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Blood Lad 13

I have a musical history exam in approximately 3 hours (since this post is scheduled, I’ll be finished my exam /exactly/ when this post is published), so here’s a short post for today, seeing as Blood Lad 13 was released some time ago.

Not NSFW, I swear»

Blood Lad 12

Thank you for sharing»

Blood Lad 11

I’m getting lazier and lazier…


Blood Lad 10

The reincarnated brother of Albert, the genius inventor of Steins;Gate.

Frank Enstein»

Blood Lad 9

Phew-ee, Blood Lad really is getting better!

Perhaps not»

Blood Lad 8

Caught your attention, eh»

Blood Lad 6

Staz and Wolf start fightin’…

dems fightin’ words»

Blood Lad 7

Staz and Wolf fight, with Staz winning by draining Wolf of his demon powers through the embedding of a vampire tooth in his neck.

Does anybody read these, ever»

Blood Lad 5



Blood Lad 4

[Late Announcement: Touhou 13: Ten Desires‘s demo is finally out~! Go get it… somehow!]

Staz fights over a pair of underwear.

Was that right? Shouldn’t just ‘one underwear’ work too»

Blood Lad 3

They go into the human world, Staz demonstrates his mind-controlling saliva, and yeah.

Blood Lad 2

Anyways, this girl, Fuyumi Yanagi, is… dead.

my dad is ded»

Blood Lad 1

Staz is just a typical vampire, living in Hell. Unlike his more notable ancestors, he does not venture into the human world to suck people’s blood and pretend to be pretentious European noblemen – rather, he’s content with staying at home, reading manga, and playing video games.

It’s not Twilight»