”, to be able to predict things that were going to happen, and this time he looked grim. Mrs. McGregor went up to him: “Jonas, why do you look so worried?” Jonas replied: “It’s just that… I’m in Cabin 13 and all that, and I just feel like the Ghost of Mary Turner is going to get one of us.” “Don’t worry, Jonas, remember, it’s only a story.” As he silently made his way back to the cabin, the closed the door and the light turned off.

Mrs. McGregor stood there, chilled to the bone even though she had both her fleece and her windbreaker on. He was right, she thought. Anyways, she decided to “take a walk in the woods”, but she was actually doing something else. She was going to transform.

Years ago, she had been on this very same excursion, but then just because she was lured to something, in the forest, that seemed to be calling her. But now, she was doing it as her duty. “The Haunter”, as he was called, was a spirit, who lured female teachers and camp Councillors to him… each year, so they would transform. In this case, transform meant to turn into the ghost of Mary Turner. As she stood outside his grove, he called her in: “Here are your garments. Go immediately. Get me a child, oh, before midnight?” What the “Haunter” did was he took all the child’s memory for himself, and then multiplied it to give the child his memory back. The reason for this was so that he would become more powerful, and then, after he had the knowledge of 1000 men, he could join the Council of Spirits.

As Mrs. McGregor went along the trail, she knew of just the person the Spirit could use. That person was Jonas. As she glided gracefully along the path, invisible to all in her camouflage robe. However, Jonas woke with a start, and felt something… a great evil had entered the Camp. Could it… could it be the Ghost of Mary Turner? He prepared himself for the worst, and, as usual, put on his good luck charm. He put his grass-green rain jacket on, and slid open the back window. He jumped out, and sprinted into the woods.

Meanwhile, Mrs. McGregor (or more accurately, the Ghost of Mary Turner) silently slid open the door. From first glance, she didn’t see Jonas, and after looking in each bunk, she still couldn’t find him. Then, finally, she found the window open. Jonas! And to confirm this, she slid out and saw a piece of paper, the timetable! And at the top, clearly stated in ink, it read “Jonas” in an untidy scrawl.

Jonas had found an enormous mountain of leaves lying outside the grove, and he presumed it must have some evil purpose related to the Ghost. Then he saw something, a glistening object, and pulled it off. It was a small golden amulet, inset with rubies and emeralds.

As he turned around, a creepy voice behind him said: “so you’ve found it, have you.” As he turned he saw a black phantom that quickly grabbed hold of him. He led him inside the grove. Mrs. McGregor came in, and the Spirit said menacingly “Well done, Jonas Brown. Hand over the amulet to me.” Jonas replied “Never!” The Spirit was so surprised that he let go of him, and Jonas sprinted into the woods. “Not so fast”, the Spirit said, closing the exit of the grove. “We have matters to discuss.” Jonas suddenly felt cold. Bitterly cold. “Sit in that chair,” the Spirit said menacingly, with an evil smile to boot. Then Jonas noticed the “chair,” if you could call it that. It was a huge bundle of vines and ivy that hardly looked like a chair at all. But he sat down in it, not wanting to be bullied any longer. As soon as he sat down, he began to feel drowsy, but did his best to keep awake. Something was happening. First, he couldn’t remember his full name. Then he forgot where he was. He forgot what 1+1 was. He put up some feeble resistance, and put all his energy into it. Slowly, it grew stronger. The Spirit couldn’t put up with such resistance. No child had ever been so resistant…

Jonas could feel the Spirit’s power waning. He now had more energy, and suddenly, more memory. He was swallowing all the thoughts and knowledge of all those unfortunate children whose memories the Spirit now had.

Gradually, the Spirit grew paler and whiter. Soon, he was only a black silhouette, then a gray silhouette, and finally nothing at all. The grove opened up. The night felt different, as if some force of nature had lifted, which indeed it had. Mrs. McGregor said “Thank you, Jonas. I always hated knowing that someone else controlled me.

The next day, the leaders, particularly the female ones, seemed more uplifted, more fun. Jonas had lots of fun that week, and during shelter building, he saw the grove. And he thought through the sunlight that the ghost of the Mary Turner, happy, and not possessed by another soul, another body. And forever after, he and Mrs. McGregor maintained a good relationship, which some people could not understand. But he could.


