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Ben-To 12 [Completed]

“So who’s looking after you, You?”

I was just chillin’ around with my bro,
Took the whole day and so there’s no post,
It may not be on time,
But at least it has rhymes,
A nice end to this ridiculous show.
But now it’s over, the end of Ben-To.

I am the maverick of limericks»

Half-Priced Lunch-Boxing Day

It’s a pun. Get it?

Cause it’s Boxing Day and I’m off to shop, so there won’t be a proper post for today. The Half-Priced Lunch Box part is because I’ll be posting the Ben-To final post tomorrow. Look forward to it~

P.S. Ben-To is actually about Half-Priced Dinner-Boxes…

Ben-To 11

What? This post wasn’t late! What ever are you talking about? You’re just jealous of my WINNING SMILE.

In fact, because this post is going to be so short, here’s another post on THE GREAT MERCHANT KIM MANDUK. Where do you think Ben-To gets all its food from? Obviously not from, hah, a SUPERMARKET. They actually get all their food from an EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY KOREAN MERCHANT because they’re cool like that.

And I mean cool. Cause, like Yarizui has a cold, right? And cold things are… cool. GET IT


Ben-To 10

C’mon, two more days until Winter vacation, I CAN DO THIS

But until then everything’s going to be late and uninspired drivel (no rapeviews for you, sorry – no rapviews, either)


Because of school, of course. It’s not like I play games or anything. Remember how I quit Kongregate? Get that silly thought out of your mind.

silly billy»

2011 Fall Anime Second Thoughts

Phew! Here it is, finally, completely complete and edited and everything! Except for the images, which haven’t been modified in any way except for some resizing. So here it is, over seven thousand and five hundred words later, my twenty-eleven fall, anime, SECOND THOUGHTS! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *party music*

Please, don’t read this all at once. Symptoms of reading this all at once include boredom, ennui, disinterest, fatigue, indifference, apathy, lethargy, dullness, monotony, tiresomeness, and death.

Well, well, well. Turns out I couldn’t finish this in time. I’ll write the Chihayafuru, Fate/Zero, and concluding segments tomorrow.

Don’t bother reading through this mess. At the moment, it’s over 6000 words long, and, well, completely unedited – that’s right, even I haven’t read through this mess of a post. So don’t bother, and I’m not even trying to use reverse psychology on you. I’ll finish editing this tomorrow. Then, I’ll start to spam it on every single blob in the history of ever and wait did I just say blob

well here’s a blob

But at least I made a not-very-pun-thing in the title of this post! Get it? I had First Impressions, and now I have Second Thoughts! Still debating what to call the third post in this series (the Third Coming?), cause fuck if I’m going to write 11 Half Season Reviews after being 2 months late on every single show.

Except for Horizon…»

Ben-To 9

Another late post! Argh, this keeps happening!

“You were late…”»

Ben-To 8

Sore wa zombie desu»