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Buyuden 26

It’s time to quit.

Nichijou girl: “ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”»

Buyuden 25

“So, what are you going to do with that box?”

It’s boxing day»

RRR Manga Quarterly Review 2

SIDNET, but what is she disposing of? The clothes or the people?!

Dat nose»

Buyuden 24

(After reading [warning: nsfw ads] this comic…)

Next time you open an umbrella…»

Buyuden 23

Akina is punched to the FACE bleeding like CRAZY but she GETS UP and remembers how she BASKETBALLED in her YOUTH before an INJURY forced her to learn BOXING instead. The match drags on and she PUNCHES Beauty like a BOXER would so that even Beauty bleeds like LAZY and eventually she WINS because the match is ADJOURNED because they’re all in CRITICAL condition due to BLOOD loss.

Oh gosh, boxing is gruesome, and both RRR and Buyuden firmly say just that. It’s funny how they both run somewhat-parallels. The boxing gym is called the Star*Sports Gym in Buyuden, and the Star*Gym in RRR. There’s a real boxing match (between Akina and Beauty) in Buyuden, and a pseudo-real boxing match (between Rikitarou and Raita) in RRR. Isamu is only learning to throw a straight jab in Buyuden, and so is Riki in RRR. Yet, their methods of training differ – Isamu’s is very basic and forgiving, while Riki’s is harsh and focuses entirely on technique rather than power.

I wonder what’s going to happen to them – are they both going to go into professional-level boxing? I’ll bet RRR will terminate before Buyuden, though, as there’s a lot more to write about Isamu’s growth through high school.

In conclusion: Akina’s father, so sexist

Buyuden 22

Tajima is this GUY and BEAUTY SEKI is this other FAT GIRL and Akina is HEADBUTTED IN HER HEAD and then PUNCHED in the EYE and EYEBALL FALLING OUT and DEATH


Post-post edit since some people are complaining that this post was too long and I like torturing people (no, not really). I’ll keep it short since I’m typing on Dvorak at 10 words a minute ._. Because Buyuden is BOXING, I am taking Taekwondo lessons so I don’t get beat up as often, and took my orange belt test (I’m still a white belt right now) two hours after I published this post. That’s a good thing but several things made me feel not as good.

All my classmates took their yellow belt (one above white belt in my school) exam, and everyone else taking the orange belt exam was about 6 years old. There was one kid whose head was larger than his shoulders’ width… but the most catastrophic part was when my leg cramped up in the middle. That leg has /never/ cramped before – my feet cramp a lot (so much that now I DON’T EVEN NOTICE IT)…

And finally while limping home, I walk into a spider-web. The spider’s probably still on me…

Buyuden 21

Tiger & Bunny 21, Buyuden 21, bear.


Buyuden 20

600th post!

Adding fuel to the fire»

Buyuden 19

(My thoughts about Harry Potter 7.5 are included in the second half of this post.)

“She calls it the USS Lexington…”

This could be interpreted in many ways»

Buyuden 18

Isamu is FOUND OUT by his mom who suddenly grows REALLY BIG and then lets him box, because boxing is MANLY and MEN box, just like CHRISTMAS PRESENTS box, and MOVING TRUCKS box. Isamu tells Moka that SHE SHOULD STOP BOXING because boxing is MANLY and MEN box, just like OXES and FOXES boxes and rockses. She gets MAD MAD MADRID and punches Akina in the BOX, because BOXERS BOX on a BOX, but Akina reveals everything was just as PLANNED – after all, how can you BOX A BOX if you don’t PLAN A PLAN?! Because SUDDENLY, Moka’s MOKATHER appears and MOKATHELLS her that she needs to be A MANLY MAN because only MANLY MEN can BOX AN OX without FOXING A ROCK, because nobody wants to fuck a rock. Seriously, not even manly men do that.

I don’t like how Buyuden BOOTS YOU, and THEN… uh… boxes you. In lawymen’s language, section C(80) dictates that we, O-NEW Corporation Institution Company Inc. (hereupon known as ‘O-New’, ‘us’, ‘we’, or ‘boxers’) will not be pleased (i.e. will be displeased) if an ‘arc’ (specifically the Japanese comic ‘Buyuden’ chapters Seventeen and Eighteen, hereupon referred to as ‘the manga’) concludes one (1) chapter after the ‘arc’s beginning. As the manga has concluded an ‘arc’ one chapter after it (the arc)s beginning inconclusively, we are displeased, and may begin the distribution of boxers to various affiliates around the world, since boxers are ANGRY ANGRY ARTICHOKE that a critical discussion in the manga was averted in just one chapter, and said discussion (‘a critical discussion in the manga (‘Buyuden’)’) will likely NOT reappear in later ‘arcs’. Boxers are currently being worn as undergarments, as the manga boxers say us, we, O-New boxers box in the SAD SAD SADDAM HUSSEIN as WE ARE NOT GOING TO COME COME COMUKET 80.

Conclusion: Substandard.

Buyuden 17


Buyuden 16

This post is actually going to be more of a post about cyberbullying and how it affects people rather than cyberboxing and wait, what’s cyberboxing

sidnet top part»

Buyuden 14

“After all, I train for three days straight every day!”

Maybe she trained for three days curved»

Buyuden Manga Quarterly Review

Blargh, behold blog’s brand-new blurb – boring book beginning by ‘B’…

But why do so many recent MQRs begin with B?

We may never know. As a good friend of mine used to say to me…

Story after the jump»