[THIS STORY HAS 911 WORDS :O. That is like fricking…? Oh nvm. Openoffice must be glitchy. ]

“And so to this day, it is said that every Spring, the ghost of Mary Turner returns to camp Elphinstone seeking her lost child. She wanders the camp, on the beaches, in the forest, by the dock and in the cabins seeking a child, any child, to replace her own.”
The students sat silently as the teacher stopped speaking, “Sleep well,” she murmured. “It’s only a story.” The teacher, Ms. Darred, left the cabin immedietely after, leaving the atmosphere in its ominous state. “Heh, what a dumb story.”:exclaimed Mark. He was the oldest of all of the children, and sometimes acted as their leader. He had matted brown hair, brown eyes, and bags under his eyes. “Well, I’m going to sleep now, so no one bother me got it?” “Yes, Mark.” replied the entire cabin in unison. Mark sneered, and a few minutes later snores were heard. On the other side of the cabin, whispers were heard instead. “My mom believes in ghosts, and I’ve heard this story before.” said Jason. Jason was quite the timid little boy. He was the smallest in the class, quite the opposite of Mark. He had black hair, with glasses, and a light shade of blue in his eyes. “She says its really true.” “In fact,” Jason’s voice diminished to an almost inaudible whisper. “my mother said that she even met the ghost of Mary Turner herself.” “No Way!” whispered the other members in the cabin. Jason nodded. “She told me that when she came to Camp Elphinstone, the story was slightly different.” All eyes (and ears of course) pointed towards Jason. “The story went, that a long time ago…Ok seriously who is pointing that light under me?” Jason looked down, and saw Billy. “Heh heh…sorry thought it’d add to the atmosphere.” Jason continued “Anyways, the story was that the lost child of Mary Turner was quite the spoiled brat.” “Anyways, the story went that the child of Mary Turner had brought a cell phone to Camp Elphinstone, obviously with no one but him and his mother.” “During canoeing, Mary Turner and him were in the same boat, as Mary Turner volunteered to help out.” Jason paused. “A glass of water, please.” Three kids scattered and returned with a glass of water. “Thanks” Jason continued. “Then, Mary Turner’s child dropped his cellphone in the water, and he dove for it.” “His mother followed suit, and dove in with him” Jason paused, and exclaimed “Honestly Billy! That lights blinding me!” Billy quickly turned off his flashlight, “Alright, alright.” Jason cleared his throat, “Anyways, the water was freezing cold, and Mary Turner’s child had taken off his life jacket. The only choice left was for Mary Turner to take her sons place in the grave, and give him her life jacket.” Jason yawned, and while he was preparing his sleeping bag, he said “After that, her child came back, every day crying for his mother.” “ Apparently Mary Turner still can’t find his child, so the tale goes that she has changed plans.” The kids exchanged nervous glances. “Wh-wha-what plans?” said one. Jason replied “Well, it says that shes replacing her child with one thats similar.” “Apparently, her memory is somewhat fading, and all she can remember her child by is that cellphone, the cause of her death.” With that, Jason got ready to go to bed and just before going into his sleeping bag, he said “Even the legends were true, its not like anyone here has a…
BA-LA-DA-LA-DA-LA-DA-DA The tune of a cellphone ringing filled the room.
-cellphone” finished Jason
“Oops, sorry” said Mark. He had been woken up by his cellphone ringing. He turned to the other kids. “Sorry, you can all just go back to-” “Hey, what’s up?” “Whatcha all staring at for?” “Do I have a pimple on my face or something?” He looked back. Everyone stared at him, with an extremely pale expression. “HONESTLY, WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA?” shouted Mark!
*Knock Knock Knock*
Someone, or something, was knocking on the door.
Everyone looked at Jason. Jason gulped. “W-well, ghosts can’t knock, so hehe, it might be just someone from the teachers cabin right?” Billy exclaimed “But if it was a teacher, wouldn’t they have a key to get in?” Jason gulped, and felt sweat pouring down. Suddenly, he heard the lock click. He breathed a sigh of relief.
The door flew straight of its hinges, and suddenly something flew in. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? No, it was the ghost of Mary Turner. The ghost swooped down, and in one swift movement, grabbed Mark, and carried him away, his screams fading into the darkness.
And so from this day on, a new rule was made in Camp Elphinstone. Do not bring any electronics, cellphones, or alarm clocks to Camp Elphinstone. You have been warned.

9/11 Memorial

September 11. Nine years ago in the USA, just under three thousand people died because of nineteen al-Queada terrorists who hijacked four airliners and deliberately crashed them into the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and a small field. May the souls of the deceased rest in peace.

Dum-dum-dum Is this a poem Dum-dum-dum

Hello all,

Awesomebananadancer is feeling very hyper right now even though he hasn’t consumed any form of sugar over the past 24 hours. He is currently laying in bed with a winnie-the-pooh pillow ranting about how Mario can smash bricks with his head but dies when he touches a turtle. Hopefully, he will recover from this condition soon. This is pretty unlikely since he has a whole lot of bad conditions, not a single one was cured.

