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O-REW 13: Frivolous Verbosities

Frivolous Verbosities. What is a frivolous verbosity?

Friv·o·lous (adj.) of little or no weight, worth, or importance.
Ver·bos·i·ty (n.) the state or quality of being verbose.
Ver·bose (adj.) using or containing an excess of words, so as to be pedantic or boring.

Simply put, Frivolous Verbosities is a worthless, boring blog. Or at least you’d expect it to be.

But it actually isn’t. Now that I’ve caught your intention, I’m sure that you’ll refrain from closing this tab immediatel-hey what did I say

It’s a BLAHg»

O-REW 12: Eye Sedso

Glo should go low.


Because Eye Sedso

…is the worst ISSS on the planet.

International Stationary Stationed Station»

O-REW 11: trzr23

This is a terrible idea.

Not for me, for I’ll get at least several hundred visitors each day from trzr23’s blog, the subject of this post.

No, for him, because nobody will read this post. Except for maybe himself. Here, this post was looking pretty lonely, so it’s time to add some actual content. And pictures!! I never add pictures in an O-REW. Consider this a special post especially for trzr23! Oh wait, that’s the subject of this post…

Except I’m writing in passive voice»

O-REW 10: Neko Arrange

Wowow! Has it already been 10 O-REWs?! I really hope you guys have been paying attention to the previous ones, because all these people are my good friends, except for all the ones who aren’t. Actually, I don’t really really hope you guys have been paying attention to all these O-REWs. I don’t even think the people I O-REW care about these posts. Whatever :'(

Here’s to hoping that Neko Ayuka, the owner of Neko Arrange, the subject of this post, will notice this post without my smashing it in his face like I smashed my posts in the face of Baka-Raptor, Fang-tan, and Michael James Williams. Wow, I think this paragraph had just been overlinksaturated. POST-POST EDIT: Sorry, it seems I indeed did have to smash it in his face for his response. Simply horrible B(

The Cassini spacecraft was oversaturnated»

O-REW 9: Loli Salad

Were you expecting a post? Hahaha, THERE IS NONE. There would be, if I had more than 2 minutes to write something today, but I don’t because I’m going away for the rest of today to do suspicious secretive things that Mushyrulez would do. There also would be, if you applied to write for O-New, in which case, your post would be here, and not this post which IS NOT A POST because it has no content.

ts;dr: Loli Salad is about salads. Of lolis. EXCEPT IT DOESN’T. I started reading Loli Salad expecting to find SALADS of LOLICONS, because I’m secretly an FBI agent (like all anibloggers on the Internet) who wants to arrest as many lolicons as possible. Instead, I get a blog… about MUSIC. Who even LIKES music, anyways?! C’mon, music?!

“Moooo-sic,” says the cow»

O-REW 8: Baka-Raptor

[Note: Why is this O-REW 8 when the previous O-REW seemed to be O-REW 6? Well, I manipulated the boundaries of time and space to rewrite a post from a year ago, and that’s O-REW 7, which nobody (well, maybe four people) has read yet. So go read it!]

Yes, all the recent posts are random and stupid posts. But I can’t post anything else! The only other things I can post are anime posts, manga posts, anime half season reviews, and manga quarterly reviews. However:

– I can’t post anime posts because I can’t watch any anime in the Winter season without finishing my Winter Season Preview, and Hyouge Mono’s next episode is not out;
– I can’t post manga posts because ST&RS and Ore no Kouhai are not out;
– I can’t post anime half season reviews because I can’t watch any anime in the Fall season without finishing my Fall Third Review;
– I can post manga quarterly reviews, but they take too long to get ready.

Thus, all these posts are just stalling until I finally finish my Winter Preview or Fall Reviews. Which won’t happen anytime soon.

Anyways, as you may have noticed, all of my recent posts have many things that don’t actually deal with the subject of the post – whether it’s about Portal 2, Katawa Shoujo, Chinese school, or feminist conspiracies. Thus, I have resolved to resolve this error in this post, which is coincidentally neither about resolving errors nor about resolving to resolve errors. Instead, it is about Baka-Raptor, known to most of the English-speaking world as ‘Baka-Raptor’.

And in France, ‘le raptore-baka’»

O-REW 7: Not Always Right

Have you ever had that moment when you laugh uncontrollably? Whether it’s at some idiotic table hockey-foosball game, some stupid Mad Libs paragraph you made as a six-year-old kid, or some retarded blog that attempts to make lame puns every day (not a self-referential statement, as this blog never makes anyone laugh) – do you ever get that feeling where it feels like you’re getting tickled and you’re laughing so hard that it even hurts? The laugh you laugh about once a year from something so ridiculously stupid and/or funny that you just can’t stop?

Yeah, Not Always Right isn’t going to make you laugh like that.

laugh out loud, obviously lamely or languidly»