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CANADA DAY and Flare’s Birthday

Hey everybody. Guess what day it is.

THAT’S RIGHT, it’s CANADA DAY, the 145th ANNIVERSARY of the DAY that CANADA became a country under the British Empire! It also happens to be several months after the 30th ANNIVERSARY of the DAY that CANADA didn’t have to ask the British Parliament every single time we wanted to change the constitution! OK, I admit, the latter sounds less impressive but until then Canada wasn’t really a sovereign state! Now, we still sorta belong to the Commonwealth but we can do whatever we want!

Similarly, O-New can do whatever we want as well: except we CAN’T because only I can do whatever I want, and I’m an egotistical bastard that won’t let you guys do whatever you want.

As recompense, let’s all wish Flare a not-too-sad birthday in his little country of Bulgaria while the rest of CANADA celebrates and drinks maple syrup by the gallon.

P.S. It’s actually not his birthday in Canada yet. Bulgaria is just ahead of Canada in time, but you know what they say, the slower the country, the faster the… uh… I don’t know what they say.

BUT WAIT! That’s not all! Did you expect this post to only be about CANADA DAY and Flare’s Birthday? No! It’s about something else that also rhymes with day: O-New’s posting schedule…ay. Schedulay. Schedulé?

Since it is now officially SUMMER VACATION (because, Spanish shock, it’s JULY THE FIRST!!!)… O-New will be blogging…


We’ll be blogging two posts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and one post on every other day. Why? Because we have so much crap to say (and so many more people to say it)! Why? Because we want to lose subscribers who don’t want to see so much crap in their mailbox. Why? Because we posted twice a day last last summer and that was a great fiasco! Why? I… don’t know…

P.P.S. It’s actually summer vacation in Canada already. Canada is just ahead of summer in time, but you know what they say, summer vacation’s only as long as you want it to be. Uh… that’s not what they say.

May the Fourth Be With You

Yes, I know. The pun doesn’t even make sense, because y’know, it’s actually May 6th right now and I’m lying to you guys about this post date. But guess what, O-New TRANSCENDS time and space, and I can post bad puns ANYWHERE, ANYTIME I want to. DEAL WITH IT

In this post which is not about anime nor manga and is instead about the life of the most boring person to ever walk the earth, I will talk about:

  1. May the Fourth
  2. How I’ve Only Watched the First Episode of Star Wars
  3. Dropbox Contests
  4. Cinco de Mayo
  5. Birthday Presents
  6. How I’m Not a Nerd Because I Don’t Play Video Games
  7. How I Learned to Love the Aniblog Tourney
  8. Flower Pictures
  9. Your Face
  10. Outdoor Track Meets
  11. Your Mother’s Face

Rest assured, I will touch upon every single one of those topics, and in that order!!

Yes, I will also touch your mother’s face»

Another Birthday

No, this isn’t a post on Another anime. I haven’t watched Another anime. I haven’t watched any anime this season but Mouretsu Pirates, and I hadn’t watched any anime last season but Mouretsu Pirates and Black★Rock Shooter (TV). Yeah. Gotta work on my priorities a bit.

But for now, here’s a post celebrating me inching one year closer to my inevitable death. Congratulations, I’m now older than 26.3% of the world’s population and 18.2% of Canada’s population.

I know that I’ve never shown my face online before, but just this once, I’ll show you guys what I look like in real life:

Yes, I am black. Yes, I am naked. Yes, this is the only post for today because I’m an egotistical bastard. Yes, you can look at yesterday’s post which actually contains three new posts (in links) for you to read. Yes, I’m going to sleep.

P.S. No, I’m not black.

Single Hell, Single Hell, for Two Years (and Counting)

Yep, I’ve been single.

For two years now.

Exactly two years.

Apart from those few kids who wrote some posts last last summer.

And houraiguy, of course, but as he says:

“””O-New is a very unteamlike blog.”””

