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The Life and Times of an Intelligent Individual

I’m, uh, still setting up my computer, and I’m pretty blergh from all this, so I don’t feel like making a ‘real’ post.

Thus, I wish to present to you the inventions, life, and death of an amazing man. Check out this website, showcasing his many novel talents and brilliant sparks of genius.

He was known as an eccentric man by many of his peers. Sometimes, he ate food like a true gentleman; at others, like a barbarian. An air of mystery surrounds him, for his many experiments with immortality have us wondering just how old he might be.

Not much is known about his childhood and early life, apart from the many inventions he created as a youth. As a kid, he was particularly intelligent, solving many mathematical problems such as calculating the value of pi (a feat that could only be reproduced with the advent of the computer) and creating many other innovative contraptions. While the radio and boombox fad was just getting started, he created his own portable music player, but did not release it to the public.

We do know that as a young man, he was enlisted in the military, where his genius stood out to benefit others, creating and disseminating new type of bulletproof armour. He may not have been a young man at that time, though – we only know that his face was less creased.

However, the terrorists were not happy with him, and ordered him captured. With the help of his twin brother, he was able to fly to safety.

Many years passed while he lay low in hiding, acquiring money through a special technique he developed. After a very long time, the terrorist group was wiped out due to the severity of global warming.

He gathered his wits and released the research he had been accumulating over the years, inventing a much less resource-intensive method of space travel, and subsequently using that space travel to counteract the effects of global warming once and for all.

Considered a logical impossibility by some, a worldsaving genius by others, there is no doubt that he has been a defining emblem of our new culture.

May God be with him.

Oumagadoki Doubutsuen Manga Quarterly Review

(I just upgraded my computer to Windows x64 (because Windows x32 can`t handle 4 gigs of RAM), so now it`s time to REINSTALL EVERYTHING and LOSE ALL OF MY DATA LET`S GO YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH)

Whenever you eat sushi, cute fish-girls die»

BOOM! Headshot.

“…Kaguya. Your computer’s dead.”

Yeah, this post has little to do with the title, as really, my head is quite intact (and the bleeding has stopped!! ;).

Anyways, recently (on Sunday), both our (my family) 10-year old already-broken-down-like-fifty-times computer broke down (it’s stuck in an infinite recursive cycle of startups now), and our 2-year old really-new how-could-this-break computer broke down – right after I hit ‘Publish’ on the Kaminomi post. Phew.

Anywho, that means I’m using an even crappier computer to type on now, have none of my data (however – everything I have is saved onto dropbox, just too lazy to unpack), none of my passwords (unless I extract them, which takes half an hour which was what I did to get onto WordPress), and really, none of anything.

So, you won’t be seeing any posts from me for a while, nor any forum posts (not that I’ve went on any forums recently), comments (not that I went to google reader recently), and tweets (…well, I suppose I have tweeted recently).

Also, the stupidly stupid thing was that right as I got my password for Chess.com, I timed out on one of my games. I clicked on the game, it even SAID ‘<1 minute left', I clicked 'Submit Move', and then…




(that also means all I'm gonna do for the next little while is read manga (can't watch anime though, because stupidly slow d/l speeds, and can't compose either because of no software). Oh, all my school data is sorta gone too. OH WELL)

An Organizational Voyage 12

[System Update: Revamped the About and Contact page; now fits under a nice, broad “Information” umbrella. Also, animanga list.]

The Computer

Due to a series of unexpected circumstances, some of my personal belongings have now been restricted from my access. They may now be only used at certain periods at the day, in order to maximize efficiency, a concise arrangement has to be prepared. Below is that very arrangement for your own viewing pleasure.

For people that don’t understand, I’ve simplified it to five words. Spend less time on computer.

Facebook: This internet site may only be used as a tool, if other sites/applications prove more effective or less distracting, they will be put at a higher priority. Gaming on this site is something you would only dream about, a shut-down of my account will have to be done if my self-control cannot limit this.

Kongregate: Solely games that will improve skills valuable in life will be played, an example of this is Gemcraft. Walkthroughs cannot be possibly used properly since there are RNG’s embedded into the very core of the game. You don’t hit 25 damage every time, you don’t get the specific colour gem. In addition to this, an O-NEG must be created to improve literacy.

Youtube: Only videos I’ve subscribe to may be watched, other videos will be considered distractions and will therfore be blocked. Also, the number of people I subscribe to will be reduced to no more than twenty-five. These channels may not put out daily videos, doing so will have them be removed from my subscribe list. In addition to this, these videos must have value. One I would like to point out is “jwcfree” the music is calming, while I work, it probably improves efficiency.

E-mail: The replying of emails will be continued in the fashion it as for the past two years. When creating emails, edit to make sure I do not need to create another one because I forgot something. Also, these emails should be academic or at least not junk.

Manga: This is an activity that will definitely eat up a lot of your time, just get the books instead. Then you’re not on the computer and still on the computer.

MSN: Again, it is a tool, not a toy. The statuses will not be abused, they should reflect how you are actually feeling. The “appear offline” status will be rendered useless, logging off of MSN is pretty much the same thing.

Did I by any chance miss a site/application?

[Rant] Productivity

Our class has five computers.

For some reason, people seem to love crowding around them. Yeah, this would be explainable if VSB didn’t block virtually every website (Oh, we’re blocking the library catalogue because you could search for pesticides, and those kill ants, which is violent). So, they crowd around there to do nothing.

Yes, nothing.

As I write this, a certain person is not even looking at the screen and still hogging the computer.

She happens to have been on the computer for the past 2 hours.

And what did she finish?

“Oh, I’m writing my timeline” she said at 10:30. I asked her again 2 hours later and got the same reply.

Apparently, she spent 2 hours creating CHECKBOXES. Yes, freaking checkboxes on microsoft word with those fancy [ ] brackets.

I would understand it if people used the computers for more productive purposes. That would warrant reason tostay.

However, knowledgeably stalling on the computer while I need to type up 5 pages of finished work (yes, finished, except to be typed) is just plain wrong. That’ s taking selfishness to a whole new level; not doing stuff solely for personal gain, but doing NOTHING for NO GAIN just to torture people who ACTUALLY WANT TO WORK IN SCHOOL. That’s like, going to the bathroom to sleep just to annoy the people who actually want to use it. There’s no freaking point. Also, who sleeps in the bathroom anyways? That’s just gross >_>

I have nothing more to say. Then why did I write the above useless rant?


EDIT: Yes, I have finally gained access to a computer. I’m still typing up my five pages of stuff, but… well… I don’t have any anger anymore, so I won’t update the rant. There it is, my thought process in its originality, pure… nonsense ._.

…Anyways, videos and links…!


^ …An interesting article on the founder of Zynga; farmville and mafia wars. It’s in a negative sense, though…


^ really long post about apple…

^ …A Remi/Flan… video…?

^ Another one featuring SDM residents…