The worst thing he has is ADOS. This stands for Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny. This is a form of attenshun deficitity that it surpasses even ADHD [Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder]. It is said that the doctors that investigated this condition grew insane from looking at so many patients with ADOS, they retired and became hermits who did nothing but tickle blurple cows all day.

He also has many other disorders including MELD [Male Extreme Laughing Disorder], OCD [Overly Crayoned Drawings] and IBLFEC [Internet Black Leaf Fallen Elf Condition]. The details of these conditions will remain undisclosed. We hope you pray for this hyperactice crazy young man, he’s still working on his life goal: to get an IQ at least 10 points higher than an eggplant.

From, The Doctor.

[MUSHYHIJACK: Was in another post but didn’t deserve another post, sorry :VVVVVVVVVVVV]

Alright, so I found this random picture somewhere on the internet. Let’s begin translating names :D

Dave Sunny-O: Tekaruku Aridototofu

That doesn’t sound ninja at all. Takashi definitely is ninja, wonder what that translates to in English. Lar. Well, people named Larry sound cool.

Steven Harper: Arichikurukuto Rikashinokushi

Imagine saying that every morning. Hello Mr. Rikashinokushi, wouldn’t you like coffee or tea? Also, just wondering, what would happen if you ninja’d a name that was already ninja.

Ichigo Kurosaki: Kimirikijimo Medoshimoarikameki

And if you do that again, you get an even longer name!

I’m not going to do that though cause I’m lazy. Anyways, do what you want with the picture, make fun of people, throw it at a garbage can, throw it at a tree, throw it at a fence.

My Fast Food Experience

Many, many years ago, fast food was something I ate often. McDonalds and Burger King were no stranger to me, I knew them well. I had no intention of not eating fast food though, I wasn’t the least bit overweight, I swam for at least 5 hours a week. My opinion has a lot of influence on my family, since I didn’t voice anything out, we all ate that stuff. However, this all changed the moment I stepped into a new class room in Grade 4.

So, this was supposed to be some special program. In the first few months, adapting to this school was my priority, I didn’t really care about the discussions we had. As I got used to it, I got more interested into the conversations we had. One of the biggest topic’s was fast food. Wherever you turn, you could hear people talk about how bad that food it was and how you would die when you were 50. You could see students in the lunchroom telling people from other classes not to eat McDonald’s. One day, a person from my class brought McDonald’s. That lunch hour for her was living hell.

Other topics included how many hours of sleep you got, how long you spend on homework and how much physical activity you got. Of course, since this was a special program, most of the people in grade 4 had no clue what was going on and looked up to the grade 5’s. The grade 5’s constantly lied to “impress” our teacher. The standard response was “I get 12 hours of sleep every night, I sleep at 7 pm. Usually I do homework right after I get home from school, then I have dinner. When I finish dinner, I run or bike until it’s time for me to sleep”. I stayed quiet, I didn’t say anything. If I was forced to talk about my life, this would be my response. “I sleep 6-7 hours a night, 8 if I’m lucky. When I get home, I do stuff on the computer until it’s time for me to head over to swim practice. When I get home from swim practice, I eat dinner. After that, I do the homework that I can, piano and other things are done after my homework.” It was as if anything related to fast food was a taboo subject.

Now, as I reflect upon this subject, I can see that the people who do consume fast foods on a daily basis are just mis-fortuned, nobody has taken the time to tell them that these things shouldn’t be consumed so often and that there are healthy alternatives that are just as good. Fast food isn’t poison*, it’s fast food, having it every once in a while is fine, in fact, becoming somebody on the other end of the spectrum, eating the most healthy things you can, is just as bad. The truth is, we should eat everything in moderation, not too much of this, not too less of that.

September 7, 2010

*-This doesn’t mean that fast food companies don’t lie about what they’re giving you. McDonalds says that their burgers are made from 100 percent beef, they’re correct. They get their meat from a company called “100 percent beef”, the burgers actually only have around 40 percent of beef, the rest of the stuff is just filler.


^Interesting video about the controversy around video games.

^Random video on platypuses by national geographic.

^Animation about Climate Change.

Ghost of Mary Turner Story

So, I went to camp Elphinstone. After I finished, I was required to write a story about camp and the ghost of mary turner. Enjoy.

The Ghost of Mary Turner

Life was boring. Dave Sunny-O was supposed to be listening to his teacher ramble on about the several achievements of great Italian scientists, however, he was not. Dave had no interest in school and staying inside a cramped, stuffy building, learning about things that would never benefit him in life. To Dave, it was just six hours of his life that he would never get back.