But it’s been two years of posting one post, every day, without pause. This is my 670th post.

It’s been tough, and I can’t hold on much longer.

So, we’re looking for YOU.

To write for O-NEW.

I’m the mime of rhymes»

Two Years of Cheer


So it’s been two years, two years since I made the first post on this blog that I didn’t delete.

*deletes post*»

09/09/11 – Two Years of Domain Hogging

(Alternative Titles: 09/09/11 – What a Misleading Title; 09/09/11 – The Anniversary of a Horrible Event; 09/09/11 – Cirno Just Got Bomb’d; 09/09/11 – I am Tasteless, Please Don’t Kill Me)

Sigh, I was going to rewrite the first year anniversary post (it should be down there on the trackbacks thing), but after realizing I have nothing to say, just made it a two-line derp. Derp derp. Here’s me celebrating the second year that we have hogged this domain, to the chagrin of Onew Design fans across the globe.

So here’s an image for those Onew fans (who actually don’t come to this blog, the majority of my readers come searching for pedobear) out there from Always SHINee:

What do Onew and Pedobear have in common?»

Obligatory July the Second Post

AX: FUNimation has recently acquired Steindo;Gate…


Hacking to the wait»

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Manga Quarterly Review [Completed]

[It’s July 1st! Canada Day! The Birthday of Canada, even! Well, at least as a dominion of Britain…]

“How would you like to have a little… fun tonight?”

And then they played Yu-Gi-Oh»

Back from Vacation

Yep, 17 days of vacation over from a visit to Historich. I’ll be breaking the post into two main parts, one of (gasp) the first half of my vacation and the second of (gasp) the second half of my vacation, since one post would be too image-heavy and I WANT TO UPLOAD ALL OF THESE IMAGES (really, both posts are more picture dumps than actual posts)! Unfortunately, I forgot which half came first, as I’m writing this post AT SEPTEMBER 5TH, A DAY BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS. I don’t even REMEMBER what I did because I LOST THE DOUBLE-SIDED SHEET OF PAPER I TOOK ALL MY NOTES ON :|

Wait, back up a bit.



Obligatory Pre-Birthday Yet Post-Birthday Birthday Post

Oh, guess what?

It’s my Birthday, it seems.

But with more cake than her»

The Decalogue of Madoka

And Madoka spake all these words, saying,

I am the LORD thy Kaname, which have brought thee out of the land of grief, out of the planet of sadness.

And the others»

A Year of Posts

Derp derp I was going to post a post but now it’s SEPTEMBER THE NINTH and derp.

Here’s the second year anniversary post.

A Year of Fillers

Why is this post being published without any text?

Well, the thing is, it’s not being published without any text. This is text. So is this. And that. Those, too.

Why does this post have nothing but this text?

Well, the thing is, it doesn’t have nothing but this text. It has that text. And those texts. And these texts.

What were you expecting?

An image?

A picture to celebrate this being the first second anniversary of O-New?

A drawing to celebrate this being the second first anniversary of O-New?

Haha. I mean, not even this actual anniversary post has any images. Well, maybe it has one. An image of cake.

This post is a filler post. It’s been a year of writing these filler posts. That’s a year too many to be writing filler posts.

So click that link, and actually read my actual anniversary post, because it’s an actual post. And it has cake.

That’s all, folks!

Chopin’s 200th Birthday Year

Let’s just say I’ll write the anime preview post when I get back; IIRC the new season doesn’t start till January 4th (I guess it should be Winter 2011 then, but still; Winter’s not the first season of the year, so I’ll still call it Winter 2010).

One of the things that I didn’t do this year (or rather, didn’t hear of before this year) was the Twelve Days of Christmas tradition started by Canon (CCY), and continually held by many members of the anime, Touhou, and god-only-knows-what-else communities.

I suppose since I only really started watching anime this year (watching 400 episodes each of Naruto/One Piece/Bleach doesn’t count because they sorta suck), there’s nothing much to reflect upon; indeed, this blog is not even one year old yet (according to the blog’s third birthday, which is in February something).

