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ST&RS 21

Man, so I just spent the past six hours running through all the manga that I DIDN’T READ since I haven’t read manga for like, eight weeks. Why does EVERY MANGA have to end on a cliffhanger this week?! Reborn’s cliffhanger of ‘what the hell is happening’, One Piece’s cliffhanger of ‘what the hell is happening’, Beelzebub’s non-cliffhanger of nothing happening, Kaminomi’s actual cliffhanger of ‘what the hell is Keima going to do’, Bakuman’s actual actual cliffhanger of ‘how the heck is this manga not going to end with Mashiro and Takagi tearfully resigning from their jobs due to fan rage, hate, and attempted murder attempts’, and of course, Bleach’s non-cliffhanger of, ‘Wait, THIS IS BLEACH’S FUCKING FINAL ARC FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!’ Goddammit Bleach, Bleach should’ve ended like, ten thousand chapters ago.

I didn’t even start TOUCHING children because I’m not a lolicon, and I didn’t even start TOUCHING the non-Jump manga yet because there’s SO MUCH MANGA that I haven’t read, and besides, I’d better finish reading these Jump manga before Red Hawk Scanlations pulls off all its manga becomes of DMCA compla-whoops, they’ve already done that.

Anyways-!! Expecting a ST&RS 21 post? Well, YOU’VE GOT IT! Have fun, do whatever you want with it, I have no more fucks to give out, and even if I had I’m not that nice of a guy to give out things for free.

ああああ~ I’d like so much to stay at home and sleep and put あs in my hair but I can’t because 1) I cut my hair 2) I can’t sleep 3) I wouldn’t like so much to stay at home and sleep and put あs in my hair.

Mural of the story: paint

ms of the paint»

Bakuman Half Season Review

“No, it’s a username.”

[ANNOUNCEMENT: I just realized that since I’ve used manual captions instead of the automated ones, I’ve stripped down everything else so clicking the picture won’t bring you to the picture URL, and you can’t hover over the picture to see its title. Oh well, not like anyone read those titles anyways :P]

C’mon, who hasn’t read it. That’s right, nobody. Keep it short.

Mashiro Moritaka likes Azuki Miho, and Takagi Akito finds out.

Akito, AKA Shujin because Akito sounds horrible, declares that he wants to draw manga with Moritaka, AKA Saiko because Moritaka sounds horrible.

“…I have a moustache…?”

Saiko’s uncle, Mashiro Nobuhiro, AKA Kawaguchi Taro because… well, ya get the drift, died from working on manga, so Moritaka originally says no.

However, Saiko then goes to Azuki’s house and they promise to get married after his manga becomes an anime.

“Hey Saiko, here’s some bunny ears and a miniskirt.”

He manages to get into his uncle’s studio with no Reisen involved but wait that doesn’t have to do with anything.

After looking through Nobuhiro’s personal letters, they realize that he was in love with Miho’s mom.

“So, it’s about this father, Darth Vader, whose soul…”

But that doesn’t concern the story any, so let’s continue.

After this, the story gets detailed, so I won’t delve into that. They come up with ideas and other stuff too, including a manga about a BLIND BASEBALL PLAYER

I guess his studying was pretty HARDCORE

They manage to come up with a name and manuscript, and a poorly-animated Miyoshi Kaya ‘just confessed me’ Shujin. Hopefully, you didn’t understand that. If you did, I’d advise you to take some ESL courses. Right now.

Backstory’s revealed about Shujin – apparently he was just a nice goody-two goody-shoes until one day he sorta exploded at his parents. Now he’s freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~


Anywho, they decide to apply for Shounen Jack, because Shounen Leap would be totally unoriginal.

Finally, they submit their manuscript to Hattori Akira, a black guy…


I’m amazed.

I thought this wouldn’t do well because Bakuman’s very detail-oriented and not very action-based – but, unfortunately, I forgetfully omitted the mangaka’s astounding facial repertoire.

