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An Organizational Voyage

…So, another R.A.N.D.O.M.:

B: N

I: D

S: D

O: O

N: N

…It’s much better than before, but now I hope to get them all up to A’s by the end of next week.

Thus begins my organizational voyage.

So here’s my plan for this weekend:

Finish browsing all unread topics in forums (http://forums.ichigos.com/, http://www.flashgamelicense.com/choose_forum.php, http://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php, and http://forum.gensokyo.org/index.php)…

Clear all open tabs (Meaning, actually read those tabs that I have open and then close them)

And be at least one post ahead of each day. That way, there won’t ever be another filler post…!

…In schoolwork, I just need to complete 4 more assignments, and then I won’t have any overdue assignments; which means I can focus on organization..

..Anyways, links:


^ Really funny pictures; distance from camera is how they took them…

R.A.N.D.O.M.ized Failure

B: O

I: O

S: M

O: O

N: M

…translation: I’m failing.

The blog links are halfway done (or rather, quarter-way), and I’ve just left them there to take care of later.

I’m posting a minute before the deadline of the post.

I have at least 10 tabs in my “Reopen Later” list, and I still haven’t watched the FGS and GDC recordings.

I’m a month behind in schoolwork. I haven’t done any math for 3 months.

I have two big out-of-school exams in May. I haven’t started studying for them.

And my desk is.. messy.

To add to this, I’ve become addicted to Heroes of Gaia, I’m still playing Mabinogi, and I want to start 12.5 (but I can’t).

And, a project I haven’t started on is due in the next month.

Finally, my mom is pretty darn angry at me for wasting my time making this post. Thankfully, she doesn’t know this is a blog. Just looked at the “I’m a month behind in schoolwork” part, which made her pretty mad :P

Anyways, links for today (minimal):


^ Apple removes 5000 apps…┬áControversial decisions are controversial, but still… this is a bit stupid… (/possibly/ NSFW)


^ Some things about the American health care thingy…. but who cares, it’s American, not CANADIAN!


^ That broadband thingy…. It’s politics day, apparently. >_<

End of Spring

…Not really, more like beginning of spring.

But end of spring break…

Also, the FGL Development competition has ended! I submitted a game, however, it had a fatal bug in it, making me revert it to a previous version that didn’t have the awesomesauce that it would have had (in other words, I epically failed)… working on that for the month long one though…!

So, time to conduct that R.A.N.D.O.M. that I was supposed to do…

…Who even cares about this anyways? :P

B: D

I: D

S: O

O: D

N: M

…What can I say?

This Spring Break has been a massive failure (productivity-wise).

Fun-wise, most epic spring break evar.

…Actually, I’ve been making posts with less content /during/ Spring Break, as I don’t have that extra two hours that I get during weekdays.

So, anyways, links…


^ That’s right, the USA is falling behind on broadband… they’ll “try” to get it up though… :P


^ Man sued for insulting ex-girlfriend on facebook… the internet records everything you say; you can’t get away with it.


^ China censoring other stuff nao… read the full article…


^ Government’s making something to support other people in supporting people who support people in Africa with malaria…! (Or something like that)

…Not many links at all, even with that filler post; however, will have more starting from this Tuesday…!

End of Winter

Alright, so… it’s the end of winter; aka, SPRING BREAK…! :D

It’s time to conduct another R.A.N.D.O.M. on myself (see these posts); before and after the break. Right now I”m pretty disorganized…

B: O, I: O, S: M, O: O, N: M

….Basically, the same, if not worse, than the previous post… I’m hoping to boost all of these to at least N, possibly A by the end of the break…

…Will rant about something tomorrow…

…And FGS (Flash Gaming Summit) and GDC (Game Developers Conference) will be on, this Monday, I think…! :D

Another downside to Chromed Bird: No spellcheck and cannot find tt’s…. Have to go to the main page for tt’s, and I sound really uneducated (which is… true) without spellcheck ;-;

..Anyways, links…!