Yet, 2010 was a year of many things – though only three main things come to mind.

The 2010 Shanghai Expo and 2010 Vancouver (woohoo!) Olympics.

The 100th birthday of our school.

And Chopin’s 200th birthday.

Funny how everything revolves around birthdays, huh? Not much of a thing to celebrate, you getting one year closer to your death (or for Chopin, you having have been dead for one more year).

Oh well, I guess there’s nothing more to say, other than the euphemorical ‘Happy Birthday’ – we all know ‘Congratulations on not dying/congratulations on having been killed early’ is what that really means.

Happy Birthday Yuchoy!

So, as you can tell from the title, it’s Yuchoy’s birthday today. Let’s do what pretty much everybody else in the world does, sing a short song that he most likely doesn’t care the least bit about.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Your mom made me cake,
Happy Birthday to you

Yeah… While I was at his house his mom gave me cake, it was burger cake. It looked nice and all that but I couldn’t eat it. The buns were vanilla cake or something, the lettuce was real lettuce. The cheese was disgusting, pieces of mango, then the worst of all, the patty. Just pure chocolate.

Anyways, he’s going to see the movie RED which is about old people kicking young people’s butts. One examples of this would be sniping a missile as it heads towards him and then havung the missile explode in mid-air. After that, he’s going to Boston to eat pizza.

So yeah, give him a little happy birthday today by commenting, email, envelope mail or screaming it at the sky.

Oh yeah, just a note, I won’t be posting again till 2011. Cyah for now

One Year Anniversary

FINAL EDIT: No more editing, but just found out; 12.8 English Patch v.1.00 has been RELEASED by Gensokyo.org today! :D IT’S OBVIOUSLY A COINCIDENCE THOUGH. Have nice non-#CirnoDay’s, people~

From Danbooru

Bet ya thought this was gonna be a CIRN⑨ DAY TWENTY TEN YEAH YEAH YEAH post, didn’t ya?

Well, it is.

But other than Cirno’s awesomeness, there’s also one more thing that’s happening today…

It’s ta one year anniversary of this blog.

If ya wondering why I’m always using Danbooru (image link), pixiv’s login protocol fails :<

“Wait what?!” ya might say. “But, Mushy, ta obvious first post was in January, and even then that wasn’t really a post, cause ya only started ta post-a-day crap in February!”

Yeah, yeah. Ya see, there’s a meaning behind all that.


Actually, there’s not any climax, point, or meaning; they’re just random dates.

“But wait! How do we know ya just not lying ta make yaself feel superior to all ta newfag blogs?”


Well, I may have created this on ta 10th, but I have proof that I have had 10 views on ta 10th. Thusly, ya can then assume I created this on ta 9th.

I’m too lazy ta photoshop it, so just rest on my word :V

So then, because I want ta reminisce on ta old days, here’s a brief summary of what happened between September the 9th and January the 13th:


O-New started out as a gaming design project between me and five other people. Needless ta say, what with my poor leadership and all that (cough cough not pointing ta more current drama in Ichigos Web Symphony or anything :V :V :V), that failed.

I originally posted a bit for this ta become a development blog, but after ta group disbanded… well, nothing happened.

I completely forgot about ta blog.

In January I unearthed it, but realized I lacked motivation ta constantly update it, thus another fall.

Finally, in February I revived it fully, and since then we have had at least one post a day, and two posts during ta summer months.

Thusly, more spam ta spam ya with :P

I’d summarize what happened between February and now, but I’ll do that during ta /next/ anniversary; after all, as I said, two birthdays = twice ta cake.

Finally, there’s probably one last question ya guys have.

“What happened to ta old posts?! I WANT TA SEE HOW SUCKILY YA WROTE BACK THEN :V”


Danbooru Link

I reject your history and substitute my own.

And that’s ya history lesson for today.