A mis-guided conception, I suppose, but Bakuman’s success seems to be fueled by the innate addition of humour into the very art of it. There really are not many humorous actions, yet, Bakuman creates this atmosphere comparable to any 4koma anime, though undeniably a much smoother one.

Nevertheless, it seems that this will only run for 25 episodes; a shame to see such a brilliant manga cut off so early on. We can only hope that they create a suitable finale, not some ‘and so, Saiko and Shujin’s adventures continue, to await another day…’. However, seeing as the anime has stayed so tirelessly upon the path of the manga, that’s the most likely outcome of this scenario.

Seriously, I did not edit this. I wouldn’t even come up with something so noisy.

I’ve only also just realized how sexist this is. It’s all about men’s dreams, men’s desires, the two main characters are men and it’s all about men’s opinions. Really, when you look at it, Azuki and Kaya don’t really do anything. But that’s only the first part; Aoki and Iwase come in later on, so I guess it’s balanced; then again, it also reflects the gender ratios of mangaka, so it’s not sexist if it only tells the truth, right?

Still, I’d like to see more of Azuki’s… thoughts. Think about it, she appears like once every ten chapters, and really, you don’t know anything about her. Tell me ten things that you know about her and you’ll get a free respect donut; but too bad for you, you CAN’T find ten things because the only reason she’s here is for Saiko’s motivation. But that might be a good enough reason as it is…

The art’s nice for the expressions, but generally speaking it looks strange. Too many lines on the hair, and too large faces. Strange, seeing as this is coming from J.C. Staff of all groups, and that the original manga seem to have much more of a focus on simplicity, as well…

Finally, in conclusion, I would like to admit that however weird Bakuman’s art may be (though it is weird prolly only to me), Kawaguchi Taro’s art ABSOLUTELY AND ENTIRELY SUCKS.

Pls to not do drugs

2010 Fall Anime First Impressions


So, since everyone else is doing Anime First Impressions, why don’t I join the party?


Anyways, to start off the season, let’s start with some (relatively) ‘familiar’ territory – Bakuman.

That’s right, the manga about drawing manga has been made into an anime, but still about drawing manga.

I’ve probably raised this opinion on numerous (or innumerable?) forums already, but really, there was/is (maybe not will be) no need to make Bakuman into an anime. Best thing it could do is more publicity, but honestly, the manga is better than the manga in virtually every aspect.

It says something about an anime when they’re too lazy to draw anything but his head

The art for the anime looks really strange, for some reason (people don’t close one eye that often, unless if it’s bleeding like a certain person cough cough ); there’s really no movement involved, because everything’s in words; and because everything’s in words, the anime will probably become very boring.

Here’s probably, because as it stands right now, the first few episodes of Bakuman are actually… quite good! Not exactly looking forward to it, but nice ‘backup’ anime in case all others fail; with such a good supporting story already, I strongly doubt this will flunk, only become boring.

Did you see the stunningly coincidental emoticon two paragraphs up? ;)


Anyways, as with Bakuman, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (AKA KamiNomi or TWGOK) is an adaption of a manga I’ve read – I didn’t realize it was going to be made into an animu until it was too late to stop reading ;~;


…Don’t ask me, I didn’t make up the plot.

For some reason, Kaminomi’s art looks really… weird too. Keima’s lips look like he puts on lipstick every day or something, and generally speaking, it doesn’t look that… correct. No idea why though; not much of an artist (cough cough masha hijack rofl), but even I can tell these slight… distortions.

Anyways, directly contrasting with Bakuman, Kaminomi was something I really wanted to see animated. There’s tons of movement involved, and animating it would smoothen everything out by a lot.

Funny how he’s not actually black, though. Racists.

Everything about Kaminomi (maybe apart from art though) really is, excellent. The OP is stupidly cool, the seiyuu do their job incredibly well, the focus of each frame is a brilliant interpretation and adaptation from manga to anime, etc. etc. etc.