^ Steam for mac… unfortunately, I’m not really a part of steam (me being a purely flash gamer), and I haz windows… but if you want to, clicky clicky…!
^ That’s right; FANCY PANTS WORLD 3!
^ Awesome flash! …I’m not sure what it’s really about though, maybe just for laughs -_-
^ Yep, trolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol…!
^ Really long rant… I didn’t finish reading it yet -_-
^ Charts and their ridiculousness. It’s getting so stupid it’s funny enough to post -_-
^ Useful, get an archive of all of your tweets, so it’s easier to.. view them? I didn’t install this yet though…
^ Flash is awesome, this explains why. Apparently, it’s part 1, so I’ll post the other parts when they appear…?
^ Developing games on social platforms… a GDC event :D
^ A post about data quality and why it’s important…
^ Interesting post; the world’s getting sexist these days (well, anonymity on the internet helps that…)
^ Yep, twitter recently surpassed 10 billion tweets..! Unfortunately, the 10 billionth is protected :/
^ Really, really disturbing. It’s just strange. Don’t watch it if you don’t want to. This face symbolizes my feelings completely right now :/
…Thanks for staying up so late, peoplez…! >_<

Random Bison

Alright, so after hours of sleeping, I’ve figured out an acronym that goes along with R.A.N.D.O.M.: B.I.S.O.N. (Wow, something like :.:.:.: can be used for ASCII art…!).

What does this stand for now? [sarcasm] Because my acronym-making skillz are so amazing [/sarcasm], they actually stand for groups of words… -_-

Blog Organization.

Internet Stuff.

School Work.

Organization of Other Stuff.

Not-In-School Work.

So then, I’m guessing I should review myself ATM:

B: M. I: N. S: O. O: M. N: M.

Whoo, another thing that sorta looks like a word…! Basically, what that means is that I am epically failing at everything besides generally browsing the web, because I got that sorted out two days ago.

Unfortunately, I didn’t clean my room (I’ll post a picture of it uncleaned and cleaned tomorrow); however, I did go to the Richmond O-Zone. It really didn’t have many things to do; however, there were a ton of people, so I guess I just had fun because of the atmosphere…! Also, they made us dump out our drinks before we entered; that was pretty smart, as it both stopped possible bombings and made us buy drinks inside the venue, leading to more $$$…

Today was also the second most awesome hockey match of the Olympics; Canada vs. USA. It was exciting, up till when USA scored its fifth goal. Then it was sorta pointless… looking forward to their second match, if it does happen! That’s when we’ll get our revenge… >:D Also, during the TV broadcasting, I spotted several people holding up several.. interesting acronyms, such as TSN (The Superior Nation) or CTV (Canadian Team’s Victory). Funny thing is, that both of those are news channels… and the people holding up the signs were on completely opposite sides of the stadium…! The other unfortunate thing about this match (besides Canada losing) was that the internet completely stopped in Vancouver, especially at the end of each period; doing anything was completely impossible. Too many people were using the internet to tell people… stuff (me included). This made me double-tweet a lot… -_-

In other news, I am searching for a new twitter client…! I tried Brizzly, but that didn’t work; not only did it not provide an accurate graphical display of when there were new tweets, but it didn’t have multiple reply functions (forcing me to copypaste if I needed to reply to multiple people) and worked exactly the same as web; except less efficient. I’m trying Chromed Bird, since I recently moved to Chrome as my default browser; it’s working out pretty well as of right now. However, the perfect twitter client (if it was possible) for me would be a web-based client, the same as Twitter’s actual site, except with automatic updates (instead of pressing the “5 new tweets” button), and not skipping over tweets (which means, basically it doesn’t show you some tweets for some reason). Both these problems seem to be resolved with Chromed Bird, however, a final problem that isn’t resolved (that works in web) is hovering over “in reply to _____” messages and being able to see what the person replied to; Chromed Bird requires you to click on it to find out. However, one of the major benefits of Chromed Bird is that it’s a web-based add-on; in other words, it’s not a separate application that I have to open up every time; ┬ánor a separate webpage that I have to open every time. It also allows me to tweet and immediately stop tweeting in case my superiors come by; that’s one trait that I doubt many other good clients have.

Finally, the links for today…

^ Another speech that I didn’t listen to yet; too long for me, at this point, so I’ll listen to it on Tuesday. But, as the link says, it’s a “mind-blowing speech”. That probably means it’s good. :P
^ Another wordpress post; there’s some interesting spikes in the RSS cloud… I’m guessing it’s just poisson distribution acting in again, but it could be because of a hoard of people suddenly surfing blogs or something…
^ If only I had that much time on my hands… giant superstructure (like the “Ark” in 2012) made out of… lego. O_o
^ Just found this site out through that link… I’m not going to post any more of these, but… well, they’re strange facts… that give me USELESS KNOWLEDGE…! :D
^ Send yourself an email… to the future…! Yay for time capsules! Except, now they’re in internet form… I sent myself an email, destined to be opened five years later… if I still keep my email address -_-
^ Hmm… seems like a super-google-I’m-feeling-lucky mixed with yahoo answers and ask.com… and it has to be in a question form! :D?
Alright, thanks for reading. Erm, I’ll add “about” pages and the such on Tuesday…! :D