In other news;

Nothing is happening with ta blog design. Unfortunately. Oh well, simplicity/minimalisticity is fine… (unless ya guys don’t think so)

We will release a post a day from now on. Ya know, ta lessen ta spam and all that? Yeah. Also, since I can only go on ta computer for like half an hour each day (as opposed ta seven)…


To conclude; I made this post up in like five minutes so it’s screwy; this blog is oooooooooooooooold but not as in ooooooooooold with content but like oooooooooooold with dust; Keine likes ta kill history/reality/whatever.




More Cirno Day crap:

^ Which reminds me, Cirno x Yuki-Onna OTP

^ Actually, I don’t foresee many Cirno Day special videos (after all, there’s still two days until it’s completely passed). These are just random Cirno-related videos I see popping up in my subscriptions. And I still don’t have a pixiv account. :<

^ marisaface.jpg

Vancouver Centennial ~ History of a School

Hello everyone! This is going to be kinda of a joint post between Mushy and I, as we have attended our school’s 100th birthday! (It happened on June the 3rd…so this post is a little outdated)

Anyways, a basic summary on what has happened. After 3:00, when Mushy and I get dismissed, we get PIZZA! Then, we go to the gymnasium door, and we go “Hello, elderly people. Our school is not available for you to go in yet, but would you like to listen to some…er…beautiful music?” Then they either reject you, (FATALITY!) or they just walk in, and listen to one of our teachers play the guitar and sing.

I mean, come on, it's FREE! Probably taxpayer money anyways though...

…The thing is… actually, noone went into the gym. Well, one person went in, and two more people tried to go in but were volunteers. Also, the sign on the washroom door was placed incorrectly, directing both males and females into the same room… (‐^▽^‐)オーホッホ

After that, we go up into our school. So because of the fact our school is 100 years old, (1910-2010), we have, what they named, “decade rooms”. So apparently, they’re supposed to give the person the feeling they’re stepping back into the time, where they were at the school, cuz we invited a bunch of really old people who were former graduates. Mushy and I were assigned to the 1990’s. We were disappointed, because we were aiming for T3H 1980’S!!!!!!!!!!!! But then Mushy realized the WWW and Google was invented in the 1990’s, we were like :D. Then, we saw a bunch of old people (again?>_>) and they were all like “OH the 1990’s! Sorry though, I was here in the 1930’s!) >_> There’s one thing you got to know. Old people don’t understand the power of technology. (and google)

…There were also 2 annoying people at the 2000s, but obviously that decade isn’t really awesome at all. I mean liek totally we don’t live in the 2000s now do we…?

(Actually, we don’t, as it’s 2010)

I have to admit the 2000s room had th-ITS OVER 9000!

And then in the end, we were all like “:(“, cuz a bunch of these old guys got frigging cake, and we didn’t get anything in reward…well I got fruit punch, but w/e.

…However, a few days later (a week?) we got caik too. It was about this big [                       ]… but I’m not complaining, it’s FREE for god’s sake.

But the only part that was actually interesting about the centennial was the PARKING LOT! At our school, we have a large gravel field where we like play soccer and stuffz.  But cuz there’s ton of old people with cars, they turned it into a parking lot.

Doesn't really look that amazing after all :<

It was like, the ideal place for a fictional gun fight, so Mushy and I boom headshoted each other…

Let's play soccar! GET IT?! HA. HA. HA.

Unfortunately YuChoy somehow managed to snipe me through 2 car windows… :/

…Apparently there were some speeches, though I was told they were not very good. The gym-guards got more cake at the end [Parsee] but still; I had to get back to the computer lest I succumb to deprivation depression… Oh well. Water bottles were sold (I was in the committee in charge of them), with a grand total of EIGHT. THERE WERE 300 GUESTS HOW COULD THERE HAVE BEEN ONLY EIGHT WATERBOTTLES SOLD


So er…that overall summarizes the day…