Any task or assignment his teacher threw at him was completed and submitted with ease. Everything was day in, day out. Dave could deal with this though, he was fine with monotony, it was just that he was waiting for one specific week… The fourth week of May. Camp Elphinstone was three days without anything classroom-related, just him and his friends enjoying the outdoors-to him, it sounded like utopia.

With two days left until camp, the teacher called everybody to the rug for a story. Dave listened for a bit, then drifted off into his own world, waking up, only to hear the last bit clearly. “And so to this day, it is said that every spring, the ghost of Mary Turner returns to camp Elphinstone seeking her lost child. She wanders the camp, on the beaches, in the forest, by the dock and in the cabins seeking a child, any child, to replace her own.” The students sat silently as the teacher stopped speaking, “Sleep well tonight” she murmured. “It’s only a story.”

That night, Dave dreamt that he was at camp having fun. He had won both the canoe race and the kayak race, aced the low ropes and then transformed into Robin Hood as he took on the archery challenge. His enemy, John Smith was always right behind him, each time using his determination to climb closer to the number one spot. The final challenge was shelter building, the hardest of all six activities. Everybody was given instructions before the students began their work. However, as Dave was about to pick up a stick, a low moaning sound came from a small, dilapidated, old hut. Dave was startled for a bit but when he saw John working hard, he quickly resumed his work. A few minutes later, he heard the noise again, but only this time, it was much louder and everybody heard it. Dave glanced around, then spotted what seemed like a wisp of smoke coming towards him.

It was a ghost.

Everybody started running away except for Dave and John. They were both entranced at the sight. Dave knew he had to run, but his legs wouldn’t move; his muscles were trying its hardest but were seemingly glued to the ground. “This must be the end then”, he thought to himself. “The ghost needed a child and he would be the one, erased from the earth, dragged down to the grave with a ghost that lost her own child.” As the ghost came directly in front of him, it looked at both of them, then dragged John into the ground and left. Dave screamed for help because he was still stuck in the same spot. Then he woke up. As Dave looked around his bedroom, he noticed everything was normal to his relief. He told himself “It was just a dream, nothing will actually happen at camp, there are no such things as ghosts”.

The next day at school, the teacher announced that the trip to camp would be cancelled. A school had just come back from camp but then realized that one boy was missing. When they called back to see if he was there, the camp searched the whole facility but couldn’t find him.

The boy’s name was John Smith.

Swimming Picture Dump 5

IT’S A BIRD! IT’S A PLANE! no wait its just a person jumping

Fat kid in lane 2 WHICH IS REALLY Cirno in realistic human form with gender change


I used to have those pink goggles. Then they broke.

HA my armspan is longer than my height, take that physics!


Moar fly. no clue why they called it that though

why doesnt the metal on the blocks rust?

That’s the div 4 kigoo provincial team.

:) Awesome vandalism

Swimming Picture Dump 4

Peek-a-boo! No, jk. He’s anti-social.

Us Kigoos are pro’s at skipping. Also, notice how we’re all wearing crocs.

Epic dive

Blastoise! I choose you!

Tired person after race.

We’re all running off to do cheers.


Dum dum dum dum.

There tends to be a lot of waiting in between races, some parents make their kids to Kumon

Concentration is key in a race

Swimming Picture Dump 3

FLIP Turn.

Moar intense breastroking.

Typical warm-up, just dives and turns

Random photo, don’t ask

Get ready

for a  relay takeover

Now jump!

And dive!

While getting into a streamline

He’s got muscles, man.

Swimming Picture Dump 2

I pushed my friend into the water, ironically, it said “Instant Swimmer, just add water” on the back of his shirt.

Intense concentration before races, in other words, lying around and annoying other swimmers

Epic breastroking

The guy in lane 4 [Red and Blue swim suit] has the best dive overall. Also, a timer appears to be drinking coffee on the sidelines.

Me and my friend started drawing mascots for all of the team, that was our mascot.

Some of us just don’t like pictures of them

Hi mom, I see you on the bleachers watching my race!

McDonalds? Tsk, tsk.

Asian pose with a random swimmer sticking out his tongue in the middle

Team logo

Geering Up: Day One

So, this is like an engineering/tech camp. We were told to blog out the day on a website called Prezi. I though to myself how redundant it was, then, I figured I could post what I was blogging onto that website. I included many pictures to satisfy the camp leaders, I’m not going to post them here cause I’m lazy and I don’t think the pictures add to the post. [Geering up is still an excellent camp, we don’t get chained to a computer and type stuff all day]

[/begin journal-type thing]


Similar to every other camp I’ve attended throughout my life, we began with icebreakers to get to know other people. We played this game called “Me too”, people would say somethign that applies to them then other people would stand up if it applied to them as well. There were the occasional people which everything applied to them, and there were people who appeared to be anti-social.