There’s just one last problem though – and that’s on the translator’s part. HorribleSubs, IIRC and AFAIK the only widely spread subbing of the series, Americanizes ‘otomegane’ as ‘dweeb’ and ‘kami-sama’ as ‘divine one’. I suppose it’s sort of a lacuna (lexical gap), but simply by explaining the otomegane pun and kami-sama being God would’ve made it much better…

But my little sister is this cut. BET YA MUST BE JEALOUS HUH

Anyways, Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (and I was thinking Legend of the Legendary Heroes was a long title) is… quite good, actually. Most things this season are quite good. OH WAIT I’M ONLY WATCHING THE GOOD ONES HAHA

Oreimo (Ore, Imouto)’s about this girl who watches porn. Her brother finds out. She then forces her brother to watch porn.


One of the main points is that Oreimo actually exhibits some sign of realism. There’s no implication of any siscon relationships here; their actions seem very realistic, compared to other actions in other anime. If you were a closet otaku, you’d (probably) tell someone everything about your addictiveness just because you haven’t told it to anyone else before. If you found out someone was a closet otaku, but you haven’t socialized with that person for years, you’d want to help him/her out, even if the… ways of helping out seem quite strange.

Oh, one more thing; I never realized this, but @Seanver’s avatar has been Kirino for like, the longest time. I guess there are too many orange-haired people in anime nowadays…

Must be a ko-in-key-dink :o

What else I haven’t noticed is that everything up till this point is alphabetical! So let’s continue that pattern, with Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (Spirit Detective Yakumo) up next.

Some guy has a red eye, but it’s not bleeding, unlike mine. ); With it, he can see SPIRITS OF THE DEAD and he uses that to SOLVE MYSTERIES.

Unlike the other, lighter ones of the season, this one is very dark. The animators were probably just too lazy to add proper lighting :V

However, with Shiki and tl;dw transferring from last season over, the contrast is pretty much balanced for fall.

Yakumo has a really cliche’d concept (who else can see spirits and ghosts? Kurosaki Ichigo), but its execution is brilliant. It’s dark, but sometimes humorous. It’s somewhat creepy, but not horror. It’s mysterious, but realistic.

…but he’s not.

For example (SPOILERS SPOILERS), at the end of both mysteries, it is revealed that the culprits were human all along, and the spirits didn’t do anything (the human pretended to be a spirit). The backstories, even of the single-episode characters are also all very developed, even though it took them less than ten minutes each.

Yakumo is first and foremost a mystery anime; there’s little to do with the supernatural (haven’t ya had enough Occult Academy already?!). If you like things like Detective Conan (BTW 14th movie just came out), you’ll probably enjoy Yakumo.


Finally, the last thing I’m currently watching is… Squidgirl! (Shinryaku! Ika Musume!)

She’s so awesome she has her own twitter de geso!

Squidgirl is about a squid girl (literal translation of her name). That’s it.

She just does stuff.

One scene somewhat irked me, though. This guy makes a squid hat, so when it flies away, Ikamusume thinks it’s dead. Then, she throws it back into the ocean, even though her original point of invading humanity was to stop pollution.

Isn’t that pretty hypocritical?

Then again, it could be that she really thought that was a squid.

THAT IS NOT A GODDAMNED SQUID. God doesn’t damn squids, Poseidon does.

Oh, funnily enough, everything I’m currently watching has no English translation on MAL, either. So many ko-in-key-dinks today!

Also, Sanae is actually Aya?!

“…of fried squid recipes?”

In conclusion, everything I’m watching this season is either from manga (kaminomi/bakuman), light-hearted cause of shiki + tl;dw (oreimo/squidgirl), not gainax (panty & stocking, not sure how it’s progressing currently), and Yakumo because of my bleeding eye.

Oh yeah, also Index, but I’m not done with season 1 yet. :V

From gelbooru.

post scriptum: Cirno x Ikamusume OTP