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The post after the first post that I made about that thing:Now with 75% more busting!

So…the second episode of “Little Busters” came out some days ago…and…yeah.Pretty rad! Everyone is happy! There is no more suffering in the world!…and they lived happily ever after and had 30 0000000000000000 babies… THE END!

[Insert a random screenshot from LB ep 2. here]

Now you see, the whole episode is unique in its own way.Before I watched it I thought that I was going to be disappointed a lot.Little did I knew that something truly amazing was awaiting!

By the time I got up from bed,[Around 6.30 AM]I was already hearing the sound of my Landlord’s radio.He was preparing to go to work and thus, I was not in a position to go to take a shower.I turned on my laptop while still wearing only my pants, I opened the fridge, which was almost empty.There was some milk there, so I decided to drink it as the LB ep. 2 was downloading.Alas,I was a but clumsy and I managed to spill 23% of it on my pants. ::No panic at all from my side!::

It was ok.My pants were already stained from piss and semen so I didn’t cared at all.All I cared about was the episode. “Please be a good episode”- I said.My taste in anime is really delicate and I didn’t wanted to ruin my day by watching stuff that I wouldn’t enjoy.And yet, for some reason I decided to give LB a second chance.I took a look around my room-so many empty bottles and cans! I am so lazy…They’ll probably remain here until the day I leave and never come back.Such a strange fate…and yet, they are just bottles and cans.

[Insert a random screenshot from LB ep 2. here]

100% downloaded.Crappy subs, low quality and whatnot.Meh.Nothing new…I started watching it.Nothing special.Nothing interesting.Same thing as ever.The girls in anime are so pretty and nice.I’ll never find girl like that in real life.Life sucks so much.When I die people won’t care at all.People never care about someone when he dies.Why would they? A dead person is nothing more that what it is.

Stupid LB ep. 2…The characters do a lot of things which seem lame to me.Yet, I’ve never done anything like it when I was younger.When I was in high school I used to be alone all the time.I didn’t like being with other people.That’s why I created my own imaginary friend.He was colorful, chubby and used to eat a lot of rice.He was a good friend.We liked to laugh at people, animals and flowers.Life was so simple back then…

Then one day he was kidnapped.There, in a dark room of an old building located outside my home town, he was choked to death while being brutally raped.

If my friends are going to die and bring me sorrow that way, then what’s the point of having friends?

[Insert a random screenshot from LB ep 2. here]

But I did managed to finish the episode.It was a good episode.I changed my pants.I went outside to get a breakfast.Ahhh…it was raining.Such a good day.

Looking forward to episode 3 of “Little Busters”!

Two Years of Cheer


So it’s been two years, two years since I made the first post on this blog that I didn’t delete.

*deletes post*»