Even after our ice breaker, everybody was still a little sketchy with each other. I was put into group 2 along with four other people. We were given a hundred dollars to buy equipment, using this we would try to support a battery along with making the tallest tower possible. The three girls discussed, me and another boy (forgot his name already) had ideas but they never took our ideas in. Eventually, we were able to present our ideas to the other people. Unfortunately, we were given a wooden thing, my idea didn’t require one of those so our group stuck with the other idea. When building it, we were way too rushed. In the end, we placed second and survived the hurricane and the earthquake test. The one group that beat us was a team that literally had the exact same design as us, except they attached straws to the top so that their’s would be taller. We should have gotten bonus points for not using up all our money.


The short fifteen minute break turned out to be pretty uneventful, about three minutes in, most people finished their snack already, to pass the rest of the time, we told riddles. Since I am a total nerd, I knew the answers to all of these riddles. Although I wasn’t able to gain any more experience from listening to people fail, I guess it was somewhat entertaining.

Tie-Dye Shirt

Oh joy, I got to tie-dye a shirt. Well, actually, we didn’t actually tie the shirt at all, the camp organizers just named it that for it to sound cooler. I had experience tie dying shirts so I asked for an elastic band then started. The rest of the class got syringes to decorate their shirt with. The person behind me called himself “BOB9000”, he just put polka dots everywhere. Like, covering the entire shirt, he used up like 20 syringes worth of dye. Anyways, I don’t see how this has anything to do with engineering or technology but whatever, I get another shirt.


Lunch was typical. I ate my lunch, then, since I didn’t really want to play soccer in the blazing sun, proceeded to play with my rubix cube. That took me pretty much the whole lunch hour, however in the ened, I solved it. The other people had a dry hot dog with some ketchup, that reminds me why getting hot lunches from camps are terrible. Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Face-Left, Left, Face-Right

Computers-Picnik and Prezi

When I heard we were going to the computer lab I was like “HOLY CRAP, YES!”. Then I found out that we were going to be editing photos and blogging using two websites-Picnik and Prezi. Picnik turned out to be really boring, the only thing that was good about it was the fact you could pixelate stuff and/or you could blur things. Prezi seemed terrible at first but it turned out to be ok, I guess. Like, I mean, I’ll be fine with it this week but I doubt I’ll use it in the future.


Well, this camp turned out to be better than expected, I think it’s well suited for me, maybe because of the grade level it’s aimed towards or maybe just because staying at home the whole day is a bit tiring

Swimming Picture Dump 1

Alright, picture dump! There are 50 photo’s in total, each post will have 10 of them. The pictures where you can see people’s faces clearly may be removed in the future depending on certain individual’s preferences. Anyways, enjoy!


Originally, when we arrived at our hotel for Provincials, “Kigoos” wasn’t on the board. What did we do? We took a marker and wrote our team name.

In previous years, our provincial shirt was a spoof of something, last year it was “got water?”. I guess this year we didn’t have any ideas cause it was just a plain, boring shirt.

At night in Kamloops, BC. The lights are really pretty.

Kamloops, dun dun dun. The tournament capital.

Swimmers do have lives, we play all the time.

Again, a swimmer on swings.

The program for the meet, it’s really durable, unlike other programs. It did cost 8 dollars though D:

Our relay won a bronze medal!

We’re the Kigoos, I think we did pretty well

Videos 17

^^Is it a Good Idea to Microwave This? presents their season 8 finale. In this episode, metal somehow caught on fire, trolls got owned by Jory Caron and we found out that microwaves are more powerful that Jesus Christ.

^This is actually supposed to be one big video, only it’s too big for Youtube so there’s 2 parts. Pranav Mistry is a total genius, he invented SixthSense. It is totally the most epic piece of technology evar, if I could only live with one piece of technology for the rest of my life, I would choose this one. I mean, freaking taking pictures with your handss, gaming on a piece of paper and phoning somebody using you hand. Apple, Windows, Linux… You all just got pwned.

^The teeny Joe band present “Mini Concerto”. How do we know those are tiny Joes, maybe it’s just a freakishly large piano.

^Windows and Mac are crap. So says Anand Agarawala, he creates a software that simulates a real world desk, all your documents can just be layed around, or you can pile them up. You can also hand them on walls and such. Too bad Google bought the company, instead of being free, it costs 30 bucks to download it. :C